Conquering Fear And Pulling The Trigger In Your Business

Many people far too often fear what may happen, what may or may not happen. For example, creating your first video and putting online of yourself.

People fear judgement. People fear getting it wrong. People fear looking stupid. All these different fears.

Setting up your first paid advertisement online, such as doing a Facebook ad or a YouTube ad for the very first time.

People Fear Getting It Wrong, So They Don’t Pull The Trigger

So all the different areas of your business, you know, I can categorically say without any doubt, that any time I felt uncomfortable in my business, any time I’ve been doing something, or pushing myself outside of that comfort zone – which is like the zone in which you feel okay doing everything – any time you try and step outside of that, and things start to feel scary, things start to feel awkward, things start to feel uncomfortable for you…

Those moments there. And every single time I felt like that and have had the strength to push myself, I’ve always experienced new levels of success in my business.

Putting myself out there on video for the very first time, I was scared, I was under-confident, I was mumbling. In fact my very first video, which was in 2009, that I published online, I didn’t have a camera, I didn’t have anything that would produce a quality video.

The one thing that I could find to use was actually a camera that took photos, that really wasn’t made for recording at all.

This is in 2009, before technology had advanced significantly to where it is today. And so my first video online was blurry, you couldn’t really tell it was me…

I Was Scared!

So I was very robotic and rigid in what I was saying. I didn’t have any personality, I was kind of monotone, I was very boring in tone. But I put it out there because a mentor of mine, my very first mentor, stressed to me the importance of…

…In an industry online such as this, an internet-based industry, when there’s so many people behind the computer, it’s so important that you show people that you’re a real person.

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