Making Maximum Use Of Your Free Plus Shipping Offer

The main project of this week has been working on the brand-new offer and sales funnel we’re building, for a free plus shipping style offer for some training called “The Perfect Offer

We had a bit of a delay yesterday when we found out from our production house that produces our product and puts it onto the USB stick.

We found out that we can print double side on both the cover of the case, because it’s going to be a clear case, we found out. Meaning that we can have prints on the outside to the main cover that has the name and the information.

But we can also print, that will appear on the other side, that will appear when you open the case up, that will have the USB stick in it. We can have print on there. And the flyers, the inserts that we’re putting into that (there’s only one of them). But we also found out that we can print both sides of that too.

So obviously, really, just to explain why that is great news. Ultimately if you think about it, because of the cost we have in actually sending one of those free plus shipping offer products out, every bit of space ultimately is what I would call like ‘prime real estate’ that we’re delivering somebody’s home.

So if we can if we can print on the outside of the cover AND the inside AND both sides of the the Flyer, the postcard that goes inside. Then that gives us ultimately double what we anticipated…

Double The Opportunity, To Give More Value And Lead People To The Next Stage…

Lead our customers to that next step, that we’d actually like them to take. Which for us y’know, we have a bonus case study – a bonus interview with somebody that we’re actually going to be sending them.

We’re also looking at setting up a web class that they can actually go to, like a 90 minute training that they can register for. So we can utilize all that space on the flyer, on the postcard, on the inside cover, to actually tell people more information about that.

What I’ve just touched on there, being that the flyer, the postcard is like prime real estate to being able to give more value and show people material or resources, to lead them to that next step.

Well the reason we do that is because actually – here’s something that not many people realize…

With This Free Plus Shipping Offer, It Actually Costs Us More Than What We Charge!

So for example, we will be saying on this funnel, “Just cover $9.95 shipping”. Which in the US, it costs us around about just over ten dollars… if somebody in the US orders this offer, it cost us a little over ten dollars to ship it to them – for us to get that produced to their house, and posted through their door.

So we lose a few cents there which is fine y’know obviously, because…

Continue reading here: Free Plus Shipping Offer

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