Why I Just Employed An Executive Personal Assistant

Big, big week ahead! I think every week right now is a big week with everything that’s going on here at Internet Profits. Expanding the team, expanding the resources, expanding all operations for growth, scale and systematization of the whole business.

I think probably the big news of last week was the fact that, on Friday I actually agreed terms and employed my new Personal Assistant, Executive Personal Assistant who will actually be joining us or starting with us one week today.

So this is now my final week without that person helping me and taking a lot of things off my of my plate – and managing those, running those, helping me with running our our team, helping me running our project management and task management system.

Just all-around taking a lot of my responsibilities that would be B or C grade responsibilities, allowing me, freeing me to just focus on…

The Most Important Of All Tasks

…so I can just begin focusing on the most important things that drive this business forward; product creation, devising the marketing plans, creating the products.

I’ll be in heavily focused in those two areas, because I’ll have that person taking on everything else.

So if you look at what we’ve done over the last six weeks. So much has happened:

  • We’ve moved into the new offices – 2,500 square foot offices.
  • We’ve got a training room – a 15-person training room.
  • We’ve got a video studio.
  • We’ve got the offices to work in.
  • We’ve got Adam who’s joined the team – our full time Videographer.
  • We’ve got Chris joining the team, my full-time Marketing Assistant.
  • We have my new Personal Assistant, Executive PA starting in seven days time.
  • We’ve already got obviously the phone division of the company.
  • We have Destiny in the US who handles inbound/outbound customer care and also our social media, you know, our community group.
  • We have Glenn, the wizard as we call him, who’s based remotely as well.
  • John and the phone division, Sarah, Gloria.

So we quite a sizeable team now. It’s really beginning to grow, both internally in the office and virtually across the world. So we’re really now setting up a systematized company.

A company that ultimately can run with or without me there. That’s the goal, that’s the 12-month goal.

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