Being An Entrepreneur, Are You Forgetting To Live?

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to even have a long healthy life. And even if you do get fortunate enough for that, how many years do you really have to achieve and attain what you want in life and be in a position where you can actually enjoy it? To be able to reach a certain age in life and to be able to enjoy the fruits of of your efforts.

Certainly as a business owner, you get so caught up sometimes in the hustle, in working hard. I’m certainly not trying to suggest otherwise – that it doesn’t take hustle and hard work to build a business. But… just another one of those experiences yesterday, where it makes you kind of stop and think, “What is my end goal? What is my purpose?…

“What Am I Doing All Of This For?”

I think the serious message out of all of this is, don’t forget to actually live! With everything that you’re doing, everything that you’re working towards in your business, don’t get so caught up for so much of your life that you actually forget to live.

I can certainly say for me that, in a sense yesterday, coming away from there, it did make me think like I need to put more effort in with certain people, with certain family members, my grandparents. They only live probably about 30 minutes drive away, yet I probably haven’t seen them for the last few months.

It just kind of makes you think like that. You work hard, you put in all these years working your ass off to build your business, to achieve stuff in life, because you aspire to certain things. But then I think far too many people, if they’re not careful, they actually get trapped in that state and they end up actually with a with an even bigger job than they had when they were in full-time employment. And then because you have to work harder, you have to work more hours.

You can indeed set your business up in a way where it doesn’t require you to be the one doing all of the work all of the time. And I think that that’s definitely something important for a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs to look at… To understand why they got started in a business in the first place. To understand why they actually want to achieve and attain the things they’re striving towards.

If You Want $10,000 A Month

…or $100,000 a month or a million of dollars a month – whatever you’re striding towards and you’re working towards, don’t ever forget the reasons why. And don’t ever forget to…

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