Evaluating Sales Leads And Customers Over A Period Of Time

Dean Holland CEO of Internet Profits reveals the huge benefits to affiliate marketers and product owners of focusing upon evaluating sales leads and customers over a certain period of time.

Do you ever have those weeks where it just seems like the days are passing by, and even though you’re busy with everything and moving forwards, it just sometimes feels like;

Where’s The Progress? What’s Happening?

I think the only reason I feel like this is because we are seeing progress, everything awesome is happening.

Over the last week since we publicly launched The Perfect Offer funnel for example, tens of thousands of dollars have been generated using it – a couple of hundred customers, two/three hundred customers.

I think, right now, each customer that we basically give a free product to, is…

Probably Worth Over A Hundred Dollars To Us

It’s dropped slightly now because we had some high ticket sales early on. And whilst we’ve been getting those every day, the volume of those was higher in the first few days for some reason.

But it just goes to show really that – when it comes down to sales, when it comes down to your business – I don’t think (personally for me at least) that evaluating sales leads, analysing, gauging and what’s happening, based off one day of sales, is…

Not A Smart Thing!

You can have a day where your sales were really high, higher than your average, higher than the standard day. And then you see lower, lower sales volume the next day. You can panic, looking at it day by day – oh my gosh, everything’s amazing, and then oh my gosh, no, what’s happening?

But if I look at it as more of an average over time, you start to see what’s really happening – what are those customers worth in your business?

And then, over a period of time – what’s a customer worth after seven days? What’s a customer worth after thirty days? What’s a customer worth after sixty days?

Y’know – What Are The Averages?

And we start to average it out over that time period, and you start to see, well, this is what I can afford to spend to acquire a customer into that sales funnel…

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The New Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably Today

Today we’re talking the best way to get website traffic – seen by many as the holy grail in online marketing.

I used to think myself, “If only I could get more traffic, then I’d be rich! If only I could get more traffic, then I wouldn’t be struggling anymore.”

And that statement is really only true when you have the correct things in place, okay?

So obviously you have to have something to turn that traffic into sales – meaning you need a sales process, you need a sales funnel, you need offers that are optimised to convert.

With the rising cost of traffic, having just one offer – unless it’s a high ticket premium priced offer – having just one offer nowadays is not going to cut it in most markets, or at least in many markets.

I’m sure there are some, but…

Website Traffic Is Always Going To Be On The Increase In Cost

Therefore that means you need to make that traffic more valuable to you. Which means having either higher price products or more products to sell to the the people that you’re attracting into your business.

Now what I want to talk about today is what I used to describe as, “The future of online traffic generation”. But today I’m going to change that. Today I’m going to say it is, “The current way of traffic generation” – the best way to get website traffic, in my humble opinion, and doing it successfully, okay?

There were times – and this is how a lot of people still operate, and I’m not saying this is completely redundant – what I’m saying is that…

Times Have Changed, Things Have Changed

There’s been shifts that have occurred in the marketplace, one of which (as I’ve just touched on) is the fact that traffic is going to continually increase in cost.

And so how do you get traffic and make it profitable to you now and into the future? Well the new way and…

Currently The Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably

…is with multiple campaigns. Now we haven’t really publicly launched this yet, but I’ve actually built an entire traffic training system around this entire concept. It’s not available, so I’m not saying that to try and sell it to you.

But what I’m getting at here is…

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What Is Each Customer Or Email Subscriber Worth To Your Business?

Do you know with your business, whether you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve got your own products, whatever it is that your business model is.

Do you know what a customer is actually worth to your business? Or do you know on average how much a subscriber on your email list is worth to you?

For example, if you had a thousand subscribers and you make a thousand dollars a month, then on average each subscriber will be worth a dollar, right?

So, Do You Know That Number?

That’s when you can really take hold of the stats, numbers and metrics of your business. What that actually tells you is, how much am I earning on average for every person I add to my list. And then how much on average am I earning for every customer.

Because when you know what a subscriber is worth, then you know ultimately what you can spend to get them.

Now as a whole, for most people, that never been a simple metric to work out. But in its most simplistic form, just look at how many people on your list and how much you made that month. So last month, if you had 10,000 subscribers and made $5,000, a subscriber would be worth 50 cents, right?

Then just keep a gauge on that every month in your business. Perhaps just have a spreadsheet and you keep it written down just on a monthly basis how much did I generate last month, how many subscribers were on my list… And just keep a record of that. And you’ll start to hopefully see…

Now, one of the things that happened with me, if I go back to when I first started building my list…

Early On, I Was Able To Generate $1-2 Per Subscriber

…on my list. And so, as my email list grew, with my first 500 subscribers I was making anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars by sending email promotions as an affiliate marketer (I didn’t have my own products at that stage)

One of the things that I found – this may not be true for everybody – but as my list grew, the average value of my subscriber actually…

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Understanding If You’ve Got Your Marketing Message Right

Here’s the big thing which is what I’ll talk about today – is understanding if you’ve got your marketing message correct.

This is one of the things I’ve realised – and I may have mentioned this briefly before – but…

Have You Got Your Marketing Message Right?

Because one of the things we realised with our offer is, I just don’t think we’ve got it right now.

Now I haven’t had enough traffic to it yet to make a hundred percent judgement on that, but I’ve just got an inclination.

I believe that in life and business that gut instinct counts for a lot. And I’ve always found that in life, whenever I’ve gone against what I felt in my gut – sometimes it takes a long time to realise – but…

I Always Realise That My Gut Was Right Eventually

So nowadays, I tend to trust my gut much sooner. If I feel something in my gut that… my instinct is telling me this isn’t right… or this isn’t working… or I’ve got this wrong, then I’ll tend to start looking to move away and do it differently. Or I’ll make a change or shift it, whatever the instance may be.

And so you’ve got to think about that marketing message and who you’re actually speaking to, and…

What The End Goal Is

…like, what is the goal? And here’s a big way to help with that.

A lot of people, when they start something online…

They’ll Begin From The Front Point

What I mean by that is, for example, let’s take us for example. Right now we have many products that range in price, from entry level products through to products that go into the multi-five figures – tens of thousands of dollars.

Now obviously, the best help we can give somebody is when they invest in the higher level stuff, like at five thousand, ten thousand dollar plus programs. That’s where we can deliver the maximum value and help to somebody.

So that’s ultimately what we need to work people towards. Because not only is that where we can give the maximum help, it’s also…

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Are You Guilty Of Being Too Generic With Your Marketing?

So we’ve been finishing some things off, based on some early testing that we saw when we were driving traffic with Facebook Ads over the last week or so.

Here’s one of the things that I’ve realised with some of the tests and some of the things that we’ve been doing, that you can think about with your marketing and with whatever it is that you’re putting out in your business.

You need to look at – with your messaging, with your marketing, with your content, with whatever it is, whatever media you’re putting out – are you speaking to somebody specifically or a specific group of people? Or…

Are You Being Too Generic And Speaking To Nobody At All?

The way I would probably get you to think about that is, let’s just say, like me, you’ve got an English bulldog – a specific breed of dog.

If you were wanting to learn about that specific breed of dog, who would you listen to?

Would you listen to somebody that claimed to be an expert about dogs? Or would you listen to somebody who claimed to be an expert about English bulldogs?

You’d go to the specific expert for something more specific to what you were interested in, right? That specific breed of dog.

One of things that you always have to remind yourself is, you need to…

Figure Out Who It Is You’re Wanting To Speak To

..who is it that you want to actually attract in your business.

It’s one thing to say, “Well, I help people that have an online business”. Okay well, is there a specific type of business that you’d like to help somebody in. Or is there a specific type of business model that you prefer, or have a better understanding or expertise on?

The reason I say this to you is because, what’s apparent with our new front end product, “The Perfect Offer” training program, is that ultimately it is something that could undoubtedly help many different types of businesses…

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Testing The Sales Funnel And Overcoming Obstacles

Yesterday you heard me talk about how we were basically heading into the office to do final testing, and all that good stuff, to make sure that our brand new sales funnel was ready to begin driving traffic to, and start optimizing conversions. And well, in true form…

Lots Of Stuff Went Wrong!

So I’m heading in today, hoping that we can get the technical issues fixed. This is the kind of stuff that most people never really get to see – all the stuff that’s going wrong behind the scenes.

A lot of people just see the success, and the six or seven figure sales funnels, and the awards, and all the money. But people very rarely…

Get To See What’s Happening Behind The Scenes

And that’s what I want to fill you in on today. Because you don’t just go from idea to success without anything in between.

And so yesterday, with what we did – everything look good. The pages were there, the offers were there. So we’ve got front end offer two upsells, a downsell, the thank you page. And that makes up the structure of the sales funnel. So yesterday checked all the pages…

Everything Looked Good

We have the one-click upsell process in place – meaning that if people want to add the upsells to their order, they don’t have to refill in all their their payment details.

They can just click ‘Add To Order’ and it will just add it to their order. And everything looked great.

Went ahead, purchased, went through, orders were processed, everything look good.

Then tried a few different possibilities, like buying the front end and saying ‘No’ to all the upsells – did that work? Yes. Bought the front end, said ‘Yes’ to all the upsells, did that work? Yes.

And then, just as we thought everything was ready, we noticed…

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How We Sell Our High Ticket Products To Our Customers

I’ve got some awesome plans today. Really looking forward to today. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about how we’ve been basically building a new sales funnel.

Then in the last few days, you have known that I’ve been speaking about actually working on the back end customer campaign. So what happens once we get a customer. What is our ascension plan to take people up.

Basically today, or for the last couple of days I’ve really been focused in on this, mapping out what happens. And what we’ve come to the conclusion is, I think initially we’re building four campaigns within the customer campaign.

So what I mean by that is, we’ve mapped out what our next goal is. After we get a customer, and they flow through the initial front-end sales funnel, and we’ve acquired that customer, and we’ve maximized revenue at the point-of-sale.

Then into our back-end campaign, our next plan is to basically ascend those people into our Internet Profits Certification.

What that means is, they will get Certified and then basically get the right to use all of my company’s sales funnels, offers, sales pages, and marketing systems, follow-up campaigns and sales team; all of that stuff as a Certified Partner.

They Get To Leverage My Entire Company To Build Their Business…

…earning high ticket commissions of up to $3,000 as a Certified Partner.

So after we’ve acquired a customer what’s the next plan? We want to filter out all who’s interested in that, and who would like to actually apply, to discuss joining that with us. Which is actually currently a two thousand dollar product / opportunity. I think we’re actually going to raise that to two and a half thousand dollars – I’ve got ideas of raising that, so we can actually do a bit more for the customer.

But anyway, so now we know what that next plan is. So we’ve got the customer acquisition plan, we know how we’re maximizing revenue at the point of sale. Now we know how we’re about start sending them. So that being the goal, what we’ve now done is mapped out, well…

How Do We Generate Applications For, And Sales For The Certification?

So how do we get interested parties to come forward for that Certification? Now, the way in which we actually do things is, we’ve got a…

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