Copywriting: When It Comes To Writing Sales Copy – Bullet Points!

So… what are we doing today?… Let me update you on what’s going on in the world of Internet Profits.

I’ll be finishing up writing sales copy today for another product that we’re actually launching next month, called “The Quick Start Challenge”.

It’s a 30 day coaching program that we do every year, that essentially is to teach people in a 30 day period to get started online, start building their email list, start driving traffic, and start obviously monetizing all of that process by making affiliate commissions.

I’ve wrote version one of the copy. Just got a few bullet points to add in there. Actually, speaking of which, when I say a few bullet points, I’m actually going to stack the bullet points, as many as I possibly can. Obviously all factually true and correct, about what’s actually included, what people are getting.

And here’s just to focus in on copywriting for you today, in today’s post.

When It Comes To Writing Good Sales Copy That Sells…

…one thing that I learned is that; when it equates to bullet points, when for example I would be saying, in week one – this is what it’s about, here’s some of what you can expect to discover – and I start listing some bullet points.

Well sometimes people would… sometimes I see people, in their sales copy, they just put like a couple of bullet points and they think that’s it. So then they just move on to the next part of the sales copy.

But Here’s The Truth…

One thing but I’ve learned before, is that people equate bullets, bullet points, to something they’re actually receiving.

So if I said to you, ‘here’s what you’re going to discover – how to drive traffic without ever… or how to get thousands of visitors without driving any traffic for yourself’. Then you would equate that to receiving or discovering one thing.

Now if I was to then list another two bullet points…

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