How To Get People To Open And Read Your Emails

Today I want to talk about emails. So right now, when I get into the office, one of my big jobs that I’m working on today, and probably the next few days at least, is writing email sequences for our new sales funnel.

Mainly what I’m going to be focusing on is the customer sequence. So, what happens, what gets sent out to a customer, what events take place to a new customer once they’ve ordered our upcoming new training called The Perfect Offer?

So I want to give some advice actually, because I study a lot to do with email, copywriting and all things like that. Because ultimately, your ability to get somebody to take an action based on the written word is probably…

One Of The Most Valuable Skills You Could Ever Learn

There’s a famous saying, “When you can learn to sell, you’ll never go hungry.” And obviously, a huge asset, or one of the most valuable access in any successful internet-based business, is your email list.

And so, having the ability to develop rapport and build trust and develop a relationship with your subscribers, with your customers, that is one of the keys to having a successful business, you know. Positive cash flow when you’ve got customers.

And so I want to give you a good tip here, because this is one of the things that I’m kind of weaving into all of my emails, or all of this email marketing campaign, is this particular tactic – this particular strategy.

So the whole purpose being here, is that when we’ve got a new customer in our business and on our email list, we want to engage with that person. We want to almost, when we first get them on our list, set the scene, engage with them and have them basically looking forward to receiving our emails.

A lot of people write their emails and they’re very generic, they’re very boring, they’re very monotone, you know, they’re very neutral almost. And one of the best things that you can do with your audience is to be polar, you know – polarize. I’m not talking about – you’ve got kind of a scale – you’ve got like boring on one side and then you’ve got…

Completely Ridiculous And Unbelievable And Crazy!

…and then you want to be kind of somewhere in the middle, where you’re polarizing – you’re not afraid to speak your mind, you’re being yourself, you’re letting your audience actually get to know you.

So I want to share the strategy of…

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