A Different Way To Build An Audience On Facebook

Today we’re going to be talking about an unusual way to build an audience on Facebook. I’m just going to focus in on one thing we’ve just been talking about – different ways, different campaigns, and different things that we can do to…

Build An Audience On Facebook

…and create anticipation, create curiosity around a launch that we’ve got coming up later this month, called Quick Start Challenge.

If you’ve been following along with The Drive, you’ll know that there’s several projects that are going on right now. Which is why some days you’ll tune in and I’ll be talking about The Perfect Offer, which is a brand new funnel and product we’ve created, that we’re just in the testing phase of… driving traffic to, optimising the funnel, before we open it up to our Certified Partners who can then use that in their businesses.

In addition to that, we’ve also got the Quick Start Challenge launch coming up. I could actually reel off tons of stuff.

We’ve Got A Brand New Members Area

…brand new certification program, we’ve got so many projects.

But the awesome thing is, is that I’ve now built the foundation in the company to facilitate being able to manage multiple projects and have them come to fruition fast, y’know – executing fast!

And so what I guess I want to really talk about here, which is one of the things that we were just focused on in our conversation before I hit record, was

Using A Chat Bot With Facebook Ads

If you don’t know what that means, a chat bot is essentially – you can set up a particular software (I think there’s a few different things out there right now) but the one that we particularly were just discussing was a software called ManyChat…

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