4X+ Conversions Are Possible With Physical Front End Offers

So on the way to the office yesterday – mega-productive day – we actually had John down here, who’s our Business Growth Manager who basically heads up the phone side of things here at Internet Profits. He’s gone back now.

Today, and the later part of yesterday after John had gone, we actually was working heavily on a new front end offer for a new sales funnel that we’re actually creating, that we’re looking to go live with, all being well, by the end of this month.

It’s actually a free-plus-shipping style offer, so it’s actually a physical product. Just to give some advice, this has been something that’s been huge for us…

Leveraging Our Digital Products And Re-Purposing Them In A Way That Turns Them Into A Physical Product

So for example, you can take your digital product, let’s say if you’ve got a training program that’s a video course – you could take that and you could have it purposed onto a physical product such as a USB flash drive, putting on a USB stick, or a DVD disc. If you had an audio you can have it put onto CD or onto an mp3 player. Or a you can have t-shirts.

You can have all these different things in your business that basically takes the offer from being a digital to a physical product.

One of one of the reasons we do this – and I’m really adapting this into the whole business – I think from the results we’ve seen over the last 18 months, the conversions from a physical product – a free-plus-shipping style offer – compared to trying to sell that exact same thing as a digital product…

We’ve Seen 4x To 5x Conversions

So literally I think the first time we tested this, we went from about a 2 percent conversion up to around about an 8/9/10 percent conversion. So let’s just say 8 anyway – that’s four times the online sales conversion rate. And that’s off the same amount of traffic.

So, if you think about it, imagine the traffic you’re getting in your business right now, or imagine the traffic you could be generating – what would it mean to 4X the number of buyers, the number of revenue that you’re generating in your business, literally by making this one small shift?…

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