The Importance Of Follow Up Marketing Campaigns And Support For Your Customers

Follow Up Marketing Campaigns

We’re actually working on some things with regards to our entire phone and application process. Just to give you a bit of a rundown on exactly what I mean with that and what it is that we do.

The Large Majority Of Our Revenue Is Not Made From Sales Online

We actually change the sales environment and we actually have phone conversations, phone calls with with our customers.

How the whole process of our follow up marketing campaigns actually works is; we actually have sales funnels, so we start off with the low price products – anything under $20 essentially. And we use a whole variety of different type of offers such as, y’ know, just low value, low price digital products.

Or what we’re really, heavily moving into, and moving away from the low price digital based products, is actually physical products. We’re moving into running a lot of free plus shipping style offers.

We’ve got one at the moment that’s actually close to being released and launched, and we actually use one in in the make up and beauty company that we also have as well that my fiance runs. And we’ve seen that these work incredibly well.

So what we basically do…

We Sell Low-Priced Or Free-Plus-Shipping Offers…

…then we show people a couple of upsells.

And then we basically have follow-up campaigns, back-end campaigns that we actually put people through that basically are a combination of email campaigns, we’re just setting up text message marketing,

We Also Have Marketing Campaigns Integrated Into The Members Area

So for the products that people buy if they are digital based and they can access those in a members area, we actually have campaigns integrated into those as well, with the whole basis, essentially, to find out from our customer base that buy those low price products – who actually wants more help.

Some people are just quite alright in just buying low price digital products, and trying to follow them, and trying to go it alone. But other people, and actually the sensible thing to do, is actually to get further help – to get a lot more closer, hands-on help through mentoring or coaching.

I know certainly for me, when I first started in 2004, I spent four years being one of those guys that just kept buying products. And I did try and figure it out alone, because I actually thought (and I think I was probably led to think this from all the sales pages and products I was buying) that it was a lot easier to just follow a process and on my own and succeed.

But I came to realize after four years and hitting near bankruptcy and being over sixty thousand dollars in debt by my mid-twenties, that actually I needed…

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