Priority Of Steps For Building Your New Sales Funnel

Very excited about what’s coming up this week. We should really be, probably I think by the end of the week, we should have everything in place, all being well, to be able to go live within the next, hopefully, two weeks – to start testing our brand new front end offer, our brand new sales funnel. So that’s one of the major focuses.

Right now, just to kind of fill you in on where we’re at with that sales funnel, and then I’ll kind of explain what it is left that we’re going to be doing, and the kind of priority of doing things, just so you can kind of see a bit more of an insight into how I approach building a sales funnel.

So right now, we’ve obviously planned out the funnel so we’ve got that the actual pages of that built in. We haven’t done all of the copy yet. But the pages are actually in place. So we’ve got the front end, two upsells, the downsell on the second one, and then the Thank You page. That’s kind of what the funnel looks like.

Here’s a big thing – and I’ve made this mistake completely in the past…

Don’t Ever Forget When You’re Bringing Customers Into Your Business, What The End Goal Is

Okay? So what I mean by that is – what I used to do – I used to have these offers, have sales funnels, do product launches, all variety of things – keep getting customers into my business every day, week and month.

But then not really have a solidified, proper back-end campaign – a proper back-end follow-up campaign, a proper promotional procedure in the back-end of the business.

So… what do I show, what do I expose and present to my new customers? I fully believe in doing a mixture of you know value, but combining that with promotions.

At the end of the day, my range of products that I have – I know without a shadow of a doubt – can make a huge, significant difference to the people’s businesses and lives that get their hands on them. So it is my duty ultimately, to…

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