Growth Of Business – What Happens When You’re Not Prepared For It

Are you properly prepared and ready for your growth of business?

Here’s Dean Holland’s confession of when he wasn’t prepared for the massive, sudden growth of his business, how he got Internet Profits back on track, and the surprising lesson he’s just now learned after recently looking back on his past mistakes, which he shares with us today…

“Something Rather Special…

…rather unexpected, and rather humbling, and just amazing – mind-blowing – happened yesterday.

I speak a lot on these posts about what it is we’re working on… Like, we’ve got this new product that we’re testing and optimising, we’ve got this new funnel, we’ve got this, we’ve got that.

But I don’t get the opportunity obviously, to share everything that’s happening.

And one of the things is, about six or eight months ago we started this this phase of the company where I began to develop and renovate brand new offices for the company in the UK here.

And a few months back we moved into those offices.

Just Incredible…

…offices, if you’ve seen them on my social media at all, that we’ve built. I’ve gone for this amazing atmosphere for the team, and have now got this amazing team that all work together.

But one of the things is, that took place during this time… Is that I pumped so much into the growth of business, so much of my funds into the business to do what we’ve been doing.

And at the same time, while that was happening, we were also…

Going Through A Growth Of Business Transitional Phase…

…where we wanted really to change our products, change our messaging and, in doing so, change who we attracted into the business – change the type of customer we appeal to.

I won’t go into the reasoning behind that today, but essentially what it meant was, outgoings went through the roof, income was declining because of all of this, and I went through… well, for the last last 12 or 18 months we’ve been slowly doing that, but what happened is…

Before I built this office, and before I built the team, we went through a huge growth of business stage. We literally went from like…

$100K A Month To Over $300K A Month, In 2 Months Or So!

And we just weren’t prepared….

Continue reading here: Growth Of Business

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