Grow Your Business By Utilizing The Time And Money You Have

Looking back to when I was first starting my business, when I was in those earlier stages. I put in a lot of work because I’m very passionate I love what I do. Nowadays to be honest, where my business and company’s at now, I don’t generally have to work really late.

Probably I don’t have to work as many hours as I do, but I’m very passionate about the mission we’re on to help 100,000 entrepreneurs to start and grow their business using the internet. And that drives me.

The success of my clients and partners and affiliates – that drives me! But generally speaking, I don’t have to do these really late nights anymore. There was a time when I did. And the reason that I did used to have to, is because I had to utilize the time I had, and I really want to just talk about this, this morning on today’s Drive.

Because there’s a chance that you’re reading this, and…

Perhaps You’re In The Early Stages Of Your Business Right Now

Perhaps you don’t yet see too much happening. Perhaps the results aren’t yet there and you feel like you’re putting in all the work.

Well I could take you back to a time where that was exactly the same for me. And the bottom line is, that really in terms of growing your business, we generally have two things, and we generally have to utilize both of them. One is time, and one is money.

Now money can be leveraged to reduce the time, but you only have so much time available. So let’s just take you back to when I was in the early stages of my business and (stopping at a train line again, my daily train line that seems to catch me every day, but anyway at least we get to kind of just stop here and talk).

So let me take you back to, I won’t go as far back as 2004, 2005, 2006 – those of the years when I was really stuck and struggling, and I was losing tens of thousands of dollars – I ended up in a horrific amount of debt. But let me take you back to 2008, towards the end of 2008.

That’s when I actually…

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4 thoughts on “Grow Your Business By Utilizing The Time And Money You Have

    1. Hi Brendan, thanks for your comment 😉

      The most profound lessons are usually to be learned from our “failures” as entrepreneurs. I take the position that a failed outcome in business is simply a measurable event, the knowledge of which can then contribute to more successful outcomes in future.

      ~ Matthew

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      1. Very true! I liked your post a lot, too. I am a failed entrepreneur as of now, personally. That is more where my comment came from. 😉

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