What Is The Biggest Shortcut To Business Success Online?

There are a lot of people that always ask questions like, “What is the biggest shortcut to business success online?”

What is the thing that gets people to succeed?

The majority of people in the online home business industry are struggling, right? As in… they can’t figure things out, they can’t make things work.

There’s a lot of people that obviously get a few sales, earn a few commissions, and then nothing really continues to happen.

And there’s a lot of people that…

Can’t Even Make Those First Few Commissions

I was exactly the same, y’know. I first started in 2004, but I didn’t make my first commission until 2008!

Pretty insane when you think about it, right? Like, to be trying to build a business to make money online for four years, before you actually make money online!

The Crazy Thing Is…

…usually by that stage (this was certainly true for me), is you spend so much that it can almost be difficult to see your way out into profit. Does that make sense?

So I was thinking about this, this morning. What is the answer to that question; what’s the biggest shortcut to business success online? What is the quickest way?

Or what is one of the things that can dramatically help and accelerate you from zero to results?

Then even when you’re getting some results, what is the thing that can take you from some results to lots of results, or bigger results?

And the answer is actually the same in many respects, and that is…

The Biggest Shortcut To Business Success Online Is… Leverage!

I’ve spoke about this with our clients and Certified Partners so many times because it never changes, right? Leverage…

Why is it you see some people – their growth just goes wild and fast and insane?

And it’s actually because of leverage… and they get momentum, and they continue to leverage that momentum.

A quick example of this…

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Testing A New Sales Funnel – An Exciting Week Ahead!

I know I probably say this every week, and it’s true. But this week, I am especially excited and pumped up for everything that’s about to come this week. Let me tell you why.

So, if you’ve been following along over the last, well since we started, I mean we’re in the probably 20-something episode, maybe 24th/25th I’m not sure, something like that.

If you’ve been following along over the last four or five weeks of doing these, you’ll have been hearing behind the scenes of what it is that we’ve been doing here at Internet Profits.

And One Of The Biggest Things…

…or one of the main things I’ve been speaking about, is a brand new offer and a brand new sales funnel that we’ve actually been building and getting ready. So this is a training called “The Perfect Offer”.

It essentially teaches people, it’s essentially a (it’s just over 60 minutes) training that teaches people how to convert a much higher than typical percentage of website visitors into customers.

So obviously, no matter what it is you’re doing in your business; whether you are a product creator, or you’re an affiliate marketer, or network market, or service provider. It doesn’t matter what type of business model you operate, we all need customers, OK?

Over the years and years of doing this, I have found (around about 18 months ago / two years ago)…

The Ultimate Way To Convert The Highest Number Of People Into Customers

There has never been anything like it!

And so we’ve got this brand new training that teaches people what that is, and how to do it.

The reason I’m so pumped up and excited is – if you’ve been following along, you’ll know recently I’ve been talking about how we’re getting close to having that finished, ready to start testing.

Well… on Friday, at around about 6pm, just before I was leaving the office, we managed to successfully place a test order for that product…

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Affiliate Marketers Playbook FREE – The Best Product We’ve Launched?

This is the week for the launch of the FREE Affiliate Marketers Playbook! (Click here to grab a copy) This is another one of those weeks that I have several times a year, that I look forward to, and I’m so excited for.

Let me share all about it today…

One of the things we always talk about with our Certified Partners at Internet Profits, is…

Taking Action Every Single Day

…to experience progress forwards, progress every single week.

Now for some people, that progress means laying the foundations, doing the groundwork, and not necessarily yet making money, right? Because sometimes you’ve just got to lay some groundwork.

For other people, that forward progress is generating more leads, is getting more targeted traffic. it is generating and increasing your sales.

But no matter where you’re at in your business, you should make sure what you’re doing and accomplishing every day and every week is progress forward.

Because if your goal is somewhere in the distance, and you’re always taking a step or a leap towards it every single day, eventually you’ll get there.

The problem with most people is they stay still. Or they’re going backwards. Which is the same thing, if you think about it.

So This Week… This Is An Exciting Week!

It’s one of those weeks that I look forward to several times a year.

What am I talking about? We’re launching a new product – the Affiliate Marketers Playbook

We are launching a new sales funnel… Another free plus shipping funnel.

That’s what I believe to be the best kind of offer, the best kind of front-end funnel to…

Attract Your Ideal Customers – Your Ideal Potential Clients

And also the the best way, in my experience, to convert the highest number of targeted visitors into paying customers.

To qualify those buyers better than (in my opinion) the typical digital front end product, or as some people call it a ‘tripwire’…

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