Best Digital Marketing Books For Beginners, Or For Any Level

Got something I’ve been thinking about since yesterday actually, about the best digital marketing books for beginners, and specifically for you.

I thought this would be a really, really helpful topic for many of you reading this.

And this applies regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced digital marketer.

So let me ask you this…

How Do You Know What To Study?

All of us, as entrepreneurs, as business owners… we are continually educating, we are continually learning new things, we’re continually discovering new things, through trial and error of just simply taking action ourselves.

We’re discovering every day that we take action, whether we discover something that works, whether do we discover something that doesn’t work, whether we are learning from a product that we purchased, whether we’re learning from a mentor that we’ve invested in, whether we are learning from our peers, whether we are learning from our competition, whether we are learning from the audios or podcasts or books.

Whatever medium it’s coming to you in, we are always learning and always evolving. And so you should be. But you shouldn’t try and learn everything, right? And…

This Is A Mistake That People Make All The Time

I’ve done it. I remember there was this one time a couple years ago. I don’t regret this decision actually. But just to emphasise a point; I was thinking to myself, “Oh my gosh, I do not know enough stuff!”

At that stage, my business was already doing incredibly well. I’d already generated millions in dollars in sales when I had this thought. This is only like two years ago.

And so, what it stemmed from was… I just converted a double garage into a home office and video studio in our new home that we moved into two and a half years ago.

Now I had a bookshelf in there, and it stood with about four books on it. And I was like,

“I Do Not Know Enough Stuff!”

…“I have not bought enough books in my life!”

So I went to Amazon and I literally ordered about 50… like, hundreds of dollars worth of books. All the so-called great books, you know. Ask anyone what are the top 20 best books and these were the top ones…

Continue reading here: Best Digital Marketing Books For Beginners

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