Setting Up A Full Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve been setting up for the last, probably two weeks approximately, a full content marketing strategy that we’re actually going to integrate with our Facebook ad strategy, with the whole purpose of going out to cold traffic with Facebook ads, sending them to certain videos, certain blog posts where we’ll actually pixel people and then be able to re-target them with additional offers, such as to attend webinars or purchase free plus shipping offers, that type of thing.

There’s A Whole Content Marketing Strategy Behind At Work Here

The primary purposes obviously is to give value, but in doing so ultimately what we’re looking to do is obviously make people aware of how we can actually help them, what it is what we do here at Internet Profits, and how we can serve them in their business – because we’ve actually got quite a big mission, quite a big goal and thing that we’re working towards, here at Internet Profits.

Yesterday I actually mentioned this, when I mentioned helping 10,000 people to start grow their business. Well when I actually got to the office yesterday having spoke about that, when when Adam on my team was actually editing the video, and I was speaking to Chris who’s my marketing assistant, we was actually talking about that goal, was actually talking about that mission of striving to help 10,000 business owners.

And I had this moment of kind of an awakening if you want to call it that, where I basically decided that that was not a big enough goal. There are literally millions of people looking to live a better life, achieve financial freedom, and achieve different areas of freedom in their lives – whether that’s to just work for themselves, you know, work from home be around for their kids more – whatever those goals may be.

There are so many people looking to do that. And so I realized that we were actually restricting ourselves by saying…

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