Testing Facebook Traffic With Facebook Live Ads

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we are in the in the trenches right now…

Testing Our New Sales Funnel

…which is for an offer called, “The Perfect Offer”. This is basically a 60 to 65 minute training loaded onto a USB stick, and it goes out with some awesome bonuses, in an amazing package and all that good stuff.

We had a bit of a delay. I don’t if I mentioned this on previous episodes in the last day or so. But we had some delays because I did my first Facebook ad which actually was a video, well actually was a Facebook Live. So I did a Facebook Live talking about…

The Only Three Ways To Grow A Business, Which Are:

  • Get more customers.
  • Sell more to your customers at the point of sale.
  • Generate repeat custom, so bring your customers back at some future date to buy more product.

And so I did a Facebook Live about that. And then at the end, there was a call to action to grab a copy of The Perfect Offer. So it was a way of leading people into that sales funnel. And then I basically set up a Facebook Ad promoting that Facebook Live.

Now the problem was – whatever it is – I don’t really know what it was – they haven’t told me at this stage… But there was…

Something That Triggered An Automatic Disapproval

…because it just happened literally within a couple of minutes – so there’s no way it was a manual thing.

So I appealed it. I’d set up four different ads through Facebook, all promoting the same video ad, but targeting different people and different placements – so y’know, mobile and desktop with different targeting options – and got disapproved.

And that happened (I probably have mentioned this on a Drive) on Friday was it? Thursday or Friday of last week.

The Crap Thing Was…

…it actually took Facebook four days to get back to me from my appeal. I appealed it straight away, because I was certain there wasn’t anything wrong. Then it took them four days, until yesterday afternoon to get back to me. And as suspected (or as hoped, should I say) they basically did a manual verification and they confirmed that it wasn’t against their policy.

So my ads went active yesterday afternoon and now the ad is…

Continue reading here: Testing Facebook Traffic With Facebook Live Ads

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