How To Deal With Overwhelm When Starting An Online Business

Something else I want to share with you. I was reading somebody’s posts on Facebook yesterday and…

They Were Talking About Information Overload

…and how they’ve consumed so much information. They were talking about how so much information is conflicting. One person will tell you one thing in the right way to do it, and then someone else will tell you that that’s the wrong way and their way is the right way.

They’ve basically been trying for years, which is pretty common in this industry unfortunately, they’ve been trying for years and they just they feel worse off right now than they did two years ago, because of information overload and conflicting content, conflicting information, and having to deal with overwhelm.

And here’s the thing with that;

I Went Through Exactly The Same

When I first began in 2004, I did the exact same thing between 2004 and 2008. All I did was buy and consume information, and try and implement some of what I was buying. And I failed miserably. I got into over $60,000 of debt and just was so lost, so frustrated.

The truth is that each of us individually needs to basically stand up and take responsibility for what it is we’re allowing ourselves to consume. Every time you buy a product, you choose to buy that product. Every time you consume a product, a video course, a book, a blog post – you choose to consume that content.

So if you are continually a consumer of content, and lack focus, and lack commitment to implementing one main thing and sticking at one thing, then you’re really causing that yourself. And yes, knowledge is power. Yes, it is well said that the more you learn, the more you earn…

But I Would State Something More Important…

…that the more you focus, the more you commit to one thing and making it work the faster you progress, and the more your business and your income is going to grow.

So this is what I challenge you today…

Continue reading here: How To Deal With Overwhelm

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