Hitting Rock Bottom – Oops I Did Again Today!

Bit of a story to share here. If you can see through the through the camera here, I’m actually just leaving the garage (gas station) where I’ve just been getting some fuel for my car this morning.

I just actually had to have my fiancé follow me to the garage because stupidly I arrived home last night, and my car’s one of those cars that’ll tell you how many more miles you’ve got left and fuel in the tank.

And I am just pulling up on my driveway after coming home from the office yesterday evening, glanced down and it says one mile left.

There is literally nothing – there’s this blue bar that shows how much fuel is left and it had gone through the red line and it was non-existent – it was gone! It said I had one mile left, and the nearest station here to get fuel is like probably four/five miles. So I just had to basically drive to get fuel on…

Pure Fumes, Goodwill And Good Luck

But obviously there’s a good twist to the story. I made it! And this is actually what I want to talk about. You know what it just reminded me of? As I was doing this Drive, and I’m literally willing myself to make it. I’m hoping, you know, please make it! Please don’t break down! I’ve got a lot to do today, please don’t break down!

And you know what it just reminded me of? It reminded me of when I was in the first few years of starting my online business.

And I’ve come to see since, having been in this industry for more than a decade now, that what I did is actually kind of what happens to a lot of people. And so I want to address that. I want to talk about it….

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