Affiliate Marketers Playbook FREE – The Best Product We’ve Launched?

This is the week for the launch of the FREE Affiliate Marketers Playbook! (Click here to grab a copy) This is another one of those weeks that I have several times a year, that I look forward to, and I’m so excited for.

Let me share all about it today…

One of the things we always talk about with our Certified Partners at Internet Profits, is…

Taking Action Every Single Day

…to experience progress forwards, progress every single week.

Now for some people, that progress means laying the foundations, doing the groundwork, and not necessarily yet making money, right? Because sometimes you’ve just got to lay some groundwork.

For other people, that forward progress is generating more leads, is getting more targeted traffic. it is generating and increasing your sales.

But no matter where you’re at in your business, you should make sure what you’re doing and accomplishing every day and every week is progress forward.

Because if your goal is somewhere in the distance, and you’re always taking a step or a leap towards it every single day, eventually you’ll get there.

The problem with most people is they stay still. Or they’re going backwards. Which is the same thing, if you think about it.

So This Week… This Is An Exciting Week!

It’s one of those weeks that I look forward to several times a year.

What am I talking about? We’re launching a new product – the Affiliate Marketers Playbook

We are launching a new sales funnel… Another free plus shipping funnel.

That’s what I believe to be the best kind of offer, the best kind of front-end funnel to…

Attract Your Ideal Customers – Your Ideal Potential Clients

And also the the best way, in my experience, to convert the highest number of targeted visitors into paying customers.

To qualify those buyers better than (in my opinion) the typical digital front end product, or as some people call it a ‘tripwire’…

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My Thoughts On The Media And News As An Entrepreneur

Now I just wanted to pose a particular question to you today. I want to talk about mainstream media. I just got in my car this morning and when I got in, the news was actually on the radio.

So I’m listening to the news – and to be honest don’t really listen to any news, I don’t watch news on TV – but obviously getting in the car, you know, I didn’t choose to put news on – it just happened to be on the particular radio station that I was listening to.

So I sat there for a minute or so and all sudden I got sucked into it. But then I had this wake up…

“What Am I Doing!?”

And I realized how much listening to the news and the mainstream media like that – I realized how much the news can affect your mood.

I don’t like to do anything or watch anything or listen to anything that might affect my mood going into work. When I’m going into the office, when I’ve got a lot to do, I’m thinking things through and then planning things in my head. I don’t like external forces coming in and messing with that mood.

It’s kind of like spending an hour with…

A Friend That Just Moans Constantly

It affects your mood, right? That’s why people say, be careful who you choose to spend your time with.

And so it got me thinking about mainstream media, and how far too many people pay attention to, listen to and get absorbed by mainstream media, and what I quite frankly believed to be ludicrous claims, many times…

Ludicrous Opinions And Damaging Information

…that can literally cause people to be affected in so many ways.

I believe from even the small exposure that I sometimes have to mainstream media, I can see how it can literally alter people, turn people against each other almost, caused people to have these drastic opinions. And to me, it’s just absolutely insane that people would even choose to listen or watch mainstream media.

And so I think, you know, my personal opinion – and again this is this is something that’s completely open to discussion and I’d love to hear your thoughts in your comments, – what are your thoughts on mainstream media?

Do You Look To Mainstream Media To Keep You Informed?

Do you believe what you’re hearing or seeing in the news? Do you think they have your best interests at heart?

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How To Get People To Open And Read Your Emails

Today I want to talk about emails. So right now, when I get into the office, one of my big jobs that I’m working on today, and probably the next few days at least, is writing email sequences for our new sales funnel.

Mainly what I’m going to be focusing on is the customer sequence. So, what happens, what gets sent out to a customer, what events take place to a new customer once they’ve ordered our upcoming new training called The Perfect Offer?

So I want to give some advice actually, because I study a lot to do with email, copywriting and all things like that. Because ultimately, your ability to get somebody to take an action based on the written word is probably…

One Of The Most Valuable Skills You Could Ever Learn

There’s a famous saying, “When you can learn to sell, you’ll never go hungry.” And obviously, a huge asset, or one of the most valuable access in any successful internet-based business, is your email list.

And so, having the ability to develop rapport and build trust and develop a relationship with your subscribers, with your customers, that is one of the keys to having a successful business, you know. Positive cash flow when you’ve got customers.

And so I want to give you a good tip here, because this is one of the things that I’m kind of weaving into all of my emails, or all of this email marketing campaign, is this particular tactic – this particular strategy.

So the whole purpose being here, is that when we’ve got a new customer in our business and on our email list, we want to engage with that person. We want to almost, when we first get them on our list, set the scene, engage with them and have them basically looking forward to receiving our emails.

A lot of people write their emails and they’re very generic, they’re very boring, they’re very monotone, you know, they’re very neutral almost. And one of the best things that you can do with your audience is to be polar, you know – polarize. I’m not talking about – you’ve got kind of a scale – you’ve got like boring on one side and then you’ve got…

Completely Ridiculous And Unbelievable And Crazy!

…and then you want to be kind of somewhere in the middle, where you’re polarizing – you’re not afraid to speak your mind, you’re being yourself, you’re letting your audience actually get to know you.

So I want to share the strategy of…

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Where The BIG Profit Is Made In Our Business

One of the mistakes I used to make, going several years back, was to put all of my attention on the front end part of the sales funnel, which is what we’re actually talking about – what we’ve been building at the moment. That’s the front end that actually acquires customers.

Now the problem with that is, is that the bulk of the profits for the business, or all of the profits essentially for the business are made in the what’s called the back-end of the business. So after we’ve acquired a new customer, actually selling more to that customer – having that customer return back to us to purchase additional products, premium products that sell for…

Two To Twelve, Twenty Thousand Dollars And Beyond

So from $2,000 up to tens of thousands of dollars. That’s where the profit is generated for us in the business; working at a higher level, making premium high level products, programs, business opportunities, solutions, services available to the new customers.

A big thing that I was mapping out yesterday – I was to share this with you actually, I almost forgot. I was planning out the back-end campaign.

So what I mean by that is; what happens once we’ve got a customer. So once people are ordering the new product which is called “The Perfect Offer” – once people are ordering that, what then takes place, what happens.

We have to have, a business has to have, an ascension plan…

Where Do We Take Our New Customers?

Well certainly with our business model, we need an ascension plan. So we acquire a customer, we sell more to that customer at the time of purchase – that helps us to liquidate the money it cost us in advertising to make that sale.

And then in order to generate profit, which is what the business needs in order to function and deliver the most we can to our customers and audiences, what are we going to do?

This is one of the huge things, and maybe I’ll go into this more detail tomorrow and in the future. Because one of the big, big things that we’re actually now developing and working on, is a really much higher optimized back-end marketing campaign, a back-end ascension campaign.

Basically, Just To Give You A Quick, Skinny Version…

…because we’re actually pulling into the office now. The quick skinny version of what takes place for us once we get a new buyer is:

  • We then have an email follow-up campaign that goes out.
  • We have outreach phone calls – so a member of my team phoning the new customers.
  • If we have their cell phone number we have text messages go out – we’ve just been setting all of that up.
  • We have re-targeting campaigns using Facebook Ads to show relevant re-targeting campaign messages.
  • We send people to things like automated webinars, video series, case studies, testimonials, interviews with successful clients.

Really the whole goal being, once we’ve got a customer, is let’s now see how we can further help them and accelerate the pace, accelerate and shorten the journey from where they are to where they want to be…

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Two Things That Will Increase Your Business Income

Had an interview with one of our clients who’s been getting incredible results in our Certified Partner Program.

He’s basically generated a little over $31,000, I discovered yesterday, in the last twelve weeks / three months – something like that – in the first few months of being with us in the Partner Program, which is incredible…

Now Earning Somewhere In The Region Of About $8,000 A Month…

…at the minute which is just incredible to see that within 12 weeks. So I had an interview with him and that was about 30 minutes.

Last night I had the first of a multi-part implementation bootcamp for a Fuel Digital Traffic Mastery Program. Did that with our Certified Partners – teaching them the future of traffic generation and online advertising which was exciting.

But had a bit of a disaster with that actually. Turns out with GoToWebinar, our service we use, it didn’t record the webcam parts which actually had the camera on as I was drawing stuff out demonstrating it on the board, which is a pain. So now I’ve probably got to re-record that at some stage.

We all have days like that, where things don’t always go to plan. You gotta dust it off and just keep moving.

The one thing I wanted to actually talk about here today, because somebody asked me this actually (was it yesterday in a message or maybe a comment?) Somebody asked me what’s my reasons behind doing “The Drive”.

So, if you obviously see on my YouTube channel, you can also see on my Facebook page which and also on my blog. I’m taking these “Drives” and I’m…

Purposing Them On Multiple Platforms

Now somebody was asking me, as I say, what’s the reason behind doing these Drives? Because you’ll see that, you know, I’m not doing these Drives to sell anything – there’s nothing that I’m saying here – I’m not telling you to do go to websites or trying to sell you anything at all. So how do I increase business income here?…

Here’s the thing. And here’s what I want you to always remember…

“The success of your business and the amount of money you generate in your business, will be in direct proportion or will be directly affected by the amount of value that you deliver to your marketplace.”

So my intention behind The Drive is really just to…

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Making Maximum Use Of Your Free Plus Shipping Offer

The main project of this week has been working on the brand-new offer and sales funnel we’re building, for a free plus shipping style offer for some training called “The Perfect Offer

We had a bit of a delay yesterday when we found out from our production house that produces our product and puts it onto the USB stick.

We found out that we can print double side on both the cover of the case, because it’s going to be a clear case, we found out. Meaning that we can have prints on the outside to the main cover that has the name and the information.

But we can also print, that will appear on the other side, that will appear when you open the case up, that will have the USB stick in it. We can have print on there. And the flyers, the inserts that we’re putting into that (there’s only one of them). But we also found out that we can print both sides of that too.

So obviously, really, just to explain why that is great news. Ultimately if you think about it, because of the cost we have in actually sending one of those free plus shipping offer products out, every bit of space ultimately is what I would call like ‘prime real estate’ that we’re delivering somebody’s home.

So if we can if we can print on the outside of the cover AND the inside AND both sides of the the Flyer, the postcard that goes inside. Then that gives us ultimately double what we anticipated…

Double The Opportunity, To Give More Value And Lead People To The Next Stage…

Lead our customers to that next step, that we’d actually like them to take. Which for us y’know, we have a bonus case study – a bonus interview with somebody that we’re actually going to be sending them.

We’re also looking at setting up a web class that they can actually go to, like a 90 minute training that they can register for. So we can utilize all that space on the flyer, on the postcard, on the inside cover, to actually tell people more information about that.

What I’ve just touched on there, being that the flyer, the postcard is like prime real estate to being able to give more value and show people material or resources, to lead them to that next step.

Well the reason we do that is because actually – here’s something that not many people realize…

With This Free Plus Shipping Offer, It Actually Costs Us More Than What We Charge!

So for example, we will be saying on this funnel, “Just cover $9.95 shipping”. Which in the US, it costs us around about just over ten dollars… if somebody in the US orders this offer, it cost us a little over ten dollars to ship it to them – for us to get that produced to their house, and posted through their door.

So we lose a few cents there which is fine y’know obviously, because…

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Grow Your Business By Utilizing The Time And Money You Have

Looking back to when I was first starting my business, when I was in those earlier stages. I put in a lot of work because I’m very passionate I love what I do. Nowadays to be honest, where my business and company’s at now, I don’t generally have to work really late.

Probably I don’t have to work as many hours as I do, but I’m very passionate about the mission we’re on to help 100,000 entrepreneurs to start and grow their business using the internet. And that drives me.

The success of my clients and partners and affiliates – that drives me! But generally speaking, I don’t have to do these really late nights anymore. There was a time when I did. And the reason that I did used to have to, is because I had to utilize the time I had, and I really want to just talk about this, this morning on today’s Drive.

Because there’s a chance that you’re reading this, and…

Perhaps You’re In The Early Stages Of Your Business Right Now

Perhaps you don’t yet see too much happening. Perhaps the results aren’t yet there and you feel like you’re putting in all the work.

Well I could take you back to a time where that was exactly the same for me. And the bottom line is, that really in terms of growing your business, we generally have two things, and we generally have to utilize both of them. One is time, and one is money.

Now money can be leveraged to reduce the time, but you only have so much time available. So let’s just take you back to when I was in the early stages of my business and (stopping at a train line again, my daily train line that seems to catch me every day, but anyway at least we get to kind of just stop here and talk).

So let me take you back to, I won’t go as far back as 2004, 2005, 2006 – those of the years when I was really stuck and struggling, and I was losing tens of thousands of dollars – I ended up in a horrific amount of debt. But let me take you back to 2008, towards the end of 2008.

That’s when I actually…

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Time Management Home Business – Know When You MUST Get Help In Your Business

One of the things I really to talk about today, that I think used to always be on my mind, and probably a lot of others as well. So possibly this will be something that’s valuable to you.

How Do You Know When Is The Right Time To Start Getting Help In Your Business?

When is the right time to grow? When is the right time to relinquish some of the responsibilities that you have? When does time management in home business become an issue for you?

Because when you first start in your business, to get your business off the ground, you’re typically a business of one, for most people. An online business is not typically, generally speaking for many people, the same as an offline business, y’know, with a brick and mortar business.

Many people that straightaway, depending on the size of the business, they need help. They need a cashier at the checkout, or they need somebody helping with stock or, y’know, all these different things.

Well when you go and start your online business…

For A Lot Of People, They Start As A Business Of One

And that’s what I actually like about this whole internet-based business – is that you really can just start a business as one.

When I first began there looking into all this stuff, which initially was in 2004. I was in a full-time job, I had a lot of other responsibilities, and just in my spare time I was able to start studying, buying products, getting mentors, joining coaching classes to learn my skills, to learn this craft. And still to this day I do that.

But not to get off track, when do you then know when it’s time to stop being just a business of one, and get help?

Now in the past I’ll take you back to, was it probably 2011 maybe 2012 I can’t quite recall now, but the business was growing and I thought, right it’s time to really grow fast.

In my head, I thought we had everything in place in order to allow us to start growing really, really fast. I had these wild ambitions that…

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