Entrepreneurial Mindset: If You Don’t Have This One Thing, Nothing Else Matters

Entrepreneurial Mindset - Dean Holland

Here’s Dean Holland revealing the specific entrepreneurial mindset he needed to adopt in order to transform his life and business from the brink of disaster, to the prosperous and expanding business he runs today for all of us at Internet Profits.

“Today I want to discuss probably one of the most important things that online entrepreneurs need to hear, but very few actually want to listen to.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Good morning, welcome to another episode of The Drive. So yesterday was my birthday and it sparked off a whole time of reflection and thinking.

Looking back to how much has changed, it was only nine years ago when I was at the lowest, worst point in my life.

I was 24 years old. I was over $60,000 in debt. I’d been chasing the dream of making money on the internet for four years at this stage. I had five credit cards, all pretty much maxed out, and two bank loans. And…

I Was So Afraid And Ashamed

…of what I’d done and what had gotten myself into that I didn’t tell anyone of the debts. And so I was living this complete lie!

Now yesterday, I was talking about this with our Certified Partners on a Facebook Live in our private group. I was on there for 30 40 minutes, and I was talking about all of this.

I was sharing what I’d been reflecting on, sharing the key things. And the conversation came up like…

What Was The Real Turning Point…?

What was the defining thing? And whilst I could say many different things – I spoke about it in yesterday’s Drive actually – I gave some big millionaire business tips that helped me turn my business around.

Whilst I could say all of those tips, like; getting a mentor, not going it alone, learning from people that are already doing what you want to do.

Whilst I could say all of those tangible things that can be seen, and felt, and purchased, there’s one thing above all – that without this, none of the rest of it matters.

Without this one thing… it doesn’t matter how many great mentors you get to teach you business, it won’t make a drop of difference if you don’t have this one thing…

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Millionaire Business Tips: How I Generated Over $9 Million In Online Sales By Age 33


A series of not-to-be-missed millionaire business tips shared by Dean Holland, specifically aimed at helping new business startups and online marketers…

“In today’s Drive I’m going to talk about how I’ve grown my business to generate over nine million dollars in online sales, by the time I’m 33.

I don’t really have anything specifically planned, but hopefully these will be some great tips and bits of advice for anybody starting and growing a business.

Millionaire Business Tips For Starting And Growing A Business

I started back in 2004, and for the first four years I struggled ridiculously. It ended up being like some of the darkest and scariest times in my life, because by 2008 I was in over sixty thousand dollars of debt.

And I suppose this is where my first bit of advice will come from. When you’ve figured out, or when you think you’ve got an idea of what it is you want to do – as in what direction you want to take your business.

Which Direction To Take In Your Business?

Do you want to be an affiliate marketer? Or do you have expertise and knowledge that you feel can help others, and give value to others? In which case, do you want to learn how to create your own product or course, then how to sell that?

Whichever direction it is you want to go, my first bit of advice would be, don’t try and figure it all out on your own.

There’s quite a steep learning curve, in terms of learning what to do and how to do it, to start and grow business properly. There’s a lot to learn.

The Biggest Shame In My Online Business Career

One of the biggest shames is, when I look back, I think, “Yes, I might have lost tens of thousands of dollars (which in itself is not great) but I managed to make that back many, many times over.”

So I’m not worried by that. But one thing I do look back on and think is, “What a shame that I didn’t get that advice that I’m sharing now, much earlier. What a shame I thought that figuring everything out on my own was a good idea!”

Because I can’t get the four years back that I lost. And that’s just the truth, right? They’ve come, they’ve gone!

Thankfully I did get a mentor in 2008, and that was the turning point. So that would be my first thing…

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Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers And Make Money For Free In Your Videos

I have some exciting news to share!

So, if you’re following this, or you have been following previous episodes of The Drive, you’ll know that every day I’ve got this filming rig set up in my car. And every day on the way to the Internet Profits headquarters here in the UK, I talk about and document what it is that’s going on in the business, how things are going, and share the lessons that I’m learning along the way.

Well this week we crossed a mile stone when we finally managed to…

Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers

…on our channel. And I want to share some of the things that I’ve learned, and some of the things that we’ve done and tried, that I feel has helped to get 1000 YouTube subscribers. And how we’re now hoping to really start to accelerate that at an even faster pace.

So let me just be clear on a few things. This didn’t happen overnight – this wasn’t an immediate thing. And to be honest, until about 10 days ago we weren’t really doing anything to try and encourage subscriptions on the YouTube channel, encourage people to subscribe.

So I’ll share with you…

What We Did Over The Last 10 Days To Really Accelerate That…

…and fill you in on some of the data and statistics.

So, first things first. You should know that we have now done over 70 episodes. So this one right now is probably I think, episode 72 (but don’t quote me on that, I might be one or two out.)

But we’ve crossed over 70 episodes. Now bear in mind I do these every weekday, Monday to Friday. So I do five episodes a week.

The only reason, for me at least, that I’m able to keep that consistency is because…

I’ve Engineered This ‘Way’…

…where I can create the content without actually having to really go out of my way to do it.

I’m driving to the office anyway, and I’m always planning in my own head what’s going on, or what’s happening. So all I’m really doing is talking to myself here. And you get to kind of be like a fly on the window, if you like.

We’ve done over 70 episodes, right? That equates to Monday to Friday, 70 episodes, what’s that? Like 14, 15 weeks of doing The Drive series.

So it’s taken 14 weeks to reach this point. You could say, “Wow! That’s a long time!” But really…

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The Most Important Sales Funnel Metric – Average Cart Value

Discover why this is the most important sales funnel metric, that so many internet marketers tend to overlook, to their cost.

The big news of the day is… And this is kind of a little too early to get too excited, but…

I Really Do Like To Go Off The Data

…that I see and feel my gut instinct my gut instinct is rarely wrong. In fact, gut instincts are rarely wrong for most people.

So we opened up… after weeks of optimization and after months of building and creating… we opened up a brand new offer, with our brand new sales funnel behind it, to our Certified Partners two days ago – less than two days ago, 36 hours ago.

And we ran the numbers yesterday, just to see like what’s happening. Now don’t get me wrong, we haven’t had a serious amount of leads into the funnel. Only, I think, five or six hundred leads entered the funnel in the in the first 24 hours or so.

But What I’m Excited By, Is The Numbers That We’re Seeing

The most important sales funnel metric ultimately, for me at least… There’s a lot of people that get hung up on, “What’s the conversion rate?”

The conversion rate to me is just a vanity sales funnel metric. Does conversion rate really matter?

What really matters is… What is a buyer worth? Okay? So, how much is a customer spending?

We Have A Sales Funnel Metric We Call ‘ACV’

…which is ‘average cart value’. So, what average cart value means is, how much has a customer spent by the time they’ve completed your front-end sales funnel.

Basically, to put it in simple terms, after they’ve ordered that front-end offer, that first thing, and then seen the upsells that you presented, and they’ve basically finished that initial sales cycle, how much did that customers spend? Or how much are your customers spending on average, after going through that?

And here’s the exciting news already.

In the first 24 hours, having done five or six hundred leads through the sales funnel so far, the average cart value for the initial front-end sales funnel is… I think it was like thirty to thirty three dollars.

This Sales Funnel Metric Is Pretty Exciting!

Because whenever you start seeing numbers like that, then I know we have got a seven figure sales funnel on our hands here…

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FREE “The Perfect Offer” Method And A “Done-For-You” Digital Business

Launching The Perfect Offer for FREE;

“How To Get A Consistent Stream Of Cash-In-Hand Buyers For ANY Offer… Even If Nobody’s Ever Heard Of You”

Yesterday was a big day in the history of the company. An historic day to be honest.

It was like the the beginning of a new chapter, the start of a new era. We unveiled a lot of the new stuff yesterday to our Certified Partners. And the reaction was as great as I’d hoped, if not maybe even better.

Everybody Was So Excited (About The Perfect Offer)

…when they saw everything. Some new front end offers, well, some new front end products, upsells, sales funnels, some new back-end stuff.

We gave our Partners new access to their new members area, where we can just basically really deliver even more value and help people in such a greater way.

You see, one of the things I’ve come to learn over the years is that…

Value Isn’t Equated To The Amount Of Content

…that you give people.

I made a mistake over the years, and that was to associate the amount of value you’re giving with the amount of content you’re giving – not necessarily what was in that content, or the structure of that content.

And so, one of the things that we’ve done, and that we’ve been building for the last six months or so, is this process for our Certified Partner Program that I call…

The Six-Figure Roadmap

What this basically is… It is a timeline, it is a strategic and systematic timeline, a roadmap, a blueprint, call it whatever you want – of what to do and how to do it, dependant on where your business is at, to go from zero to six figures.

It begins with getting started as…

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Growth Of Business – What Happens When You’re Not Prepared For It

Are you properly prepared and ready for your growth of business?

Here’s Dean Holland’s confession of when he wasn’t prepared for the massive, sudden growth of his business, how he got Internet Profits back on track, and the surprising lesson he’s just now learned after recently looking back on his past mistakes, which he shares with us today…

“Something Rather Special…

…rather unexpected, and rather humbling, and just amazing – mind-blowing – happened yesterday.

I speak a lot on these posts about what it is we’re working on… Like, we’ve got this new product that we’re testing and optimising, we’ve got this new funnel, we’ve got this, we’ve got that.

But I don’t get the opportunity obviously, to share everything that’s happening.

And one of the things is, about six or eight months ago we started this this phase of the company where I began to develop and renovate brand new offices for the company in the UK here.

And a few months back we moved into those offices.

Just Incredible…

…offices, if you’ve seen them on my social media at all, that we’ve built. I’ve gone for this amazing atmosphere for the team, and have now got this amazing team that all work together.

But one of the things is, that took place during this time… Is that I pumped so much into the growth of business, so much of my funds into the business to do what we’ve been doing.

And at the same time, while that was happening, we were also…

Going Through A Growth Of Business Transitional Phase…

…where we wanted really to change our products, change our messaging and, in doing so, change who we attracted into the business – change the type of customer we appeal to.

I won’t go into the reasoning behind that today, but essentially what it meant was, outgoings went through the roof, income was declining because of all of this, and I went through… well, for the last last 12 or 18 months we’ve been slowly doing that, but what happened is…

Before I built this office, and before I built the team, we went through a huge growth of business stage. We literally went from like…

$100K A Month To Over $300K A Month, In 2 Months Or So!

And we just weren’t prepared….

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Entrepreneurship Motivational Speech: Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.” Here’s an entrepreneurship motivational speech from my business mentor, Dean Holland CEO of Internet Profits.

“We’ve now built…

The Resources To Execute Multiple Projects Quickly

…or at least much faster than we ever was in the past, because we’ve got people in these key roles now.

I’ve got my Assistant helping me manage things, and her role’s going to start getting busier and busier as we grow.

We’ve got Chris, my Marketing Assistant, who’s just awesome and helps me with all things to do with everything, you know!… Building the web pages, setting up the sales copy, setting up the campaigns, setting up the software.

We’ve got Adam who produces all the video, edits and produces all the video content, records the video content with me.

And So Together As A Team…

…we’ve also got Louis and Glenn that manage and head up the coaching side of things with our Partners and clients.

We’ve got the support network of people in the company; Destiny, Sarah, Gloria.

We’ve got an awesome network and team, and now we can get a lot of stuff done and get it done fast, which is awesome. But it still takes a lot of managing – it’s busy, it’s crazy!

For most people, I don’t recommend working on so many multiple projects all at the same time. But for us right now, where the company’s at…

You’ve Got To Do What You’ve Got To Do

And that’s the thing sometimes, right? You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do wherever you’re at in your business.

If I were to go back to 2004-2009, I didn’t have a social life, I didn’t see friends, I didn’t do anything fun. Because all of my time, all of my energy, all of my resources went into trying to figure out how to have an online business, how to make money on the internet.

Then by 2008, 2009 I did start to figure that out, thanks to having a business mentor. Even through all the stages, you’ve always got to do what you’ve got to do.

Sometimes You’ve Got To Sacrifice

…sometimes you’ve got to invest time, sometimes you’ve got to invest money, sometimes you’ve got to invest resources, sometimes you’ve got to work like you’ve never worked before, y’know?

And sometimes you’ve got to take time out… You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, to get where you want to be.

I Saw A Very Interesting Video Yesterday

…that explained how important, how short life is, better than anything I’ve ever seen before…

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