Building Online Business From Scratch – You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Are you thinking of building an online business from scratch? There’s actually very little you need to know at each stage. A lot less than you may think in fact.

You know, what I was just thinking about is how, as humans, we tend to want to learn everything about something.

If I look back to certain times in my life and certain times in my business, I realize…

One Of My Mistakes Building An Online Business From Scratch

Was trying to know it all – to try and learn everything there is about something.

And what I realize now years on, where my business is at today, is you don’t need to know everything for where you’re at right now. You just need to know enough to start or continue building online business from scratch.

So Let Me Give You An Example Of This…

Let’s just say, “I like pizza” okay. So I could buy a pizza, eat that pizza and enjoy it. Do I need to know how to make the dough? No, right? I just needed to know that I liked pizza in that instance.

Now that’s not the greatest example. So let me think of a few more.

Let’s just say, how many times did you walk into your bedroom late at night – you’re going to bed but you’ve shut off all the lights – it’s dark, so you flick on the light when you walk in the room.

So you can see and now the lights come on, right? You can see now this just happens naturally, right?

You Walk Into A Dark Room, You Flick On The Light

Do you need to understand how electricity works?

Do you need to understand how that electricity is in that room? How when you flick that switch the whole thing’s working? How that electricity is being delivered to your property?

No, you just know that ‘I want the lights to come on’ – I flick that switch and that’s it, right? All you needed to know was how to flick that switch, how to turn on that light. You didn’t need to know anything else.

So when you think about things in that way, if your business right now is at ground zero – meaning you’re not making any money each month – all you need to do is…

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