Call To Action: The One Thing You Must Do In Your Business At All Times

Call To Action

I want to share this one thing, the call to action, that you need to do in your business at all times, that will undoubtedly make you more money in your business.

So, I never used to do this, right? I never used to do this thing, because I used to assume that people would know what to do.

But when I started doing it, I made more money. And now I always do it!

Okay, so what am I talking about? I’m talking about…

Always Give A Clear Call To Action In Your Marketing

Whether this is in an email that you’re sending, in a sales video that you’re recording, in a sales letter you’re writing, whether it’s in a content piece that you’re creating, a blog post, a social media post.

Whatever it is, if you want your audience, whether they’re reading, watching, listening, whatever it is…

If You Want Them To Take An Action, Tell Them To Do It!

Don’t just assume, because you’ve got a button on the page, or a link in the email, that people will automatically click on it, or know to click on it, okay?

So, for example, right…

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Understanding If You’ve Got Your Marketing Message Right

Here’s the big thing which is what I’ll talk about today – is understanding if you’ve got your marketing message correct.

This is one of the things I’ve realised – and I may have mentioned this briefly before – but…

Have You Got Your Marketing Message Right?

Because one of the things we realised with our offer is, I just don’t think we’ve got it right now.

Now I haven’t had enough traffic to it yet to make a hundred percent judgement on that, but I’ve just got an inclination.

I believe that in life and business that gut instinct counts for a lot. And I’ve always found that in life, whenever I’ve gone against what I felt in my gut – sometimes it takes a long time to realise – but…

I Always Realise That My Gut Was Right Eventually

So nowadays, I tend to trust my gut much sooner. If I feel something in my gut that… my instinct is telling me this isn’t right… or this isn’t working… or I’ve got this wrong, then I’ll tend to start looking to move away and do it differently. Or I’ll make a change or shift it, whatever the instance may be.

And so you’ve got to think about that marketing message and who you’re actually speaking to, and…

What The End Goal Is

…like, what is the goal? And here’s a big way to help with that.

A lot of people, when they start something online…

They’ll Begin From The Front Point

What I mean by that is, for example, let’s take us for example. Right now we have many products that range in price, from entry level products through to products that go into the multi-five figures – tens of thousands of dollars.

Now obviously, the best help we can give somebody is when they invest in the higher level stuff, like at five thousand, ten thousand dollar plus programs. That’s where we can deliver the maximum value and help to somebody.

So that’s ultimately what we need to work people towards. Because not only is that where we can give the maximum help, it’s also…

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Copywriting: When It Comes To Writing Sales Copy – Bullet Points!

So… what are we doing today?… Let me update you on what’s going on in the world of Internet Profits.

I’ll be finishing up writing sales copy today for another product that we’re actually launching next month, called “The Quick Start Challenge”.

It’s a 30 day coaching program that we do every year, that essentially is to teach people in a 30 day period to get started online, start building their email list, start driving traffic, and start obviously monetizing all of that process by making affiliate commissions.

I’ve wrote version one of the copy. Just got a few bullet points to add in there. Actually, speaking of which, when I say a few bullet points, I’m actually going to stack the bullet points, as many as I possibly can. Obviously all factually true and correct, about what’s actually included, what people are getting.

And here’s just to focus in on copywriting for you today, in today’s post.

When It Comes To Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells…

…one thing that I learned is that; when it equates to bullet points, when for example I would be saying, in week one – this is what it’s about, here’s some of what you can expect to discover – and I start listing some bullet points.

Well sometimes people would… sometimes I see people, in their sales copy, they just put like a couple of bullet points and they think that’s it. So then they just move on to the next part of the sales copy.

But Here’s The Truth…

One thing but I’ve learned before, is that people equate bullets, bullet points, to something they’re actually receiving.

So if I said to you, ‘here’s what you’re going to discover – how to drive traffic without ever… or how to get thousands of visitors without driving any traffic for yourself’. Then you would equate that to receiving or discovering one thing.

Now if I was to then list another two bullet points…

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Are You Guilty Of Being Too Generic With Your Marketing?

So we’ve been finishing some things off, based on some early testing that we saw when we were driving traffic with Facebook Ads over the last week or so.

Here’s one of the things that I’ve realised with some of the tests and some of the things that we’ve been doing, that you can think about with your marketing and with whatever it is that you’re putting out in your business.

You need to look at – with your messaging, with your marketing, with your content, with whatever it is, whatever media you’re putting out – are you speaking to somebody specifically or a specific group of people? Or…

Are You Being Too Generic And Speaking To Nobody At All?

The way I would probably get you to think about that is, let’s just say, like me, you’ve got an English bulldog – a specific breed of dog.

If you were wanting to learn about that specific breed of dog, who would you listen to?

Would you listen to somebody that claimed to be an expert about dogs? Or would you listen to somebody who claimed to be an expert about English bulldogs?

You’d go to the specific expert for something more specific to what you were interested in, right? That specific breed of dog.

One of things that you always have to remind yourself is, you need to…

Figure Out Who It Is You’re Wanting To Speak To

..who is it that you want to actually attract in your business.

It’s one thing to say, “Well, I help people that have an online business”. Okay well, is there a specific type of business that you’d like to help somebody in. Or is there a specific type of business model that you prefer, or have a better understanding or expertise on?

The reason I say this to you is because, what’s apparent with our new front end product, “The Perfect Offer” training program, is that ultimately it is something that could undoubtedly help many different types of businesses…

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How To Get People To Open And Read Your Emails

Today I want to talk about emails. So right now, when I get into the office, one of my big jobs that I’m working on today, and probably the next few days at least, is writing email sequences for our new sales funnel.

Mainly what I’m going to be focusing on is the customer sequence. So, what happens, what gets sent out to a customer, what events take place to a new customer once they’ve ordered our upcoming new training called The Perfect Offer?

So I want to give some advice actually, because I study a lot to do with email, copywriting and all things like that. Because ultimately, your ability to get somebody to take an action based on the written word is probably…

One Of The Most Valuable Skills You Could Ever Learn

There’s a famous saying, “When you can learn to sell, you’ll never go hungry.” And obviously, a huge asset, or one of the most valuable access in any successful internet-based business, is your email list.

And so, having the ability to develop rapport and build trust and develop a relationship with your subscribers, with your customers, that is one of the keys to having a successful business, you know. Positive cash flow when you’ve got customers.

And so I want to give you a good tip here, because this is one of the things that I’m kind of weaving into all of my emails, or all of this email marketing campaign, is this particular tactic – this particular strategy.

So the whole purpose being here, is that when we’ve got a new customer in our business and on our email list, we want to engage with that person. We want to almost, when we first get them on our list, set the scene, engage with them and have them basically looking forward to receiving our emails.

A lot of people write their emails and they’re very generic, they’re very boring, they’re very monotone, you know, they’re very neutral almost. And one of the best things that you can do with your audience is to be polar, you know – polarize. I’m not talking about – you’ve got kind of a scale – you’ve got like boring on one side and then you’ve got…

Completely Ridiculous And Unbelievable And Crazy!

…and then you want to be kind of somewhere in the middle, where you’re polarizing – you’re not afraid to speak your mind, you’re being yourself, you’re letting your audience actually get to know you.

So I want to share the strategy of…

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