Where The BIG Profit Is Made In Our Business

One of the mistakes I used to make, going several years back, was to put all of my attention on the front end part of the sales funnel, which is what we’re actually talking about – what we’ve been building at the moment. That’s the front end that actually acquires customers.

Now the problem with that is, is that the bulk of the profits for the business, or all of the profits essentially for the business are made in the what’s called the back-end of the business. So after we’ve acquired a new customer, actually selling more to that customer – having that customer return back to us to purchase additional products, premium products that sell for…

Two To Twelve, Twenty Thousand Dollars And Beyond

So from $2,000 up to tens of thousands of dollars. That’s where the profit is generated for us in the business; working at a higher level, making premium high level products, programs, business opportunities, solutions, services available to the new customers.

A big thing that I was mapping out yesterday – I was to share this with you actually, I almost forgot. I was planning out the back-end campaign.

So what I mean by that is; what happens once we’ve got a customer. So once people are ordering the new product which is called “The Perfect Offer” – once people are ordering that, what then takes place, what happens.

We have to have, a business has to have, an ascension plan…

Where Do We Take Our New Customers?

Well certainly with our business model, we need an ascension plan. So we acquire a customer, we sell more to that customer at the time of purchase – that helps us to liquidate the money it cost us in advertising to make that sale.

And then in order to generate profit, which is what the business needs in order to function and deliver the most we can to our customers and audiences, what are we going to do?

This is one of the huge things, and maybe I’ll go into this more detail tomorrow and in the future. Because one of the big, big things that we’re actually now developing and working on, is a really much higher optimized back-end marketing campaign, a back-end ascension campaign.

Basically, Just To Give You A Quick, Skinny Version…

…because we’re actually pulling into the office now. The quick skinny version of what takes place for us once we get a new buyer is:

  • We then have an email follow-up campaign that goes out.
  • We have outreach phone calls – so a member of my team phoning the new customers.
  • If we have their cell phone number we have text messages go out – we’ve just been setting all of that up.
  • We have re-targeting campaigns using Facebook Ads to show relevant re-targeting campaign messages.
  • We send people to things like automated webinars, video series, case studies, testimonials, interviews with successful clients.

Really the whole goal being, once we’ve got a customer, is let’s now see how we can further help them and accelerate the pace, accelerate and shorten the journey from where they are to where they want to be…

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