Best Digital Marketing Books For Beginners, Or For Any Level

Got something I’ve been thinking about since yesterday actually, about the best digital marketing books for beginners, and specifically for you.

I thought this would be a really, really helpful topic for many of you reading this.

And this applies regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced digital marketer.

So let me ask you this…

How Do You Know What To Study?

All of us, as entrepreneurs, as business owners… we are continually educating, we are continually learning new things, we’re continually discovering new things, through trial and error of just simply taking action ourselves.

We’re discovering every day that we take action, whether we discover something that works, whether do we discover something that doesn’t work, whether we are learning from a product that we purchased, whether we’re learning from a mentor that we’ve invested in, whether we are learning from our peers, whether we are learning from our competition, whether we are learning from the audios or podcasts or books.

Whatever medium it’s coming to you in, we are always learning and always evolving. And so you should be. But you shouldn’t try and learn everything, right? And…

This Is A Mistake That People Make All The Time

I’ve done it. I remember there was this one time a couple years ago. I don’t regret this decision actually. But just to emphasise a point; I was thinking to myself, “Oh my gosh, I do not know enough stuff!”

At that stage, my business was already doing incredibly well. I’d already generated millions in dollars in sales when I had this thought. This is only like two years ago.

And so, what it stemmed from was… I just converted a double garage into a home office and video studio in our new home that we moved into two and a half years ago.

Now I had a bookshelf in there, and it stood with about four books on it. And I was like,

“I Do Not Know Enough Stuff!”

…“I have not bought enough books in my life!”

So I went to Amazon and I literally ordered about 50… like, hundreds of dollars worth of books. All the so-called great books, you know. Ask anyone what are the top 20 best books and these were the top ones…

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Business Task Management: How To Manage Multiple Business Projects

Somebody said to me recently, how is it we’re juggling so many projects? How is it we’re able to manage it?

I want to give a bit of advice on that and just share how we do that. The question ultimately being, how do we manage… how are we now managing so many projects and getting so much done in, essentially now, a shorter period of time?

Here’s The Truth, Here’s The Reality…

And I’ve spoke about it in the past. It’s only recently, in the last few months, that we’ve actually been able to do that. That we’ve actually been able to manage multiple projects, have multiple things going on, and everything being executed now in a timely manner.

Over the last year… before the last few months… and I’ll tell you what’s changed recently, because there’s a few things… Over the last few months we had lots and lots of projects going on, but nothing getting done.

We Were Actually In A Bit Of A Bad Situation

…in the company in all honesty, where we have too much going on we couldn’t get any of them done, and we were just falling behind continually.

We actually were letting customers down, we were letting our Certified Partners down, we were letting our clients down – our coaching clients. Not drastically, to the point where we were causing them harm, but just… because I’d announced a lot of new things were going to be happening and nothing was able to get done in a timely manner.

Business Task Management – 2 Big Changes

There were two main things that had to change to allow us to, a) actually be able to manage having many projects going on, and b) how to execute things and manage things in a timely manner.

So here’s the two things that had to change…

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A Different Way To Build An Audience On Facebook

Today we’re going to be talking about an unusual way to build an audience on Facebook. I’m just going to focus in on one thing we’ve just been talking about – different ways, different campaigns, and different things that we can do to…

Build An Audience On Facebook

…and create anticipation, create curiosity around a launch that we’ve got coming up later this month, called Quick Start Challenge.

If you’ve been following along with The Drive, you’ll know that there’s several projects that are going on right now. Which is why some days you’ll tune in and I’ll be talking about The Perfect Offer, which is a brand new funnel and product we’ve created, that we’re just in the testing phase of… driving traffic to, optimising the funnel, before we open it up to our Certified Partners who can then use that in their businesses.

In addition to that, we’ve also got the Quick Start Challenge launch coming up. I could actually reel off tons of stuff.

We’ve Got A Brand New Members Area

…brand new certification program, we’ve got so many projects.

But the awesome thing is, is that I’ve now built the foundation in the company to facilitate being able to manage multiple projects and have them come to fruition fast, y’know – executing fast!

And so what I guess I want to really talk about here, which is one of the things that we were just focused on in our conversation before I hit record, was

Using A Chat Bot With Facebook Ads

If you don’t know what that means, a chat bot is essentially – you can set up a particular software (I think there’s a few different things out there right now) but the one that we particularly were just discussing was a software called ManyChat…

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Accountability In Your Small Business Or Online Home Business

I want to talk about a topic that some online home business owners will like, and some will not. Some people may disagree with, some people may like what I’m about to say.

But what I’m about to say is based off of what I have witnessed over the last few months.

And this isn’t to directly call out any individual personally, but actually an observation.

Now, when you are building a small business online, or when you have an online home business, each week or each day that passes, if you are not moving your business forward then ultimately you’re going backwards.

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as staying still – me personally – I believe…

You Are Either Moving Forwards Or You’re Going Backwards

Now I believe that having some accountability for yourself assists you in a positive way to keep you on track.

But here’s my topic of the day, that I want to just mention… is how different people react differently to accountability. And I’ll tell you where this is coming from…

Going back two or three months, I started in our private community group that we have just for our Certified Partners at Internet Profits (which is from our Partner Program). I do this daily broadcast that I call the Daily Dean inside of our group.

So Every Day, I Go On Facebook Live

…and I share something, or talk about a topic, or share something that’s working, or show them something that I’m doing. And one of the things I do every Monday is, I actually have an accountability session, where basically I ask people to leave their statement of intent for this week.

Meaning every Monday, they get to turn up to my live broadcast and and make a statement about what it is that they’re doing in their business and why they’re going to accomplish those things that week.

So it’s essentially, on Mondays, I say…

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How To Plan And Get More Done In Your Business

I want to talk about how to plan or how to get more done this week in your business, or in any area of life actually.

Not just even in business; in your personal life, in your in your job if you have a job, in your business if you’re running a business, or how to have to get more done in your spare time for your business if you still have a full-time job.

Take me yesterday, for example right. On Sundays I generally try and relax and chill out and don’t really do a great deal of stuff. Just kind of relax.

But once it gets to Sunday afternoon, my mind naturally starts shifting to thinking about the week ahead. Like, what have we got to do? What what do we need to make sure we get done this week? Y’know, what projects? Where are we at in the projects? What is happening? Where is everything at?

And So What I Tend To Do Is…

…On Sunday, I make sure that everything for the week ahead is clear in my own mind and planned out. This is, I would probably say, even more important if you still have a job, and you’re juggling and balancing your personal life, your your job that currently pays the bills, and your desire to start a business.

The reason for that being is, that you obviously have less time, you’ve got so many other commitments in your life that tear you away from growing a business to lead to that end goal you’re ultimately looking for.

So It’s Even More Important For You

…that you’re really clear on what time you have to put into your business and what you’re going to get done during that time. And obviously then, when you transition to having your business and you’re doing that full-time, then you’ve got more hours to play with.

Right now, for example, it’s just past 8:30 in the morning. I know that I’ll probably be at the office till 5pm or 6pm today and probably for most of the week, if not later. Because we’ve got five days to really get a tremendous amount of stuff done, as some staff holidays are coming up.

Here’s ultimately how to have the best week that you possibly can, and…

How To Get The Most Done That You Possibly Can

…Not to wait until the day, to figure out what needs doing that day, okay?

I truly believe that a successful day and a successful week comes by…

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Understanding If You’ve Got Your Marketing Message Right

Here’s the big thing which is what I’ll talk about today – is understanding if you’ve got your marketing message correct.

This is one of the things I’ve realised – and I may have mentioned this briefly before – but…

Have You Got Your Marketing Message Right?

Because one of the things we realised with our offer is, I just don’t think we’ve got it right now.

Now I haven’t had enough traffic to it yet to make a hundred percent judgement on that, but I’ve just got an inclination.

I believe that in life and business that gut instinct counts for a lot. And I’ve always found that in life, whenever I’ve gone against what I felt in my gut – sometimes it takes a long time to realise – but…

I Always Realise That My Gut Was Right Eventually

So nowadays, I tend to trust my gut much sooner. If I feel something in my gut that… my instinct is telling me this isn’t right… or this isn’t working… or I’ve got this wrong, then I’ll tend to start looking to move away and do it differently. Or I’ll make a change or shift it, whatever the instance may be.

And so you’ve got to think about that marketing message and who you’re actually speaking to, and…

What The End Goal Is

…like, what is the goal? And here’s a big way to help with that.

A lot of people, when they start something online…

They’ll Begin From The Front Point

What I mean by that is, for example, let’s take us for example. Right now we have many products that range in price, from entry level products through to products that go into the multi-five figures – tens of thousands of dollars.

Now obviously, the best help we can give somebody is when they invest in the higher level stuff, like at five thousand, ten thousand dollar plus programs. That’s where we can deliver the maximum value and help to somebody.

So that’s ultimately what we need to work people towards. Because not only is that where we can give the maximum help, it’s also…

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Copywriting: When It Comes To Writing Sales Copy – Bullet Points!

So… what are we doing today?… Let me update you on what’s going on in the world of Internet Profits.

I’ll be finishing up writing sales copy today for another product that we’re actually launching next month, called “The Quick Start Challenge”.

It’s a 30 day coaching program that we do every year, that essentially is to teach people in a 30 day period to get started online, start building their email list, start driving traffic, and start obviously monetizing all of that process by making affiliate commissions.

I’ve wrote version one of the copy. Just got a few bullet points to add in there. Actually, speaking of which, when I say a few bullet points, I’m actually going to stack the bullet points, as many as I possibly can. Obviously all factually true and correct, about what’s actually included, what people are getting.

And here’s just to focus in on copywriting for you today, in today’s post.

When It Comes To Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells…

…one thing that I learned is that; when it equates to bullet points, when for example I would be saying, in week one – this is what it’s about, here’s some of what you can expect to discover – and I start listing some bullet points.

Well sometimes people would… sometimes I see people, in their sales copy, they just put like a couple of bullet points and they think that’s it. So then they just move on to the next part of the sales copy.

But Here’s The Truth…

One thing but I’ve learned before, is that people equate bullets, bullet points, to something they’re actually receiving.

So if I said to you, ‘here’s what you’re going to discover – how to drive traffic without ever… or how to get thousands of visitors without driving any traffic for yourself’. Then you would equate that to receiving or discovering one thing.

Now if I was to then list another two bullet points…

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