How To Build A Successful Business – Karate Kid Wax-On, Wax-Off Lesson

How To Build A Successful Business

Lesson on how to build a successful business from Mr Miyagi in The Karate Kid. Waxing the car, painting the fence, sanding the deck. It’s all like building a successful business really.

Good morning! Welcome to The Drive. What a strange morning.

How To Build A Successful Business - Dean Holland

I’m looking in front of me and I can see the moon. It’s like a faint moon in the sky right there. And behind me is the Sun, what a strange thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

Anyway… It is the start of another week. We’re on the way to Internet Profits HQ, here in the UK.

This weekend I happened to turn on the TV (I don’t watch a lot of television, to be honest). Sat down, turned on the TV, was just about to eat some food… and…

One Of My Favorite Movies Of All Time

…(in the top 10 at least, I’m sure) was on. And it was The Karate Kid.

The original Karate Kid, right? There should be only one Karate Kid… with Daniel LaRusso and Mr Miyagi. And, y’know, it made me think of, when you’re doing new things, like, in your business.

When You’re First Starting Your Business…

…for example, and you’re having to learn all this new stuff that you’ve never heard of before. And it’s like, “What on earth is it?” or “How des it all connect?” “How does this, work with with this – how does it do it?”

At all different stages of your business, you’re going to go through those moments where you, like, y’know, “Ah, I just bought Infusionsoft, a CRM system – how does all this work?” And it’s all…

New Information Going Into Your Head

How To Build A Successful Business - The Drive E110And it was kind of like when when The Karate Kid was was being taught by Mr Miyagi. He made a deal with him – he’s like, “I will train you to do karate to defend yourself, for the the tournament, and your part of the deal is… you will listen to everything I say, and you’ll do what I say, without any questions.”

He’s like, “Yes”, Daniel-san agrees. And then he turns up the next morning to start his karate lessons, what Daniel-san thinks is obviously going to be how to throw a punch, how to kick, how to a block, how to defend.

And the first thing Mr Miyagi has him do is wax the car, and he teaches the famous thing,

“Wax On, Wax Off”

And he’s like, “Okay”. Just thinks it’s a chore he’s getting him to do, in exchange for payment of training him.

Then the next day, he teaches him to sand the deck.He’s like, “Okay this is like, sand, sand.” (circular motion of hands). Next day turns up, “Paint the fence.” Next time turns up, “Paint the house (side to side)”

And he gets angry at this point, right? He’s like really frustrated. Mr Miyagi comes back from fishing and he says, “What the hell’s going on? You’ve been fishing all day!

“You Said You’d Teach Me Karate – You Ain’t Taught Me Nothing!”

He’s really peed off about it, “You’ve taught me nothing, all you’ve had me do is be your slave for the last week.”

How To Build A Successful Business - Internet ProfitsAnd then he’s about to storm off and Mr Miyagi calls him back and throws a punch at him.

And y’know, he’s like Wax On. Boom! Blocks the punch! Right? You probably know the story.

But the moral of it ultimately is…

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Morning Motivation Tip: How To Get Stuff Done Early In The Morning

Morning Motivation

Here’s an amazing morning motivation tip to help you get out of bed early and crush the day before anyone else has even woken up!

“So I have been up – it is almost 8 a.m. – and I got up around about 4 a.m. this morning. And I realized something earlier, which struck me when it happened – when I jumped up out of bed. And I want to share it with you on today’s Drive to the Internet Profits HQ. So let’s do this!

Good morning, welcome to another episode of The Drive. Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ today.

I’m excited, because today feels like one of those days where we’re gonna really bring a lot of stuff together. Got a ton done yesterday, and I’ve already got a ton done today.

As I said above, it is around about 8 a.m. and I’m on the way to the office. However today it’s…

8 a.m. And I’ve Done Almost A Day’s Work Already!

And I want to share a huge, huge morning motivation tip with you. Because, I don’t know about you, but there’s days (and this used to be more frequently than not) where I wake up in the morning and I’m like, I feel not inspired or excited to jump up out of bed.

You know those days where you just want to wrap up in the quilt and and stay in bed all cozy and warm, and the idea of getting out just doesn’t excite you. And you’re like, “No I don’t wanna!” And have all this irrational thinking, like just five more minutes – like five more minutes is going to do any good!

You’re not gonna sleep, you’re not gonna get some meaningful rest. But yeah, you have this irrational thinking some days. And so…

There’s A Way That I’m Able To Turn That Around To Morning Motivation

And I want to share that morning motivation tip with you. But first, let me just share what happened this morning.

Last couple of days I’ve been waking up, like, I’ve started getting in a different routine, where I go to bed earlier. ‘Cos I was always a nighttime person.

If I go back to when I was first starting my business, when I had a full-time job. I’d come home about 6 p.m. and sit at the computer from about 8 p.m. till like 2 a.m. Get a few hours sleep. Get up and go to my job. And then when I left that job in 2009 to do this full-time…

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Small Business Problems? This Is Probably Your Main Business Problem

I was watching a clip last night on YouTube of the Rocky film (Rocky the boxer). And it got me thinking about something last night when I was on the drive home.

So yeah, I was in the office quite late until the early hours of this morning – until about past 1am I think it was by the time we finally got out, because I was running a coaching call.

One thing I realized, as I was driving home after the coaching call, I realized that actually the number one of the many small business problems that all of us (well, most of us) face… is actually ourselves.

Top Of All The Small Business Problems We Face… Is Ourselves

Like… you are literally your number one problem, right?

Let me explain what I mean. A lot of people doubt themselves… procrastinate… keep changing direction… keep jumping from thing, to thing, to thing. Many people fear the failure… or fear the success, and therefore hold themselves back.

And what it comes down to, ultimately, is… YOU are your biggest problem.

If you could only get out of your own way, you could no doubt have a lot greater success, or finally achieve the success that you’re looking for and achieve what it is you’re desiring out of a business.

So today, that’s what I want you to think about.

How many different areas can you to identify, as you go about your day to day life, or every time that you sit down at the computer and you’re striving to build your business…

…Start to identify all the ways in which you’re actually sabotaging your own success.

Or for those of you in the early stages…

In How Many Areas Are You Sabotaging Your Chances Of Success?

One of the biggest small business problems that I used to personally have, and where I was sabotaging my success, is I never stuck at any one thing long enough to actually make it work.

Y’know, I was always jumping from thing, to thing, to thing. I was always running around with this belief that there must be a better way, there must be an easier way…

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Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Businesses And SoloPreneurs

This is a short piece from Dean Holland on the benefits of outsourcing for small businesses; when you should outsource business tasks and why. Dean starts by explaining that…

“When It Comes To Any Task Running A Small Business, You’ve Got Two Choices”

Yesterday I was having a conversation, and I want to pass this on to you.

Hopefully this helps you in future when you’re thinking about certain things that you’re going to be doing, or might be doing, or are considering doing, in your business.

Ultimately you have two choices when it comes down to any task in your business.

You Either…

  • Do it yourself, or
  • Have someone else do it for you.

That’s it, right? There’s no other way.

So when it comes down to this decision, there’s obviously a few things that are going to be taken into consideration, right?

Obviously a lot of it is going to depend on where you’re at in your business, what stage you’re at.

And also, when considering the benefits of outsourcing, you have to…

Think About What Available Time You Have

You have to think about the skills or knowledge that you have.

For example, there are going to be some things that you know how to do, you enjoy doing them, and you have the time to do them, okay? In which case you could do it yourself.

But there are going to be other things where you’re like…

“Okay, I want to do that for my business, but I have no idea how to do it. And to learn how to do that thing is going to take me a considerable amount of time.”

So when I’m in that situation…

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Never Fail Again – How To Never Fail At Anything Ever Again

Here’s how you will never fail again at anything you attempt to achieve.

So, you know what I said to someone yesterday? I was having a conversation, and this person was kind of a little bit down.

They’ve basically been saying, “This is not working out”, “I failed again”, “I’m really getting this wrong” etc. etc.

And I said,

“There Really Isn’t Any Such Thing As Failure”

…You need to adjust the way in which you’re viewing what’s happening in your business at this stage.

And so I want to share this same message with you today. Because I used to think this way too.

I used to see, every time something went wrong, as a failure – as a failed attempt. Like, oh!… It’s gone wrong again, it’s not worked out again, I’ve failed again!

If you ever think to yourself, “I’ve failed again” or this project has failed, this funnel has failed, this offer has failed, the squeeze page has failed, this website has failed, this blog has failed – whatever it is.

If you ever think that about anything in your business…

Today Marks A New Day Where You Will Never Fail Again

And I want to tell you why…

Here’s what I said yesterday, “You haven’t failed – you have just learned something.”

Okay, think about this. Every single time that you take an action, and you perceive that whatever that action was, has failed.

Instead of thinking that…

From This Day Forward I Want You To Realise…

…that what’s actually happened is – you produced a result, right? You produced an outcome.

Now if you’re perceiving that you failed, what’s really happened is…

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Building Online Business From Scratch – You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Are you thinking of building an online business from scratch? There’s actually very little you need to know at each stage. A lot less than you may think in fact.

You know, what I was just thinking about is how, as humans, we tend to want to learn everything about something.

If I look back to certain times in my life and certain times in my business, I realize…

One Of My Mistakes Building An Online Business From Scratch

Was trying to know it all – to try and learn everything there is about something.

And what I realize now years on, where my business is at today, is you don’t need to know everything for where you’re at right now. You just need to know enough to start or continue building online business from scratch.

So Let Me Give You An Example Of This…

Let’s just say, “I like pizza” okay. So I could buy a pizza, eat that pizza and enjoy it. Do I need to know how to make the dough? No, right? I just needed to know that I liked pizza in that instance.

Now that’s not the greatest example. So let me think of a few more.

Let’s just say, how many times did you walk into your bedroom late at night – you’re going to bed but you’ve shut off all the lights – it’s dark, so you flick on the light when you walk in the room.

So you can see and now the lights come on, right? You can see now this just happens naturally, right?

You Walk Into A Dark Room, You Flick On The Light

Do you need to understand how electricity works?

Do you need to understand how that electricity is in that room? How when you flick that switch the whole thing’s working? How that electricity is being delivered to your property?

No, you just know that ‘I want the lights to come on’ – I flick that switch and that’s it, right? All you needed to know was how to flick that switch, how to turn on that light. You didn’t need to know anything else.

So when you think about things in that way, if your business right now is at ground zero – meaning you’re not making any money each month – all you need to do is…

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Your Online Business Success Depends Upon This One Thing

Are you still searching for online business success? Everything hinges on this one thing you must have.

I’m asked all the time… “What was the key to your success?”

How did you go from over $60,000 in debt, working in a construction company, stuck in a job you hated…

…to starting your own company and helping tens of thousands of people, and having all this financial freedom and online business success… What was the secret?…

What Was The Key To Your Online Business Success?

There’s many different things that I could choose to mention here, but there’s one that ultimately stands out.

You see, for my first four years, when I first began in 2004, I always said to myself, “I want to build a business”. I would love to have that business success online – looking at other people, like… “I want what he’s got, what she’s got!”

But for the first four years, looking back… By saying those things, all I was really indicating, was my ‘interest’ in doing it.

I was interested in making money online. I was interested in having success. I was interested in having what he or she had – the gurus I followed online.

But It Wasn’t Until 2008… Where I Changed

…Where I stopped being just interested and became committed. There is a HUGE difference!

And this is the problem I see. Just like I used to be, most people in this industry say they “want to start an online business” they “want online business success”. But very few are actually committed to making happen.

If you were committed to making it happen, you don’t keep buying many different things. You commit to one thing. If you are committed to making something happen, you do it every single day.

If you’re committed to achieving a result, you do not give up until you make it happen.

And if you’re committed to something you say it is going to happen, and you believe it with all of your being – it just hasn’t happened yet. It’s not, “I hope it will happen.”

Think About It This Way…

How many times in your life have you thought to yourself…

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