Grow Business Online – How To Grow Your Online Business

Grow Business Online

How to grow business online is the subject of Dean’s message today…

“So I ended up in a concert in Birmingham, England last night, with Robyn my fiancee. Just before that I tried to eat a 10 pound food challenge, which didn’t necessarily end so well!

But being at the concert made me think about something in business, and I was reminded of this recently when I was flying from UK to the US in business class.

And I want to share this lesson with you, because this is a way that you can definitely, definitely add a significant percentage of profits to your business. In some cases…

Double, Triple Or More, The Revenue You’re Making

…every single year online.

Good morning welcome to a bit of a different setting for The Drive. I’m actually here in the office. Not gonna lie. Reason being, I forgot the camera last night when I left. So I didn’t have it to do The Drive when I left this morning. So…

Welcome To Internet Profits HQ

You can take a look behind me, and see what’s going on behind us here.

Dean Holland at Internet Profits HQ

So yeah last night, yesterday, I left the office around about 3:00 in the afternoon because my mom had actually purchased me and my fiance some tickets for my birthday (which was back in September) to go to a concert in Birmingham, England.

Actually took us about three hours to get there, because the traffic was really bad. So when we arrived, we hadn’t had any dinner. And so before the concert began, we decided to go for some food. We went to a smokehouse which did meats like, y’know, ribs and brisket and pastrami and loads of different meats.

We get in there and – I love food! If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ll know that…

I Love Food!

Dean Holland - The Drive Episode 113And there was this “plate”. There was this meal on the menu, and it was basically called a mixed grill smoked plate. And it had all this food on it, and I’m like, “That sounds good! I get to try different things.”

And so Robyn my fiancee, she placed her order. She was having, like, a burger, and I’d ordered this big plate, this mixed grill. And the waitress actually turned to me at the time. She was like…

“You Guys Haven’t Been Here Before, Have You?”

I was like, “No, first time.” She says, “Well, the burger you’ve ordered is huge. Like it literally comes like this…” (Stacked high.) And Robyn was like, “Oh well, I’ll still have the burger anyway, even if I can’t eat it. I want the burger.”

Then the waitress is like, “And your mixed grill that you’ve ordered, that’s a plate for three to four people. It is like nine pounds of food.” So I’m like, “Well, I’m kind of in a rush here. I’ve already chosen. I haven’t got time to go back through the menu. I’ve got a concert to get to. I’ll just stick with what I’ve got. I can eat what I can, and we’ll do that.”

The waitress said, “Well it’s gonna be a challenge!”…

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How To Build A Successful Business – Karate Kid Wax-On, Wax-Off Lesson

How To Build A Successful Business

Lesson on how to build a successful business from Mr Miyagi in The Karate Kid. Waxing the car, painting the fence, sanding the deck. It’s all like building a successful business really.

Good morning! Welcome to The Drive. What a strange morning.

How To Build A Successful Business - Dean Holland

I’m looking in front of me and I can see the moon. It’s like a faint moon in the sky right there. And behind me is the Sun, what a strange thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

Anyway… It is the start of another week. We’re on the way to Internet Profits HQ, here in the UK.

This weekend I happened to turn on the TV (I don’t watch a lot of television, to be honest). Sat down, turned on the TV, was just about to eat some food… and…

One Of My Favorite Movies Of All Time

…(in the top 10 at least, I’m sure) was on. And it was The Karate Kid.

The original Karate Kid, right? There should be only one Karate Kid… with Daniel LaRusso and Mr Miyagi. And, y’know, it made me think of, when you’re doing new things, like, in your business.

When You’re First Starting Your Business…

…for example, and you’re having to learn all this new stuff that you’ve never heard of before. And it’s like, “What on earth is it?” or “How des it all connect?” “How does this, work with with this – how does it do it?”

At all different stages of your business, you’re going to go through those moments where you, like, y’know, “Ah, I just bought Infusionsoft, a CRM system – how does all this work?” And it’s all…

New Information Going Into Your Head

How To Build A Successful Business - The Drive E110And it was kind of like when when The Karate Kid was was being taught by Mr Miyagi. He made a deal with him – he’s like, “I will train you to do karate to defend yourself, for the the tournament, and your part of the deal is… you will listen to everything I say, and you’ll do what I say, without any questions.”

He’s like, “Yes”, Daniel-san agrees. And then he turns up the next morning to start his karate lessons, what Daniel-san thinks is obviously going to be how to throw a punch, how to kick, how to a block, how to defend.

And the first thing Mr Miyagi has him do is wax the car, and he teaches the famous thing,

“Wax On, Wax Off”

And he’s like, “Okay”. Just thinks it’s a chore he’s getting him to do, in exchange for payment of training him.

Then the next day, he teaches him to sand the deck.He’s like, “Okay this is like, sand, sand.” (circular motion of hands). Next day turns up, “Paint the fence.” Next time turns up, “Paint the house (side to side)”

And he gets angry at this point, right? He’s like really frustrated. Mr Miyagi comes back from fishing and he says, “What the hell’s going on? You’ve been fishing all day!

“You Said You’d Teach Me Karate – You Ain’t Taught Me Nothing!”

He’s really peed off about it, “You’ve taught me nothing, all you’ve had me do is be your slave for the last week.”

How To Build A Successful Business - Internet ProfitsAnd then he’s about to storm off and Mr Miyagi calls him back and throws a punch at him.

And y’know, he’s like Wax On. Boom! Blocks the punch! Right? You probably know the story.

But the moral of it ultimately is…

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Ways To Make Money Online – The Four Core Components

Ways To Make Money Online

Making money online doesn’t have to be as hard as what a lot of people make it.

There is an easier way for somebody brand-new, to start making commissions and start earning money on the internet. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Good morning welcome to another episode of The Drive. It’s Dean here of course. Just heading direct to Internet Profits HQ to finish the week strong – it is Friday of course.

Let Me Just Take You Back To 2004

I discovered, whilst working a seemingly poor paying bar job in a pub here in England, literally working six days a week, very unsociable hours on very, very little pay.

That lead me to go in search for; how could I make more money…

Ways To Make Money Online

And obviously this whole journey of discovery into making money online, and online marketing began.

And geez, talk about getting sucked down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland! I went down that that rabbit hole and a whole new world opened up to me. And that world was exciting…

That World Gave Me A Buzz

I saw such potential… I felt hope… I saw the prospect, the opportunity, of a financial freedom… of becoming more than what I was… of living more than what I was living.

Having more of everything, like more money, more freedom, more time.

And It Didn’t Happen

I lost over and over again. Until 2008 landed and I was literally on the brink of having to give it up… Not through choice, but through lack of options. I had no other resources left, so it seemed.

Sixty plus thousand dollars in debt, five credit cards, all but one maxed out (had about a thousand dollars left on it). I was living back at my mom’s house. I was in my mid-20s.

I had two bank loans that I’d taken out over the course of those years. One to clear the credit cards (then I used them all again!) And then one just to give me some extra money, and then I went and spent it all again.

And So I Was Living This Lie…

Because nobody in my life knew I had these debts, because I was afraid, I was so ashamed, I was scared. And I didn’t know really what to do.

Then October turned around and I ended up going to an internet marketing seminar for the first ever time. Met a few people. Saw some people that were living like I wanted to live.

Met Some Real Internet Marketers – Successful People

And with one of them, I used my last bit of money on the credit card to actually join his coaching program. Got him as a mentor, and started attending these weekly live calls, learning, studying, applying everything he taught me.

And over the weeks and the months ahead, I started to make money and I started to turn things around.

Nine Months Later I Quit My Job

…which was at a construction company by this point. And the following year made over half a million dollars in sales from one website.

But it was a long, long journey. Was it worth it? You bet it was!!

Now my life is unrecognizable to them. But still, this industry is plagued by the large majority of people that cannot make it work, that cannot make money, that cannot succeed.

And if I look back as to why I couldn’t succeed… well there were many reasons. But I’m gonna just pinpoint one key reason right now…

I Was Trying So Many Different Ways To Make Money Online

I’m not talking about things that worked well together… I mean completely different business approaches – completely different business models!

And now I can pinpoint some key steps, so that…

If You Focus On These Steps, You Will Make Money

And so here’s what it is…

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This Split Test Kicked Ass And Exploded Conversions

Kick Ass Split Test That Exploded Conversions

So I just listened to a message on Voxer from a friend of mine in Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle, and it completely sparked off a memory of a…

Killer Kick-Ass Split Test

…that we ran in the past that exploded conversions – that’s what I want to share with you.

Good morning welcome to another episode of The Drive. It’s Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ.

It has now turned frosty here in the UK. It is that time of year. It is getting real cold. Except I only ever wear these black t-shirts!

I need to start kitting out for winter. So you might see me soon in maybe like a sweatshirt or something, who knows? Might just go crazy on you guys.

So, split testing. Probably…

One Of The Most Under-Utilised Things For Most Marketers

Not that they’ll tell you that. But probably true.

Far too many people don’t split test. Or if they do, they probably do it one time and then that’s it. But it’s one of the most valuable things you can actually do, right?

If you are sending traffic to a page and you are not split testing to optimise it continually for maximum conversions, you’re crazy!

So, as I said in the intro, I just had a Vox this morning from somebody, and they were actually in the USA, so obviously American accent. And they basically said to me like,

“Oh My Gosh, Your Accent Is Insane…”

“Our members would go nuts for your accent.” Something like that.

But anyway, basically talking about accents. And I’m like, “Well, I don’t have an accent. YOU have an accent.”

And it just reminded me, and I’m like, “Oh, that split test we did, and how much it beat it.”

So obviously I’m from the UK, alright? I am English. This is my accent – I have an English or British accent. But there was a split test that we did and I thought…

I Wonder If My Accent Is Lowering Conversions?

This was something, actually for a long time, I never even thought about. Because this was just me. I’m doing my own videos. I’m doing my own presentations, own sales videos. Why would I do anything else?

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Do Your Actions Match What You Say You Desire?

Do Your Actions Match Your Message

There’s no doubt some people are going to disagree with me on this one. Some people are not going to like the message.

But as I’ve said in the past, those that usually don’t like these things… they need to hear it for the most.

Good morning! Welcome to another episode of The Drive. What a different start to the day it’s been. I am late to the office today. Had a punctured tire and basically had to go and get it replaced, but I was in there forever!

Anyway the message of today… what I want to talk about today is…

Do Your Actions Match Your Message?

Let me tell you what I’m talking about here. Are the actions that you’re taking helping you or hindering you? Helping you or harming you? Do your actions match what you say you desire?

There’s a lot of people in the world that say they want to get in better shape. Yet they won’t go to the gym, or they won’t work out.

There are a lot of people that aren’t happy with their weight, yet they keep piling junk food into their body.

There are a lot of people that want to excel in business. Yet they stay in bed late, they sit watching TV at night instead of putting those precious hours into their business, right?

A lot of people are stuck in situations. And instead of doing what it takes, they don’t change their their routines, they don’t change themselves.

And what I know to be true in life ultimately… and you should hopefully agree with this if you really think about it… Changing patterns, changing our behaviours…

It Can Literally Be Done Instantly

…like, immediately, we can change.

This kind of goes against what we believe to be true. Because if we change, or if we accept that we can change immediately… it’s almost like saying well that problem doesn’t exist.

But really… here’s what I want you to think about….

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What If Money Was No Object? How To Design Your Life

What If Money Was No Object

Imagine for just one second that money was no issue… what if money was no object? How would your life look?

That’s what I want to talk about in today’s Drive.

Good morning. Welcome to another episode of The Drive. So we are just on the way to Internet Profits HQ. Only a few minutes down the road actually.

Today will be a short Drive, but something I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun with.

You see, a lot of us, we put restraints on ourselves based on a circumstance. And a lot of people actually let ‘life happen to them’, rather than ‘happening to life’.

So I want you to have a good thing today, right.

If Money Were No Object - Dean HollandHere’s A Fun Exercise For You…

I want you to go back to like being a kid again.

What happens when you’re a kid (if you’ve got children, you know this) you have this incredible imagination, where you can literally entertain yourself for hours on end, with your imagination alone, playing around.

But what happens is, as we get older, these parts of our brain start to close off, because you start to understand ‘reality’ and you start to really shut things off.

And as we get older and older we become almost, many of us… many people… can become a victim of circumstance… Like, “Oh, I don’t earn enough, because my job sucks, and I’m struggling, and this. and that.” And…

We Become A Victim Of Circumstance

Well I want to reverse this… I want to turn this around.

Because with your business, if you change your mind… you can change your life.

So I want you to get yourself fired up again. I want you to…

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How To Achieve Your Business Goals And Objectives In The Next 60 Days

Business Goals

Discover how to set and reach your business goals and objectives over the next 60 days, using the following principles and tips from Dean Holland:

“Today I’m gonna talk about how to absolutely annihilate your business goals and your results in the next 60 days… so let’s do this!

How to Achieve Business Goals and ObjectivesGood morning welcome to this edition of The Drive. I want to just quickly give a few tips on how to accomplish more in the next 60 days, than you possibly have in the previous 60 days / hundred days / or months previously before now.

This is the process that we actually went through last week.

I decided to set what I called the obnoxiously ambitious business goal for the next 60 days.

I Set This Huge, Huge Business Goal…

A target above what we’ve achieved in that same period of time, ever in the history of the company.

So I set this really high business goal. And when you set yourself an income target, especially one that’s significant, then it forces you to think differently.

Because a lot of us are… what a friend and my first mentor used to say to me, is…

The Concept Of Being A “Busy Fool”

How To Set And Reach Your Business GoalsIt’s like you can be busy… but in the wrong areas. And you can feel like you’re busy, but really you’re being a busy fool because you’re not focused on the right things.

It comes back to the 80/20 principle, right? The 80/20 principle dictates that 80% of your results will come from 20 percent of your actions. And so this is what setting this huge target has done for me.

It Makes You… It Forces You…

…to figure out what those 20 percent of your activities are. Where are the large amount of your results coming from. And what is it that you’re doing in those 20 percent, that produces the 80 percent of the results.

Because if you can actually shift to spending 80 percent of your time on the 20 percent that produces the results, then you’re naturally going to shift your focus onto income-producing activities, results orientated activities.

And therefore you’re going to enable yourself to produce the results in a shorter period of time, therefore enabling you to get bigger results over the next 60 days. So…

Here’s What You Need To Sit Down And Do…

First of all…

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