Day To Day Profitable Tasks – The Pareto Principle 80/20 Rule

Yesterday, I gave you a full rundown of the main priorities of the week. Which is ultimately working on this funnel.

What I didn’t really talk about is all the day-to-day stuff that always has to happen as well, y’know. One of the things that I always talk to our clients about ultimately is, you’re going to find…

There’s A Few Different Categories Of Things That You Have To Do In Your Business

There’s going to be essential things and non-essential things, essentially! There’s so many essentials in your business. But the thing is y’know, some people would tell you to only focus your time on the profit producing tasks, which to a degree I can totally understand.

But the thing is, the reality is, there’s still other things that you might have to do.

It Comes Down To The 80/20 Rule

This is the Pareto Principle. And that’s how you should be looking at it. 80% of your time needs to be spent on the things that produce the actual results. And the 20% can just get spent on the other things that kind of has to happen to to keep everything sustained.

An example of this might be, let’s say if you have started a blog – just pure example, and you find out there’s some technical stuff wrong with your blog, so some of your pages aren’t working.

Well yes, that has to be fixed. But is fixing that page on your blog that has something’s wrong with it, or the logos not quite aligned properly, or this other thing that kind of bugs you and you know really needs to be sorted because you’d like to have it right.

But Is That Going To Actually Generate You Leads?

Is that going to actually make you sales generate you customers generate revenue in your business? Doubtful right? Unless your your entire business revolves around having a perfect blog, which I think that’s zero percent of the world.

But instead, let’s say one of your other tasks was to actually be setting up or completing the…

Continue reading here: The Pareto Principle

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