How To Get More Followers And Buyers From Any Social Media Platform

Would you like to know how to get more followers on social media platforms and turn them into buying customers? Here are some great free tips from my business mentor, Dean Holland:

This weekend I was thinking about something. It followed on from something I was saying to some customers and students of ours on one of our programs last week.

And that is to think about;

“Are You Making It Easy & Simple For People To Find And Follow You?”

So let me explain what I mean.

If I think back to when I first got started online, when I first discovered that people were making money on the internet. It was actually in 2004.

But I didn’t make any money or really experienced any progress or anything really until the end of 2008.

So you may wonder what was happening during that time? Well, I was buying lots and lots of products, y’know.

I’d buy ebooks, video courses, software plugins, loads and loads of different stuff.

But when I think back on it…

I Didn’t Actually Have Anything Substantial Or Tangible Online

There was no presence. There was nothing really.

  • I didn’t have a blog, like I have now.
  • I didn’t have a YouTube channel, like I have now.
  • I didn’t have a Facebook page, like I have now.
  • I didn’t have any active social media presence.

So when you think about the way in which the Internet and the world as a whole has evolved into the current day. It’s in a position where it is a very social environment.

You only have to look over the last decade – the massive advances and the uprising of social media platforms.

They Have Now Taken Over The Internet

Billions and billions of people across the world are using social media platforms actively.

Even if you think about television… Reality TV, ‘social television’, has taken the world by storm.

You have talent shows, you have things like Big Brother where they take members of the public and put them in a house and surround them with cameras for weeks on end.

And people people sit there fascinated just watching people live in a house!

It’s The Same For Your Business

People like to follow people.

Think about your own habits online. Do you follow other people?…

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A Different Way To Build An Audience On Facebook

Today we’re going to be talking about an unusual way to build an audience on Facebook. I’m just going to focus in on one thing we’ve just been talking about – different ways, different campaigns, and different things that we can do to…

Build An Audience On Facebook

…and create anticipation, create curiosity around a launch that we’ve got coming up later this month, called Quick Start Challenge.

If you’ve been following along with The Drive, you’ll know that there’s several projects that are going on right now. Which is why some days you’ll tune in and I’ll be talking about The Perfect Offer, which is a brand new funnel and product we’ve created, that we’re just in the testing phase of… driving traffic to, optimising the funnel, before we open it up to our Certified Partners who can then use that in their businesses.

In addition to that, we’ve also got the Quick Start Challenge launch coming up. I could actually reel off tons of stuff.

We’ve Got A Brand New Members Area

…brand new certification program, we’ve got so many projects.

But the awesome thing is, is that I’ve now built the foundation in the company to facilitate being able to manage multiple projects and have them come to fruition fast, y’know – executing fast!

And so what I guess I want to really talk about here, which is one of the things that we were just focused on in our conversation before I hit record, was

Using A Chat Bot With Facebook Ads

If you don’t know what that means, a chat bot is essentially – you can set up a particular software (I think there’s a few different things out there right now) but the one that we particularly were just discussing was a software called ManyChat…

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Testing Facebook Traffic With Facebook Live Ads

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we are in the in the trenches right now…

Testing Our New Sales Funnel

…which is for an offer called, “The Perfect Offer”. This is basically a 60 to 65 minute training loaded onto a USB stick, and it goes out with some awesome bonuses, in an amazing package and all that good stuff.

We had a bit of a delay. I don’t if I mentioned this on previous episodes in the last day or so. But we had some delays because I did my first Facebook ad which actually was a video, well actually was a Facebook Live. So I did a Facebook Live talking about…

The Only Three Ways To Grow A Business, Which Are:

  • Get more customers.
  • Sell more to your customers at the point of sale.
  • Generate repeat custom, so bring your customers back at some future date to buy more product.

And so I did a Facebook Live about that. And then at the end, there was a call to action to grab a copy of The Perfect Offer. So it was a way of leading people into that sales funnel. And then I basically set up a Facebook Ad promoting that Facebook Live.

Now the problem was – whatever it is – I don’t really know what it was – they haven’t told me at this stage… But there was…

Something That Triggered An Automatic Disapproval

…because it just happened literally within a couple of minutes – so there’s no way it was a manual thing.

So I appealed it. I’d set up four different ads through Facebook, all promoting the same video ad, but targeting different people and different placements – so y’know, mobile and desktop with different targeting options – and got disapproved.

And that happened (I probably have mentioned this on a Drive) on Friday was it? Thursday or Friday of last week.

The Crap Thing Was…

…it actually took Facebook four days to get back to me from my appeal. I appealed it straight away, because I was certain there wasn’t anything wrong. Then it took them four days, until yesterday afternoon to get back to me. And as suspected (or as hoped, should I say) they basically did a manual verification and they confirmed that it wasn’t against their policy.

So my ads went active yesterday afternoon and now the ad is…

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Filming Facebook Ads Setup Live And Testing To Scale Up

We’re doing internal testing and optimization this week and continuing next week, for a current offer, brand new offer that nobody’s seen yet called “The Perfect Offer“. Which is a training that goes out on on a 4Gb USB stick – it goes out in the mail.

In fact one of things I’m doing today, once we’ve done filming this morning, this afternoon what I’ll be doing is…

Setting Up Some Facebook Ads

So if you saw my earlier post, you’ll have heard me talking about how I was trying to decide which path to go with our traffic strategy. Meaning, would I do email buy traffic / solo ad traffic first, or Facebook Ads first, or both, or what would I do?

And I was leaning initially towards solo ads. But I’m actually going to get on and do both. The reason being is, I’m just not a hundred percent convinced that solo ad traffic is the best for this offer because of how it’s currently set up. But because of that, one of the things I did the other day, and one of the things we started looking at, was…

A Survey Squeeze Page

So we can drive different types of traffic, I believe, more successfully to a survey page. Then segment them based on the responses they give. So solo ad traffic took a bit of a backseat just for a couple of days while we get that set up. And as I say, this afternoon I’m going to do some Facebook Ads setup – set up some ads, so we can start those running.

One of the cool things that I’ll be doing today for our Certified Partners; while setting up my Facebook Ad, I’m basically just going to hit record and live-stream the entire process from start to finish. So I’m not editing, it’s not producing a training, or a product for the public.

But one of the cool things for our Certified Partners, is really getting to see what we do and how we do it, to drive traffic, so that they can…

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