Systematizing Your Content Creation To Boost Business Growth

Content Creation To Boost Business Growth

Good morning everybody. Dean here, of course. Welcome back to another episode of The Drive here on the journey to the Internet Profits headquarters this morning. The sun is shining but it’s a little bit windy here in the UK.

Yesterday was quite a big day. We got quite a lot done yesterday actually. We’re really kind of systemizing our whole content marketing strategy. So you’ll perhaps notice, and if not have a look. You can use it, kind of, as as your own case study to see what we’re doing.

The whole basic thing with these Drive videos is that, once I get to the office I hand them off to my video guy. He then edits them, adds the intro on, then passes them to my marketing assistant now.

So This Is The Whole System We Set Up Yesterday…

I walk in, hand him the video/the camera. He edits it, produces it, puts the recording onto a USB stick, hands it to my marketing assistant, who then basically takes that video, uploads it onto our YouTube channel, uploads it onto our Facebook fan page.

Then once it’s uploaded onto YouTube, takes that video, embeds it as a blog post. Which is basically where we’re now documenting the journey to helping a hundred thousand entrepreneurs to both start and grow their businesses using the internet.

I think I mentioned yesterday we’re at 1%, so we’ve helped a thousand people start earning money on the internet as it stands right now. Round-a-bout that. So we’ve really, like I say, systematized this whole process now.

What’s exciting about that for me personally, just so you can understand myself – what exactly my thoughts are around this – is that I know that the more content we produce, and this is how – let me explain my thinking on content right. Because…

Content Marketing In Your Business Is Definitely Not An Instant Gratification Thing

You’re not going to create a piece of content and see it necessarily working for you immediately, such as a blog post. But looking long-term, think about this, if you’re watching this and listening to this right now, it means that my content is being consumed by you, right?

Which means hopefully that you’re getting to know me better, hopefully getting to like me, and over a period of time my intention is that…

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8 thoughts on “Systematizing Your Content Creation To Boost Business Growth

  1. Hi Matthew, This is Zohair..
    I am very happy to say that your publication is tremendous and incredible. Content attraction is the most powerful way to boost the growth of a business. I appreciate your writing.👌

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  2. Hi matthew ,this blog of urs is been very helpfull syatamizing the content is really a delicate thing but the way u have written this blog and the words are so easy to understand and that to about boosting the business wth the help of it.hoping too see ur blog in future

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    1. Thanks Gabriel. Yes, but of course that depends on the scope and scale of the content marketing strategy. Streamlining content creation, production and syndication is the key here. Outsourcing anything that can be done by someone else also helps speed things along.
      ~ Matt

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