How We Sell Our High Ticket Products To Our Customers

I’ve got some awesome plans today. Really looking forward to today. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about how we’ve been basically building a new sales funnel.

Then in the last few days, you have known that I’ve been speaking about actually working on the back end customer campaign. So what happens once we get a customer. What is our ascension plan to take people up.

Basically today, or for the last couple of days I’ve really been focused in on this, mapping out what happens. And what we’ve come to the conclusion is, I think initially we’re building four campaigns within the customer campaign.

So what I mean by that is, we’ve mapped out what our next goal is. After we get a customer, and they flow through the initial front-end sales funnel, and we’ve acquired that customer, and we’ve maximized revenue at the point-of-sale.

Then into our back-end campaign, our next plan is to basically ascend those people into our Internet Profits Certification.

What that means is, they will get Certified and then basically get the right to use all of my company’s sales funnels, offers, sales pages, and marketing systems, follow-up campaigns and sales team; all of that stuff as a Certified Partner.

They Get To Leverage My Entire Company To Build Their Business…

…earning high ticket commissions of up to $3,000 as a Certified Partner.

So after we’ve acquired a customer what’s the next plan? We want to filter out all who’s interested in that, and who would like to actually apply, to discuss joining that with us. Which is actually currently a two thousand dollar product / opportunity. I think we’re actually going to raise that to two and a half thousand dollars – I’ve got ideas of raising that, so we can actually do a bit more for the customer.

But anyway, so now we know what that next plan is. So we’ve got the customer acquisition plan, we know how we’re maximizing revenue at the point of sale. Now we know how we’re about start sending them. So that being the goal, what we’ve now done is mapped out, well…

How Do We Generate Applications For, And Sales For The Certification?

So how do we get interested parties to come forward for that Certification? Now, the way in which we actually do things is, we’ve got a…

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