Sense Of Urgency: What If This Was Your Last Day On Earth?

A Sense Of Urgency

Here’s why you should act with a sense of urgency in your business, and in your life at all times.

Dean Holland explains here, his realisation that urgency and not putting things off is one of the most critically important lessons in business, and in life…

“Back in the UK and en route to the Internet Profits headquarters.

I just got back, as you’ll know if you’ve been following along, from a ‘Mastermind’ week in the United States.

And I want to share with you today…

The One Big Thing, I Just Can’t Get Out Of My Head

I’m gonna dedicate today’s Drive to the person that actually shared this with me. So let’s do this!

Alright, so it’s Dean here. Welcome on this journey. What a whirlwind week it has been! So many amazing people I’ve just spent the last week with. Learning so much from these people. Loved sharing value with everybody as well, and just ‘Masterminding’ on our businesses.

It’s just incredible, y’know, when you can get yourself around like-minded people that are all passionate about what they do, that are all striving forwards and committed to changing the lives of other people through their products and services that they offer.

And I’ve been thinking these last couple of days since being back;

What Are The Key Takeaways?

Obviously you hear a lot of things, you consume a lot of information at these types of Mastermind events. But the key really is that I’ve learned, is like you almost need to have a filter.

So you’ve got to filter… What stuff you retain, and what stuff you say, “That’s great, but I don’t need to think about that right now. Let’s leave it there and come back to that in future.”

And there’s so much that I am going to be sharing over these next few posts with you. I thought today I’m gonna kick it off with the one big thing that can just be applied by anybody…

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Morning Motivation Tip: How To Get Stuff Done Early In The Morning

Morning Motivation

Here’s an amazing morning motivation tip to help you get out of bed early and crush the day before anyone else has even woken up!

“So I have been up – it is almost 8 a.m. – and I got up around about 4 a.m. this morning. And I realized something earlier, which struck me when it happened – when I jumped up out of bed. And I want to share it with you on today’s Drive to the Internet Profits HQ. So let’s do this!

Good morning, welcome to another episode of The Drive. Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ today.

I’m excited, because today feels like one of those days where we’re gonna really bring a lot of stuff together. Got a ton done yesterday, and I’ve already got a ton done today.

As I said above, it is around about 8 a.m. and I’m on the way to the office. However today it’s…

8 a.m. And I’ve Done Almost A Day’s Work Already!

And I want to share a huge, huge morning motivation tip with you. Because, I don’t know about you, but there’s days (and this used to be more frequently than not) where I wake up in the morning and I’m like, I feel not inspired or excited to jump up out of bed.

You know those days where you just want to wrap up in the quilt and and stay in bed all cozy and warm, and the idea of getting out just doesn’t excite you. And you’re like, “No I don’t wanna!” And have all this irrational thinking, like just five more minutes – like five more minutes is going to do any good!

You’re not gonna sleep, you’re not gonna get some meaningful rest. But yeah, you have this irrational thinking some days. And so…

There’s A Way That I’m Able To Turn That Around To Morning Motivation

And I want to share that morning motivation tip with you. But first, let me just share what happened this morning.

Last couple of days I’ve been waking up, like, I’ve started getting in a different routine, where I go to bed earlier. ‘Cos I was always a nighttime person.

If I go back to when I was first starting my business, when I had a full-time job. I’d come home about 6 p.m. and sit at the computer from about 8 p.m. till like 2 a.m. Get a few hours sleep. Get up and go to my job. And then when I left that job in 2009 to do this full-time…

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Business Task Management: How To Manage Multiple Business Projects

Somebody said to me recently, how is it we’re juggling so many projects? How is it we’re able to manage it?

I want to give a bit of advice on that and just share how we do that. The question ultimately being, how do we manage… how are we now managing so many projects and getting so much done in, essentially now, a shorter period of time?

Here’s The Truth, Here’s The Reality…

And I’ve spoke about it in the past. It’s only recently, in the last few months, that we’ve actually been able to do that. That we’ve actually been able to manage multiple projects, have multiple things going on, and everything being executed now in a timely manner.

Over the last year… before the last few months… and I’ll tell you what’s changed recently, because there’s a few things… Over the last few months we had lots and lots of projects going on, but nothing getting done.

We Were Actually In A Bit Of A Bad Situation

…in the company in all honesty, where we have too much going on we couldn’t get any of them done, and we were just falling behind continually.

We actually were letting customers down, we were letting our Certified Partners down, we were letting our clients down – our coaching clients. Not drastically, to the point where we were causing them harm, but just… because I’d announced a lot of new things were going to be happening and nothing was able to get done in a timely manner.

Business Task Management – 2 Big Changes

There were two main things that had to change to allow us to, a) actually be able to manage having many projects going on, and b) how to execute things and manage things in a timely manner.

So here’s the two things that had to change…

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How To Plan And Get More Done In Your Business

I want to talk about how to plan or how to get more done this week in your business, or in any area of life actually.

Not just even in business; in your personal life, in your in your job if you have a job, in your business if you’re running a business, or how to have to get more done in your spare time for your business if you still have a full-time job.

Take me yesterday, for example right. On Sundays I generally try and relax and chill out and don’t really do a great deal of stuff. Just kind of relax.

But once it gets to Sunday afternoon, my mind naturally starts shifting to thinking about the week ahead. Like, what have we got to do? What what do we need to make sure we get done this week? Y’know, what projects? Where are we at in the projects? What is happening? Where is everything at?

And So What I Tend To Do Is…

…On Sunday, I make sure that everything for the week ahead is clear in my own mind and planned out. This is, I would probably say, even more important if you still have a job, and you’re juggling and balancing your personal life, your your job that currently pays the bills, and your desire to start a business.

The reason for that being is, that you obviously have less time, you’ve got so many other commitments in your life that tear you away from growing a business to lead to that end goal you’re ultimately looking for.

So It’s Even More Important For You

…that you’re really clear on what time you have to put into your business and what you’re going to get done during that time. And obviously then, when you transition to having your business and you’re doing that full-time, then you’ve got more hours to play with.

Right now, for example, it’s just past 8:30 in the morning. I know that I’ll probably be at the office till 5pm or 6pm today and probably for most of the week, if not later. Because we’ve got five days to really get a tremendous amount of stuff done, as some staff holidays are coming up.

Here’s ultimately how to have the best week that you possibly can, and…

How To Get The Most Done That You Possibly Can

…Not to wait until the day, to figure out what needs doing that day, okay?

I truly believe that a successful day and a successful week comes by…

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Sometimes In Business, Things Take Longer Than Expected

Well, yesterday… If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll have heard me talking about how we were trying to create about 35 or 40 videos.

Everything was looking great. Everything was going good, and then things that I’d forgot about throughout the day began to come evident. For example, I had two podcast episodes; one of which was with a special guest.

Podcasts are something I’ve not actually spoke about publicly. It’s actually myself and someone else in launches next week. So we’ve actually been doing some episodes. We’re getting a bunch of them ready so that we’re ahead of schedule for the podcast episode release.

So we had two of those, which was basically…

Two Hours Of Yesterday, Gone!

As well as that you’ll remember if you saw it, that Louis, who heads up the coaching division, or the coaching side of things here at Internet Profits – it turned out he had to actually leave and get a train around just after 6pm. But he also had a webinar at 4 o’clock to host. My two podcasts were at just before 4pm and then at 5pm ’til 6pm.

So we kind of lost a chunk of the day…

This Isn’t Excuses…

…this is just actual stuff that popped up. So I’m trying to think how many we did.

I think out of like the 35 or so that we really wanted to aim to get done. I think we only managed to… trying to think… I think we probably recorded – I don’t know how many Louis recorded – anyway, it was probably like only 30% of them.

We might have got like, maybe 30-50%. We might’ve got like 10-15 – might’ve recorded 10, but I’ve got about another 5 ready to just jump in and record.

One of the things that took a lot of time was; we were creating a lot of presentations. A lot of them were stood in front of the large screen in the training room in the office.

Everything Just Took A Lot Longer Than We Anticipated

…which sometimes happens right? Often in business, a lot of things that we do, tend to take longer than we think…

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Creating An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time

So, we’re doing a lot of filming yesterday and today. Yesterday didn’t quite go to plan with filming.

Put it this way, we have one day today – it’s 8:50am right now, Louis’ got a webinar to do with our clients at 4:00pm and then has to get on a train around about 6:30pm.

So we literally have from 9:00am when we arrive to about 4pm, and in that time we have to create slide presentations and record about 35 / 36 videos for an entire $2,000 certification program.

I don’t know what is going to happen today. The reason we just went to the store is, we need to get everything we need for the entire day right now, so we don’t have to leave the office. We cannot afford to go out for lunch and waste any time later on. So we just had to stop at the store and get some quick microwave meals, some noodles and things.

We’re planning to win… We’re going to get it done… We’ve got to make it happen!

So Today’s Going To Be Wild!

I can’t wait until I can tell you tomorrow, how we got on with this.

But we’ve done some crazy stuff in the past, like we’ve done this 24-hour challenge to come up with an idea for a product, and create it, and make a sale within 24 hours or less.

We did that not long ago. I think this is actually tougher. I think this is going to be a lot tougher. Because of the sheer amount of stuff we’ve got to get done.

Now obviously the good thing is here – the positive – is that we’ve got a whole team. So I haven’t got to personally record and edit the videos – we’ve got Adam who’ll obviously do that. Then we’ve got Chris that can upload them and put them online.

So Louis and I just purely have to focus on getting these videos done. So I want to – it’s probably gonna be quite a helpful thing to share this today – like what is the battle plan to …

Create An Insane Amount Of Content In A Small Amount Of Time

Here’s our plan right. Out of – let’s say we’ve got 35 videos. I don’t know if it’s exactly that but it’s, give or take, about 35 videos.

Now of those 35 videos some of them are actually going to be with a…

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Every Time I Do Something I Ask Myself, “Should I Be Doing This”?

I have an Executive Personal Assistant joining the team today. Somebody basically to help organize myself, my team, our projects and all around take a lot of things off of my shoulders.

Obviously it’s a position that, you know, the working relationship will no doubt grow over time, and my new assistant will have a lot of things to learn.

They’ve got some training to go through to learn our project management and task management system. There’s a lot to pick up on in this initial stage, before things will be really effectively up and running. But today the process begins.

It’s Quite A Fun Process Actually

What I’ve basically been doing and what I will be doing ongoing now every single day – is any time I’m doing something I’m gonna ask myself, “Should I be doing this?” I really only want to be saying “Yes” to the absolute essential things that I need to be focused on to drive this company forward.

Without the marketing being created or planned out by myself, there won’t be leads coming in. Without leads, there won’t be customers, without customers we won’t be getting client applications, which means the phone team is sat there without people to speak to.

Which means nothing’s really driving the business forward. As the team’s growing and as we begin to start taking the business forwards, it’s really important I’m focused on the most important things.

And so that’s basically the exercise I put myself through now. Every single time I’m about to start a new task I just say…

“Wait! Should I Be Doing This?”

And if I can’t say “yes” because I need to be doing it, then I need to then say, “Who should be doing this?” or “Who could be doing this?”

And so obviously now, you know, we’re in a position where we’re growing the team here at Internet Profits, and everybody’s got their set roles. We’ve got…

  • Adam who who handles all things video, who’s the Videographer in the company.
  • Chris who’s my Marketing Assistant, so publishing content, creating sales funnels; many, many tasks and responsibilities fall into that position for Chris.
  • Obviously Louis, very important, the President of Client Coaching here at Internet Profits – basically heads up the coaching division.
  • Glen “The Wizard” who assists Louis and runs some coaching webinars.
  • Gloria and Sarah and Destiny in the US who cover customer and client care and happiness.
  • John who heads up the phone division.

So everybody’s got their roles. And so what I’m getting at, is essentially we’re in a position where many roles within the business are fulfilled. People are managing or running those positions.

And so my focus has to be on…

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