Affiliate Marketers Playbook FREE – The Best Product We’ve Launched?

This is the week for the launch of the FREE Affiliate Marketers Playbook! (Click here to grab a copy) This is another one of those weeks that I have several times a year, that I look forward to, and I’m so excited for.

Let me share all about it today…

One of the things we always talk about with our Certified Partners at Internet Profits, is…

Taking Action Every Single Day

…to experience progress forwards, progress every single week.

Now for some people, that progress means laying the foundations, doing the groundwork, and not necessarily yet making money, right? Because sometimes you’ve just got to lay some groundwork.

For other people, that forward progress is generating more leads, is getting more targeted traffic. it is generating and increasing your sales.

But no matter where you’re at in your business, you should make sure what you’re doing and accomplishing every day and every week is progress forward.

Because if your goal is somewhere in the distance, and you’re always taking a step or a leap towards it every single day, eventually you’ll get there.

The problem with most people is they stay still. Or they’re going backwards. Which is the same thing, if you think about it.

So This Week… This Is An Exciting Week!

It’s one of those weeks that I look forward to several times a year.

What am I talking about? We’re launching a new product – the Affiliate Marketers Playbook

We are launching a new sales funnel… Another free plus shipping funnel.

That’s what I believe to be the best kind of offer, the best kind of front-end funnel to…

Attract Your Ideal Customers – Your Ideal Potential Clients

And also the the best way, in my experience, to convert the highest number of targeted visitors into paying customers.

To qualify those buyers better than (in my opinion) the typical digital front end product, or as some people call it a ‘tripwire’…

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Your Online Business Success Depends Upon This One Thing

Are you still searching for online business success? Everything hinges on this one thing you must have.

I’m asked all the time… “What was the key to your success?”

How did you go from over $60,000 in debt, working in a construction company, stuck in a job you hated…

…to starting your own company and helping tens of thousands of people, and having all this financial freedom and online business success… What was the secret?…

What Was The Key To Your Online Business Success?

There’s many different things that I could choose to mention here, but there’s one that ultimately stands out.

You see, for my first four years, when I first began in 2004, I always said to myself, “I want to build a business”. I would love to have that business success online – looking at other people, like… “I want what he’s got, what she’s got!”

But for the first four years, looking back… By saying those things, all I was really indicating, was my ‘interest’ in doing it.

I was interested in making money online. I was interested in having success. I was interested in having what he or she had – the gurus I followed online.

But It Wasn’t Until 2008… Where I Changed

…Where I stopped being just interested and became committed. There is a HUGE difference!

And this is the problem I see. Just like I used to be, most people in this industry say they “want to start an online business” they “want online business success”. But very few are actually committed to making happen.

If you were committed to making it happen, you don’t keep buying many different things. You commit to one thing. If you are committed to making something happen, you do it every single day.

If you’re committed to achieving a result, you do not give up until you make it happen.

And if you’re committed to something you say it is going to happen, and you believe it with all of your being – it just hasn’t happened yet. It’s not, “I hope it will happen.”

Think About It This Way…

How many times in your life have you thought to yourself…

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Personal Mentor For Online Business: Are You Investing In Yourself?

Probably the most important question you could ask yourself as an entrepreneur is, “Do you invest in yourself and your business?” Specifically, “Do you have a personal mentor for online business?”

Today I’m really excited… today’s going to be an awesome day because… today I have my call with…

My Personal Mentor For Online Business; Russell Brunson

So I’m actually in Russell’s ‘Mastermind’, which is a $25,000 a year investment.

Basically the main part of that is two or three times a year we have an inner circle meet up at the Clickfunnels head offices. So I’ll actually be going out there in a few weeks.

Once a year we have what he calls the “Decade in a Day” call.

Essentially you get 30 to 60 minutes personal time with Russell, where he looks at your business and goes through everything and gives you some immediate action steps to make…

Immediate Improvements To Your Business, Revenue And Growth

Also I have him on Voxer, which is an app that you basically can send voice messages (almost like a walkie-talkie) from my phone to his phone, for any time we have questions.

Today, because I’m actually in my second year, every time you renew – you have another “Decade in a Day” call. It’s like a yearly thing.

So today, I have my “Decade in a Day” call. And I really get to show Russell what it is that we’ve been doing, where we’re at right now, and basically get some immediate advice.

He’s very intelligent – a very, very smart guy, who’s achieved some incredible things. I’ve followed him since 2009, well probably before. So I’ve seen the transition his business went through.

Which why I saw him as the perfect online business mentor to help me evolve and develop my business to where I see us in the future, and where we’re heading right now.

That’s essentially the focus for today: Are you investing in yourself, and in your business?

That Is The Biggest Key, I Would Say

If I look at myself over the years, anytime where I’ve grown, anytime we’ve achieved highest success and gone on to bigger and better things – it’s because I’ve…

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What Is The Biggest Shortcut To Business Success Online?

There are a lot of people that always ask questions like, “What is the biggest shortcut to business success online?”

What is the thing that gets people to succeed?

The majority of people in the online home business industry are struggling, right? As in… they can’t figure things out, they can’t make things work.

There’s a lot of people that obviously get a few sales, earn a few commissions, and then nothing really continues to happen.

And there’s a lot of people that…

Can’t Even Make Those First Few Commissions

I was exactly the same, y’know. I first started in 2004, but I didn’t make my first commission until 2008!

Pretty insane when you think about it, right? Like, to be trying to build a business to make money online for four years, before you actually make money online!

The Crazy Thing Is…

…usually by that stage (this was certainly true for me), is you spend so much that it can almost be difficult to see your way out into profit. Does that make sense?

So I was thinking about this, this morning. What is the answer to that question; what’s the biggest shortcut to business success online? What is the quickest way?

Or what is one of the things that can dramatically help and accelerate you from zero to results?

Then even when you’re getting some results, what is the thing that can take you from some results to lots of results, or bigger results?

And the answer is actually the same in many respects, and that is…

The Biggest Shortcut To Business Success Online Is… Leverage!

I’ve spoke about this with our clients and Certified Partners so many times because it never changes, right? Leverage…

Why is it you see some people – their growth just goes wild and fast and insane?

And it’s actually because of leverage… and they get momentum, and they continue to leverage that momentum.

A quick example of this…

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The New Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably Today

Today we’re talking the best way to get website traffic – seen by many as the holy grail in online marketing.

I used to think myself, “If only I could get more traffic, then I’d be rich! If only I could get more traffic, then I wouldn’t be struggling anymore.”

And that statement is really only true when you have the correct things in place, okay?

So obviously you have to have something to turn that traffic into sales – meaning you need a sales process, you need a sales funnel, you need offers that are optimised to convert.

With the rising cost of traffic, having just one offer – unless it’s a high ticket premium priced offer – having just one offer nowadays is not going to cut it in most markets, or at least in many markets.

I’m sure there are some, but…

Website Traffic Is Always Going To Be On The Increase In Cost

Therefore that means you need to make that traffic more valuable to you. Which means having either higher price products or more products to sell to the the people that you’re attracting into your business.

Now what I want to talk about today is what I used to describe as, “The future of online traffic generation”. But today I’m going to change that. Today I’m going to say it is, “The current way of traffic generation” – the best way to get website traffic, in my humble opinion, and doing it successfully, okay?

There were times – and this is how a lot of people still operate, and I’m not saying this is completely redundant – what I’m saying is that…

Times Have Changed, Things Have Changed

There’s been shifts that have occurred in the marketplace, one of which (as I’ve just touched on) is the fact that traffic is going to continually increase in cost.

And so how do you get traffic and make it profitable to you now and into the future? Well the new way and…

Currently The Best Way To Get Website Traffic Profitably

…is with multiple campaigns. Now we haven’t really publicly launched this yet, but I’ve actually built an entire traffic training system around this entire concept. It’s not available, so I’m not saying that to try and sell it to you.

But what I’m getting at here is…

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Dealing With Entrepreneurial Stress: How Do You Cope With Stress?

The topic of today is dealing with entrepreneurial stress. Bit of a different one, right?

A lot of business owners are stressed – myself included just recently, because we’ve got so much going on, so many deadlines and so much that we want to accomplish.

And it is stressful, right – it can be stressful.

I’m not saying all the time you’re stressed in business, but definitely stress in entrepreneurship is huge.

Y’know, you have people that really feel the effects of…

The Pressure Of Running An Online Business

…and I think there’s many reasons for it of course.

Sometimes you’ve got your family depends on you, and you feel the stress because obviously they’re counting on you and relying on you

Other times you’ve got bills to pay and outgoings, and that can be stressful. As your business grows you adopt different pressures and different stressors – you have a certain amount of money that you have to make to break even in your business, once your outgoings grow.

You have all these different pressures on your shoulders, and often as an entrepreneur…

Who Do You Really Have To Speak To About These Things, Dealing With Entrepreneurial Stress?

I was actually talking with Mandy, who’s basically one of my coaches I speak with every two weeks. She’s an incredible person and she’s like a bit of an accountability coach to me.

Yesterday she became sort of like a spiritual coach, which is something that I’ve never really experienced. I was talking to her about all these different things and how exciting the times are that we’re going through.

But ultimately, and I’ll be honest, I feel a lot of pressure and stress at the moment because of a variety reasons. Like I say, we’ve got a lot going on and there’s so much…

I Have Such A Big Vision For The Company, I Have Such Big Goals

I’m on a mission ultimately, as I’ve mentioned before.

It’s our mission to help 100,000 people to either start and/or grow their business using the internet. OK, and we’ve got very specific ways which we use, as a company, to do that.

And so, we’re on this huge mission and I’ve been scaling the business, growing the business – we moved into these twenty five hundred square foot offices that I’ve spent six figures on, in creating. And then we’ve got an amazing team of people all around the world, and yeah ultimately it can be stressful…

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What Is Each Customer Or Email Subscriber Worth To Your Business?

Do you know with your business, whether you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve got your own products, whatever it is that your business model is.

Do you know what a customer is actually worth to your business? Or do you know on average how much a subscriber on your email list is worth to you?

For example, if you had a thousand subscribers and you make a thousand dollars a month, then on average each subscriber will be worth a dollar, right?

So, Do You Know That Number?

That’s when you can really take hold of the stats, numbers and metrics of your business. What that actually tells you is, how much am I earning on average for every person I add to my list. And then how much on average am I earning for every customer.

Because when you know what a subscriber is worth, then you know ultimately what you can spend to get them.

Now as a whole, for most people, that never been a simple metric to work out. But in its most simplistic form, just look at how many people on your list and how much you made that month. So last month, if you had 10,000 subscribers and made $5,000, a subscriber would be worth 50 cents, right?

Then just keep a gauge on that every month in your business. Perhaps just have a spreadsheet and you keep it written down just on a monthly basis how much did I generate last month, how many subscribers were on my list… And just keep a record of that. And you’ll start to hopefully see…

Now, one of the things that happened with me, if I go back to when I first started building my list…

Early On, I Was Able To Generate $1-2 Per Subscriber

…on my list. And so, as my email list grew, with my first 500 subscribers I was making anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars by sending email promotions as an affiliate marketer (I didn’t have my own products at that stage)

One of the things that I found – this may not be true for everybody – but as my list grew, the average value of my subscriber actually…

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Entrepreneurship Motivational Speech: Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.” Here’s an entrepreneurship motivational speech from my business mentor, Dean Holland CEO of Internet Profits.

“We’ve now built…

The Resources To Execute Multiple Projects Quickly

…or at least much faster than we ever was in the past, because we’ve got people in these key roles now.

I’ve got my Assistant helping me manage things, and her role’s going to start getting busier and busier as we grow.

We’ve got Chris, my Marketing Assistant, who’s just awesome and helps me with all things to do with everything, you know!… Building the web pages, setting up the sales copy, setting up the campaigns, setting up the software.

We’ve got Adam who produces all the video, edits and produces all the video content, records the video content with me.

And So Together As A Team…

…we’ve also got Louis and Glenn that manage and head up the coaching side of things with our Partners and clients.

We’ve got the support network of people in the company; Destiny, Sarah, Gloria.

We’ve got an awesome network and team, and now we can get a lot of stuff done and get it done fast, which is awesome. But it still takes a lot of managing – it’s busy, it’s crazy!

For most people, I don’t recommend working on so many multiple projects all at the same time. But for us right now, where the company’s at…

You’ve Got To Do What You’ve Got To Do

And that’s the thing sometimes, right? You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do wherever you’re at in your business.

If I were to go back to 2004-2009, I didn’t have a social life, I didn’t see friends, I didn’t do anything fun. Because all of my time, all of my energy, all of my resources went into trying to figure out how to have an online business, how to make money on the internet.

Then by 2008, 2009 I did start to figure that out, thanks to having a business mentor. Even through all the stages, you’ve always got to do what you’ve got to do.

Sometimes You’ve Got To Sacrifice

…sometimes you’ve got to invest time, sometimes you’ve got to invest money, sometimes you’ve got to invest resources, sometimes you’ve got to work like you’ve never worked before, y’know?

And sometimes you’ve got to take time out… You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, to get where you want to be.

I Saw A Very Interesting Video Yesterday

…that explained how important, how short life is, better than anything I’ve ever seen before…

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