The Iceberg Effect Book Review: Thoughts On Dean Holland’s Free Book

The Iceberg Effect Book By Dean Holland

The Iceberg Effect book by Dean Holland starts out as the heartfelt autobiography of a construction worker and aspiring affiliate marketer.

Dean’s new softcover book reveals some of the darkest and most harrowing experiences from earlier in his life as an offline and online entrepreneur. He also discloses how he barely survived four years of failure and despair in the affiliate marketing industry.

Then seemingly miraculously and out of the blue, he somehow managed to turn everything around in just a few months. Enough to be able to leave his day job.

Dean goes on to explain precisely how this painful journey led him to the riches and success he enjoys today. And subsequently, he lays out a clear and detailed strategy in his book for…

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Today

Foreword By Russell Brunson
Dean’s Brand New FREE Book Is Endorsed By Russell Brunson, No Less!

This plan is simply genius, and will ensure that you avoid the pitfalls Dean previously discovered. And it will empower you to find your way to where you want to be, as quickly as possible.

The clear layout and illustrations in The Iceberg Effect book make it very easy to read. Accompanying video training and exercises further enhance the content. This makes the chapters and lessons really pop out and feel more effective and personally tailored.

Another thing to appreciate is that you…

Instantly Get The Iceberg Effect Audiobook MP3

…to download for free. Therefore you can get stuck into the story and the content immediately, before the softcover book arrives.

The audiobook is personally and passionately read by Dean Holland himself, and makes the content come alive and become even more meaningful.

The Iceberg Effect Audiobook MP3
You Get The Iceberg Effect Audiobook For FREE!

Something else to bear in mind is that Dean is wanting to put it on Amazon for $19.95 (for the book only, without all the bonus training and audiobook).

However, The Iceberg Effect book is available for FREE here, along with ALL the bonuses.

Okay, a small contribution towards shipping and handling will be requested. But I have to say that it would be complete madness for Dean not to recover this additional cost, while he’s letting you have the book for free.

Dean Holland's Better Than Free Guarantee
If You’re Not Happy, Dean Will Refund Your S&H Contribution – And You Keep The Book!

Even so, if you’re not happy with the book for any reason, on request, Dean will promptly refund your contribution to the shipping and handling – and you keep the book and the bonuses. Can’t say fairer than that.

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How To Change Your Life Instantly In Just 4 Simple Steps

Change Your Life Instantly

Do you want to change an aspect of your life without delay? If you’re willing to master the four simple steps that Dean Holland lays out below, you should then be fully equipped to be able to change your life instantly

“Good morning! Dean here of course. It’s a bright, early morning at 7:43 am. Just on the way to Internet Profits HQ to begin another great day. I’m gonna smash today! I feel that I’m gonna absolutely dominate my day and crush it. Because y’know what? I’m gonna talk about something now…

You can literally change anything instantly. Like, any situation. You can change in a moment.

I want to tell you a story… So my fiancée used to smoke. I used to bug her about it. Like, “You really shouldn’t smoke. You need to give up. You should quit.” And she knew it was no good, and that she should quit. But she didn’t do it.

You Have To Truly, Deep Down Want That Change For Yourself
You Have To Truly, Deep Down Want That Change For Yourself

And I used to think, that is so annoying, so frustrating. Like, you’re literally killing yourself y’know. I want a long, healthy, happy life together – and to give ourselves the best possible chance of that. And smoking is not gonna help you. Smoking cigarettes constantly every day! Like, what are you doing? And she didn’t quit.

1. You Must WANT To Change Your Life Instantly

So in the end I just stopped going on about it. And then all of a sudden, a few months later, she stopped just like that. So I’m thinking like, I’ve been asking you for so long to stop smoking. And now that I’ve stopped saying anything about it, months later you just quit smoking in one day.

Like not even gradually. Just literally, boom! One day – stopped!

And it made me realise something… That in order to change, there’s a few things that have to happen. Number one; you have to actually want to change yourself. Not, know that you ‘should’ change. And not, change ‘would be nice’. But truly, deep down actually WANT that change.

In Order To Change You Have To Have A Big Enough Reason Why
In Order To Change You Have To Have A Big Enough Reason Why

Now the second thing is, in order to change you have to have a big enough reason. You have to find your reason why.

At the moment there’s something really sad in our lives. One of our close friends sadly has cancer. Something she suffered with when she was in her early early 20’s, and now it’s come back and it’s really bad.

2. Find Your Reason WHY To Change

And I think this was, in part, a bit of a trigger. There’s now a bigger reason why – there was something to look at and say, “I just shouldn’t be doing this, I cannot carry on living this way. I have to stop smoking, I have to give up.”

She had that reason why – she had that big, big reason why. And obviously there were other reasons why, like the expense. Y’know, throwing money down the drain – literally burning it. The health aspects were big. But this was a bigger reason.

To Change Your Life Instantly, You Have To Take Immediate Action
To Change Your Life Instantly, You Have To Take Immediate Action

And so that just proves a point as well doesn’t it? When we look at ourselves, change can happen immediately if you truly want it and you have a big enough reason why.

3. Take Immediate Massive Action

Now the third thing is… If you want to change anything in a moment, you have to take immediate action. Y’know, wanting to change, and having a reason why – doesn’t do anything if you do nothing with it. So you have to take immediate, massive action – Immediate massive action!

And the fourth thing I would say, is that you have to have the belief that you can do it. The belief that it’s possible, and that it can be done. Because when you think about it really, and when we look at this analogy I’ve just shared… Change happened instantly. The decision to change… Stop that day!

You Must Believe You Can Do It, That It's Possible, That It Can Be Done
You Must Believe You Can Do It, That It’s Possible, That It Can Be Done

But what took the time, was getting ready for the change. Does that make sense? If you think about it, it was getting ready. Getting that reason why, getting that belief, getting ready for that action, feeling and truly wanting it. Y’know, it’s getting ready to do it that takes the time.

The change happened in a moment. As I say, she literally just one day stopped smoking. And it was an amazing day, so proud of her.

And when we think about this in business, when we think about ourselves as entrepreneurs… What usually takes time is getting ready for the change.

4. Believe That It’s Possible To Make The Change

For me, I started trying to make money online and build an online business in 2004. But between 2004 to 2008, I just kept ‘trying’ at things. Buying and trying products, Not really following anything through.

Eventually my belief was wavering like, “Can I really do this?” I didn’t have strong enough reasons why. Just thought it would be great to have my own business, and not work for someone else. Thought that would be nice, that would be amazing.

Change Happens In A Moment, Getting Ready For Change Takes Time
Change Happens In A Moment, Getting Ready For Change Takes Time

But I didn’t have those deep reasons why, until I got to the stage where I was over $60,000 in debt and I hadn’t made a single sale online in over 4 years of trying! I was at rock bottom, felt ashamed and embarrassed. And I felt like an absolute disgusting failure of a mess!

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Master Your Craft: How To Become A Master In Your Field

Master Your Craft: How To Become A Master In Your Field

As a successful entrepreneur you will have gone through a specific process to master your craft. This process will be the same whatever that area of expertise may be, if you want to become a master in your field. This process, this secret of success is so profound and simple that it’s worth reminding yourself of it again here…

“Good morning, hope you’re well. Kicking off your week strong, getting things done, taking no prisoners, crushing your goals. It’s got to be done, it’s got to happen now.

Speaking of which, let me talk about something today. I just actually had a message from one of our coaching clients. So I’ve got a sort of VIP group of our Certified Partners that I work closer with. Monday’s is my coaching day, so I dedicate most of Monday to my coaching with those people.

Y’know, one of the things that keeps coming up… And I’ve just actually had a message from one of those guys, and I’ve said the same thing to him. So I want to share it with you.

And the question really is, like if I summarise and put it in really simple terms, “How do you master something? How do you become great at something?”

"Am I Ever Gonna Be Able To Just Hit A Ball Properly And Consistently?"
“Am I Ever Gonna Be Able To Just Hit A Ball Properly And Consistently?”

All Skills Are Learnable, Right?

Think about it… Every single skill in life anywhere ever, that you want to learn – you can. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Like, think about that. Think about the potential, the possibilities, and your unlimited ability to accomplish anything that you want.

But how?

Y’know, a lot of people often beat themselves up and take themselves down. They say like, “I can’t do this.” And they get angry and frustrated.

I could think about this like… How many times have I gone to hit a golf shot on the golf course and shanked the ball, or just duffed it? It’s so frustrating and you think, “Am I ever gonna be able to just hit a ball properly and consistently?”

And it’s the same advice there… What I’ve got to do is, I have to get on the driving range and I have to keep practicing. And I have to focus on that ball, concentrate on my swing. Not take my eye off that ball, and swing through properly. I need to get up there and practice, and practice, and practice.

You May Have "Tried" A Lot Of Things, But Have You Mastered Them?
You May Have “Tried” A Lot Of Things, But Have You Mastered Them?

If I want to master that craft to the degree of being good enough to play a solid, good game and enjoy it with friends – then I need to practice over, and over, and over again. I can’t go up once every few months onto a golf course and hope to have a consistent, decent game, right? Because I’m not practicing.

And it’s the same with anything, right? Think about it. If you’ve got children, what do you tell your children?

“You Can’t Give Up… You’ve Got To Keep Practicing”

When we look at adults, when we look at ourselves when we’re in business we say, “I’m not very good at this. I don’t know what to do.” Y’know, “I want to learn Facebook Ads, but I can’t do it – doesn’t work for me.” Or, “I want to learn YouTube Ads, but I’ve tried and it doesn’t work for me.”

You may have “tried” a lot of things… But have you mastered them? And so, how do you become great at anything? You practice. It’s as simple as that. What you practice and what you study, you can improve and you can master.

I want you to think about that in all areas of life and business. If you want to become great at anything, heck, even if you only want to become good – practice the damn crap out of it, right? Study, practice!

Now This Is Why, Of Course, Having A Mentor Is The Best Thing For Everybody
Now This Is Why, Of Course, Having A Mentor Is The Best Thing For Everybody

We have, for example, like I just said to Peter who just messaged me talking about Facebook advertising. We’ve got a course for that. And if you want to learn this Facebook Ads stuff… Learn how to set up an ad, how to run Facebook advertising, how to target people on the Facebook advertising platform… You need to study that course.

Study Then Implement, In Small Increments To Master Your Craft

And one of the things that I would advise people, with a course such as that is, first work your way through it in full. Don’t do anything, don’t try and copy it, don’t implement it. Just go through it, okay? Then you’re gonna have an overview of the process. You’re gonna see where it’s going.

Then go back to the beginning… Watch a piece – pause and implement, watch the next piece – pause and implement, watch the next piece – pause and implement, okay? And if there’s ever a point where you didn’t understand something, go back, watch and study it again and again until it makes sense.

Now this is why, of course, having a mentor is the best thing for everybody. Because sometimes for a lot of people, just watching a video isn’t enough. They need that accountability, they need that support, they need that advice… A mentor to turn to who has done what they want to do, who has been where they want to be, who has overcome the challenges that they’re facing.

If You Want The Best Business Income Possible, You Need To Master Your Craft
If You Want The Best Business Income Possible, You Need To Master Your Craft

And so, how do you become great at anything? It’s not a complicated technical answer is it? You practice, practice, practice. In the same way that you’d see any sports star – what are they doing? They’re practicing, practicing, over and over. They don’t stop.

Y’know, a golfer – they’ll hit tens of thousands of balls. A footballer they’ll kick tens of thousands of free kicks, if that’s their role. They’ll take tens of thousands of corners in practice. They do not stop. They’re relentless in mastering their craft. Why? Because they want to be great. They want to be the best.

Strive To Be The Best You Can And Master Your Craft

And you have to strive for that as well in your life, and in your business. If I want the best online business that I can have, I need to master my craft. And if I want the best income possible and provide for my family, I need to master my craft.

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Setting Intentions For The Day And The Importance Of Following Through

Setting Intentions For The Day And The Importance Of Following Through

For online entrepreneurs, the importance of setting intentions for the day is clear. By having a plan before you sit down to work at your computer, you’ll be more likely to achieve the results you desire in your online business…

“What is happening, my friend? How are you doing? It is Dean here, of course. We are on the way to Internet Profits. It is only about 7:15 in the morning right now. A nice fresh early start today. I want to kick off this week with a bang. Lots and lots of plans. A grand vision, if you will.

Last week I started really delving into the grand vision of, “What do I want to do in life?” Like, what impact do I want to have? How can we at Internet Profits have the maximum impact with what I know, and what we do? How can we continually grow and strive to be the absolute best – the global leader of our category?

I've Reached A Point Where My Grand Vision Scares The Crap Outta Me!
I’ve Reached A Point Where My Grand Vision Scares The Crap Outta Me!

I started thinking it through and going deeper into thoughts I’ve had in the past. And I had this big realization of where I see us, how we develop and grow, and how we can get there. I gotta say that I’ve reached a point where my grand vision is scary. And that excites me – that feeling of what I want to accomplish, scares the crap outta me, but in a great way.

When I Look Back At The Routine Of Life I Used To Be Stuck In…

There was no excitement. Like, the only excitement was waiting for Friday – waiting for the weekend to arrive. Now I’m excited for Monday to arrive, y’know.

If you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, then you don’t get out of bed with a bang. You don’t jump up, you don’t leap up – you’re not able to wake up without an alarm. Like, I don’t have an alarm because my body wants to get up. My mind wants to be awake. I wanna get into the office.

I used to run my business from home. But I’ve chosen the opposite of that now. I go to an office, and I’m giving myself that working routine back. I’m taking myself out of my home. My home’s now my home, and I go to the office to work. I know that’s not for everyone. Some people love nothing more than working from home, and that’s the big goal for them. And it was for me too, for a long time. But the bottom line is, do what makes you happy.

Working On A Secret Project For Someone You Would Absolutely Know
Working On A Secret Project For Someone You Would Absolutely Know

So what have we got going on this week? We have a lot to get done, a lot of stuff to get together…

Secret Projects…

I’m working on a secret project that I can’t say anything about right now. Literally, I can’t tell you a single thing. It’s not even for my company – it’s for someone else that I’m doing something with. Someone you would absolutely know, who I’ve been asked to be involved with. Can’t say anything more – I know that’s not really giving you much, but you’ll learn soon enough. I’d imagine within six weeks you’ll know about this.

Our software project… Again, I’ve kept this top secret. This is an idea that I’ve had for over a year. Wasn’t able to bring it to fruition because (a) time, and (b) I didn’t really know, still don’t know, what I’m doing with software services creation and development.

Been Working On, Testing And Optimising Our Big New Webinar Campaign
Been Working On, Testing And Optimising Our Big New Webinar Campaign…

But I’ve teamed up with someone, partnered with somebody and a company to do that. Therefore I’m no longer involved in the software development side of things. It’s just not my strong point. So I can just focus on the marketing and sales aspect, which is great – which IS my strong point.

Big Webinar Campaign…

Webinar… You may know that I’ve been working on, testing, optimising, and getting load stuff ready for our big webinar campaign that we’re going to basically do for… We’ll roll out with affiliates, venture partners and Certified Partners, and do this webinar for their audiences.

We’ll probably run it for six to twelve months, and then we may actually retire that webinar. Only because I’ve got some thoughts of the future, and where we’re going and what we’re doing. So I’m excited for that – a limited time thing – but a big, big exciting thing.

Finishing that up, I’ve got to get all the stuff to the copywriter who’s working with us on the emails, ‘cos I’ve been absolutely useless in that sense. I’ve not gathered everything together that he needs to get on with the job. Carlos, who’s been patiently waiting for me – thank you, if you ever happen to see this.

Setting Intentions For The Day Ahead, Before You Sit At Your Computer
Setting Intentions For The Day Ahead, Before You Sit At Your Computer

We’ve got videos, we’ve got ad campaigns to create. We were setting up a lead acquisition funnel back end of last week, using a deadline funnel strategy to convert people into customers. It’s something that I want just privately test out before any affiliates or Certified Partners get access to it.

So all in all, a very busy week. Monday is my coaching day now, with some students I have. So I’ll be in the office until probably 9 or 10 p.m. tonight. Busy, busy day – like a 12 hour a day or something.

The Importance Of Setting Intentions For The Day

Anyway… Hopefully you’re all ready for a good week. The weekend is now done. Get yourself organized. And a big tip for the start of the week – and probably deploy this in your business every single day – is setting intentions for the day. Make sure you already know, before you sit at your computer, exactly what you’re doing.

You’ll notice that I’m able to tell you what’s going on this week for me… Why? Because I have a plan. And when I have a plan, I can then have a strategy to implement the plan and get it done. When I have a strategy, then it’s just a case of…

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Recap: Taking Risks In Business And Adapting to Change

Recap: Taking Risks In Business And Adapting to Change

Several things covered here today by Dean – recapping recent events and topics. How, as we get older, taking risks in business can change for the worse if we let it. Focusing on one main thing at a time. Being transparent about the goals our company, Internet Profits, has for its customers. And the repercussions of the FTC action against MOBE…

“What is happening, my friend? How are you doing? I hope you’ve been having a fantastic week. So today, we’re gonna have a recap. But just before we get into that, I want to share a story…

Something I don’t really talk about – there’s no reason to – and not a lot of people probably know this about me… But I’m an only child – no brothers or sisters. And because of that reason, I’ve not spent a lot of time around kids.

Like, I wasn’t raised around any brothers or sisters, I have a pretty small family, and nobody that I see in my family has kids. And up until the last couple years, none of my close friends have had children.

So I was with one of my best friends from school not long ago, and he has a kid now, a young child, a toddler. I was observing him, and something funny happened. He wasn’t hurt, so therefore I can say it’s funny…

We’ve got this large long leather sofa, y’know one of those sofas that are in an L shape. And the kid got up onto the sofa, and he was stood there with his hands up against the back and sofa just standing.

Younger People Don't See Risk Until They've Been Warned Of It, Or Hurt
Younger People Don’t See Risk Until They’ve Been Warned Of It, Or Hurt

All of a sudden he turned, and he just starts walking along the sofa. Nothing wrong with that, right? He’s walking and he’s coming towards the edge – and he just keeps walking, as if it’s going to carry on, as if there’s no edge. Just keeps walking!

And obviously like, boom! Falls straight off. I’m watching and I’m like, “What!?” To me that made no sense. Obviously those of you with children, grandchildren, friends with children – you’re probably like, “Dean, that’s so normal.”

So I’m looking at this and I’m thinking… That kid saw zero risk in walking off the edge of that sofa. And as I’m thinking about this, I’m realizing that obviously when you’re younger – and logical common sense tells us – that you don’t see risk until you’ve necessarily been warned of it, or hurt.

Like when you’re young, your parents will stop you putting your hand in a fire because THEY know you’ll get burned. YOU don’t. You’ve not had that experience – you play with fire, you get burned. When you first get a puppy or a young dog, and it’s not had the experience… It doesn’t know about the dangers of roads and vehicles… So you have to train the dog to come to heel, or sit at the edge of the sidewalk before you cross.

Re-Learn The Skill Of Taking Risks In Business

And so this comes back to my recap… I was talking previously about what is your tolerance for taking risks in business. You have to be willing to take risks. And I remembered seeing this not long ago, and it reminded me of what we were talking about before… Which is tolerance of taking risks in business, and being willing to take risks on yourself to get where you want to be.

If you think back to when you’re younger, you didn’t have any issues with risk because you didn’t know of the dangers. The older we become, the more times we’ve been hurt, the more aware of risk we become. And actually for a lot of people, the less tolerant to risk we become, because our natural DNA is to protect us from being hurt, right?

Anyway, just an interesting fact – something to ponder… Moral of the story; you need to get back to a time in your mind when you were less scared of being hurt, and become more willing to take risks in business. So risk tolerance was one of the things we spoke about recently.

Focus On Getting One Main Thing Done This Week, And Business Should Be Fun
Focus On Getting One Main Thing Done This Week, And Business Should Be Fun

Another thing, obviously big news – MOBE being sued by the FTC.

Other news, what’s been happening, geez – busy, busy week in lots of different areas. We are on week two of a 12-month coaching that I’m doing with some of our Certified Partners now. That’s going great – really enjoying seeing people progress.

The moral of the story from that is; focus on one main thing which, if you get that done this week, you’ll progress more than if you spread yourself over all the million and one other things that you could choose to do.

Last time out we actually spoke about how and why building a business should be fun, right? And that video was really well received. I had a few people comment to me on social media about that video, saying it was one of my best. So definitely check that out if you missed it.

Transparency In Our Business At Internet Profits

In that one, I was also talking about transparency in business. And I actually detailed our entire process that we look to take people through. All the way from having no business, up through each stage, and the different programs which we offer that can take people through those stages.

From learning skills and promoting other people’s products first, while you learn to do advertising, building an audience, and following up. Learning those key skills. Then through to being able to build a sustainable full-time income doing that.

And then leveraging those skills that you’ve now mastered, to be able to create your own products. So you can further serve more people, and grow and scale your business.

Taking You From Zero Through The Exact Path I Followed, Without The Trial And Error
Taking You From Zero Through The Exact Path I Followed, Without The Trial And Error

Then to be able to build your own sales funnels, leading to premium programs and high ticket offers, where you can truly help people and multiply your profits massively. Finally leading to a ‘Mastermind’ group that we have, which costs tens of thousands a year.

And so we’ve got this full progression process. Taking someone from zero, through the stages of building their businesses. It’s the exact path that I followed over the last ten years. Only our goal is to condense that period of time down.

I did a lot of trial and error, lost a lot of money along the way. And now, having done it for ten years, I know the path. And so, that’s the path we lay out. You’re gonna see us publishing a lot of videos about all of this going forwards…

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How To Start And Build An Online Business From Scratch For Beginners

How To Start And Build An Online Business From Scratch For Beginners

After a difficult period of time recently in the online business education industry, Dean Holland gives his thoughts on how to start and build an online business from scratch. He also points to a specific resource designed to free up affiliate marketing beginners to have fun and enjoy building their online businesses…

“Good morning my friend, I hope you’re well. It’s Dean here of course. This has been a rather serious time hasn’t it. So let’s lighten the mood here, in today’s episode of The Drive.

Companies being closed, FTC, widespread panic in the industry, everybody losing out. And yeah, I’m not gonna try and sugar coat that there’s obviously major shockwaves going through the industry. With many people potentially losing out on a lot right now. It’s a very scary situation for a lot of people.

But… I don’t want to focus on that right now. You see, we’ve focused on that quite a bit recently, and I know there’s a lot of people facing scary times. However I want to just switch gears for a moment.

I want to talk about the other side of what people don’t tend to focus on enough. Because… And I know what it’s like, right? I’ve been there, when you’re trying desperately to start and build an online business and things aren’t going your way.

Building A Business Should Be Fun, And The Work You Have To Actually Do Is Simple
Building A Business Should Be Fun, And The Work You Have To Actually Do Is Simple

Stuff’s going wrong! You’re spending money, losing money, trying things, failing at things. Y’know, buying and trying everything that comes across your path and into your email inbox.

And it’s frustrating, and overwhelming, and it’s tiring. Everyone around you is doubting you, and all you want to do is silence them. But you can’t, because nothing’s going your way, right?

It Should Be Fun To Start And Build An Online Business

But I want to just switch to the other side. I want to remind you that building a business should be fun. It’s simple – the work you have to actually do. Don’t mistake me though – it’s not easy, right?

It’s simple in terms of the things that you have to learn and do to start and build an online business. Meaning it’s not like becoming a brain surgeon is it? Let’s be honest… It’s not like you’ve got to spend the next 5-10 years stuck in college or university getting degrees with a doctor watching over your shoulder.

It’s not like that, right? We’re literally at home at our computer or wherever we choose to work from, and we’re trying to learn and implement in a few key areas to be successful, to get results.

I Was A "Busy Fool" And It Was Tiring, Because I Just Didn't Have A Plan
I Was A “Busy Fool” And It Was Tiring, Because I Just Didn’t Have A Plan

I think where the frustration starts to come in is that people don’t know what those areas are. If I look back on myself, I can remember it felt like there was a million and one things to do. I was a “busy fool”. I was working and grinding at the computer hours and hours each day, not sleeping, juggling work life, computer life, and family life.

And it was tiring, because I just didn’t have a plan. I didn’t have direction, didn’t have help, didn’t have support. And it’s tough, tough, tough, in that sense.

But I’ll tell you that it’s worth it. It is hard work, but it is worth it.

Are You Looking For Someone To Tell You That It Can Be Push-Button Easy?

And there’s that good old transparency that the FTC are looking for… You’re looking for someone to tell you that it can be push-button easy. And this is one of the problems in this darn industry. People don’t want to hear that it’s hard work to start and build an online business.

Everybody blames the product creators, but let’s for a moment think about what people are looking for. People don’t want to hear that it’s hard work to build an online business from scratch. That it takes time, that it takes energy, that it takes hard work and effort, and it takes money.

Here At Internet Profits We Attract Only Those Willing To Work For Results
Here At Internet Profits We Attract Only Those Willing To Work For Results

No one wants to hear that, right? So for a product creator selling their own products, it gets tougher and tougher. Because people don’t want to hear that. That’s not what they want to buy. I mean, who wants to buy something that’s hard work?

If I said to you, “I’ve got something you can buy. It can absolutely change your life. It’s gonna be $3,000. I’ll do a lot of the work for you. But then you’re gonna have to put in some hard work, and you’re gonna have to spend 6/12/18 months working hard and focusing. Not doing anything else, not buying other products, not being pulled in different directions. Only doing this, and working hard to follow my directions.”

I know a few might buy, but many are going to be put off. But that’s one of the changes that we made here at Internet Profits over the last 12 months… Is actually to only attract those that are willing and wanting to work for the results.

How To Make It Fun

But let me come back to my original point of today’s Drive… Building a business can and should be fun. Should be enjoyable. Because you’re learning new skills, you’re developing yourself, you’re growing.

The Way To Make It Fun Is To Invest In Yourself And Get Help As Early As Possible
The Way To Make It Fun Is To Invest In Yourself And Get Help As Early As Possible

It’s a process. And a process that, if you are willing to put in that work, can absolutely pay off and change your life. And that is the truth.

The way to make it more fun is to actually invest in yourself, and get the help as early on as you can. Don’t let it reach the stage of becoming not fun. Don’t let it get to the stage where you despise sitting at the computer because you’re so overwhelmed and frustrated every day.

“So what’s a good starting point then, Dean? Tell me!”

Well if you are looking to follow the path that I did, which is to… First learn a few key skills, where you don’t have to spend years creating your own products, or learning to get to that stage and becoming an expert. Then you should start off looking at affiliate marketing, right?

Traditional Affiliate Marketing Is Dead

Now affiliate marketing has completely changed over the years. It’s not the same as it used to be. Traditional affiliate marketing no longer works. And I touched on this a bit the other day.

But without going into it, I’ve got a free, short read. It’s like 20 pages. I call it a playbook for affiliate marketers. It shows you exactly what to do. Just cover shipping and handling. Grab a copy of that now…

The Playbook's Goal Is To Expose The Truth, Then Focus You On Learning The Key Skills
The Playbook’s Goal Is To Expose The Truth, Then Focus You On Learning The Key Skills

Anyway that’s not what this is about. But do grab that playbook afterwards here. Once you do that, then you can focus on learning those key skills to start and build an online business.

Now to be transparent with you, my end goal is not for you to just get that book and it changes your life. The goal of that book is that it opens your eyes and shows you the truth. Then my ultimate next step for you is that I want you to become one of our Certified Partners, okay?

Now there’s a higher investment here, when you become one of our Certified Partners. Then I’m going to provide you with done-for-you products, funnels, websites, and everything that you need.

And then you’re going to be able to apply the key skills that I teach you, to do advertising and traffic generation. To build yourself an audience, an email list, and all that kind of good stuff.

Start And Build An Online Business From Scratch For A Full Time Sustainable Income

Now my goal there – not saying this is the result – but my goal for you, okay… Again, keep it FTC happy, right? I’m not promising or guaranteeing anything at all. But my personal goal for people is that you start and build an online business that can provide you with a full time, sustainable income.

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MOBE FTC Update: How To Protect Your Business And Move Forward

MOBE FTC Update How To Protect Your Business And Move Forward

Following along from the MOBE FTC shutdown reaction post from last month, here’s Dean Holland’s MOBE FTC update, and some further advice on how to move forward by building your own assets in your online business…

“Good morning everybody. Dean here of course. Welcome to today’s episode of The Drive, taking place actually at Internet Profits HQ here in our video studio.

I messed up! I went to do today’s Drive in the car and I was talking to myself. Got to the office and I hadn’t pressed the darn record button! So I’ve popped into the video studio. We’ve just been working on a few things – setting up and completing our live streaming capabilities.

Now I want to just talk about something… A few days ago I did a video about MOBE – that it looked like they’ve been pulled down. It looked like, at that time, they had been pulled down by the FTC and shut down… MOBE FTC update… That has now been confirmed.


If you go to their website, the receivers letter is up there, and there’s all kinds of legal stuff that now will ensue. Reading some of the stuff, it looks like a lot has been happening. I’m sure MOBE will be fighting this, and they’re gonna be having their day in court, so we’ll see what happens.

And what I would say is that I feel, y’know above all, sorry for the people that are directly impacted who have just invested and spent money. I can’t speak as to whether MOBE has done anything wrong.

Some Customers Spent Tens Of Thousands, Some Paid Days Before It Was Shut Down!
Some Customers Spent Tens Of Thousands, Some Paid Days Before It Was Shut Down!

I’ve seen some of their products. I’ve seen great content and things from Matt Lloyd in the past. And so everything looked good to me. But I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, right? So I can’t speak to that.

But what I can say is – that there will be a lot of people obviously who can no longer access the things that they’ve paid for. And some customers have spent thousands, even tens and tens of thousands – and now have zero access. Some people even paid, like, days before it was all shut off. So what an absolute mess!

I think right now, there’s a lot of shock and fear in the industry. Y’know like…

“Why Do All These Companies Keep Being Shut Down?”

Well I want to give you… Obviously let me just throw a disclaimer up here… I’m not a lawyer, not a legal representative of any kind, in any way shape or form. These are all just my own personal views and opinions. So make sure you do all your own research.

But what I can speak of is just some, like, common sense stuff that we all need to make sure we adhere to. So for example, not making guarantees or promises of outcomes, right? You cannot legally, morally, or ethically guarantee an outcome.

It’s even risky territory to even hint at what’s possible. Because it could be decided that you’re making it suggestive that everybody can do this. And typically not everybody’s going to be able to do something. So you’ve got to make sure you’re not making promises or guarantees of income.

Do People Experience Transformations As Advertised By The Weight Loss Industry?
Do People Experience Transformations As Advertised By The Weight Loss Industry?

Testimonials… Y’know, it’s a big area. And you know what’s crazy? When you actually understand the laws and you look into these things, you’ll realize that probably nearly all companies are violating some laws to some degree.

Look at the weight loss industry. They show these transformations. Well, is it true? Is it true and correct that the average person is experiencing these transformations?

In the make money online space – is it true, when you show these testimonials, that the average person is getting this result?

Is The Average Person Getting Results As Advertised?

Even when you have software, and tools, and solutions, and services… When you show something like, “Oh look at this amazing website that one of our clients has got and is making all these sales.” Is that a typical result?

Y’know for example, even with Shopify. Chris on the team here was actually telling me earlier that something like 95% of Shopify’s revenue… And I might be off with the percentages… But 95% of Shopify is revenue was coming from people that weren’t actually doing anything with their store.

Kind of like gym memberships! I bet a lot of gyms make most of their money from people that don’t even go, right?

And when you look at all these things, there are some widespread practices a lot of people are doing, that actually the FTC would deem as wrong.

Don't Make Misleading Claims Or Promises. Be Completely Transparent And Honest
Don’t Make Misleading Claims Or Promises. Be Completely Transparent And Honest

So make sure you’re not making promises, or guarantees of results and outcomes. Be careful with using any kind of testimonies or anything like that. Make sure you’re being transparent – on what your customer is entitled to, what ensues after purchase, and what your product requires them to do.

If you’re selling something – but then, in order to use it… So, say if you’re selling a widget for a website. And in order for somebody to use that widget, they actually need to make sure that they’ve got other things. Well, they need to know from you that they’ve also got to have these other things. So transparency is a big thing.

And we could go on and on. But just use your common sense… “Am I saying stuff on my website that could potentially be misleading, or misrepresenting, or making unsubstantiated claims, making promises or guarantees of outcomes?” So anyway, do your own research.

MOBE Won’t Be The Last Online Business Education Company To Be Shut Down

But I just wanted to share a few little tips that could help. Because at the end of the day, MOBE isn’t the first company to be shut down. And it sure as heck won’t be the last.

I mean we’ve seen companies come and go in this market space over the last few years alone. Some big ones, y’know. There was Empower Network – gone, now bankrupt, dead. Digital Altitude sued by the FTC – currently still non-existent. Now MOBE. And so if you look at these companies, there are patterns. People were doing the same stuff.

And if you are one of the unfortunate people that has lost out because of this currently… I mean, who knows? MOBE might be able to win their case. I don’t know at this stage.

But as I said in my video the other day…

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The Level Of Risk Tolerance That Helps You Build An Online Business

Levels Of Risk Tolerance That Help Build Your Online Business

Do you consider yourself a risk taker in life, particularly with money? Here’s some insight from Dean Holland on how your level of risk tolerance may be holding you back from achieving your dreams in life and in your business…

“Good morning my friend. Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ. Welcome to today’s episode of The Drive. How are you doing?

It is rainy and gloomy here in the UK. Not gonna lie – pretty tired today. I feel low on energy. I wish I’d got up this morning, gone to the gym, done some exercise or something – to really get that blood pumping around my body. But y’know, some days you just can’t do it.

Long, long day ahead right now. It’s like about 8 o’clock in the morning. I’m actually hosting a webinar at 11 p.m. tonight that’ll probably go on to like 1 a.m. in the morning. So what’s that? That’s like a 16 hour day or something? Definitely not one of my typical days anymore – used to be – but not anymore.

But I’m excited because I get to test out a new webinar presentation – a new training – and help deliver more value to people. And I want to talk about something today. Something I’ve been thinking about. And that’s dealing with risk.

How Does A High Level Of Risk Tolerance Help?

A High Level Of Risk Tolerance Can Cause Difficulties, But Its Benefits Outweigh Them
A High Level Of Risk Tolerance Can Cause Difficulties, But Its Benefits Outweigh Them

I’ve been through a lot of stuff myself. And as I look back, I think I’ve got quite a high risk tolerance. It’s like, I’m not afraid to take risks. I’m not saying risk doesn’t bother me or scare me. But it doesn’t stop me, y’know what I mean? I’m quite a high risk tolerant person.

And because of that, if I look at things over the years, I feel it’s a quality that has got me into some difficulties. But outweighing that are the benefits a high level of risk tolerance has brought me.

I see a lot of people, for example… Y’know, we’re talking of doing webinars… So I see a lot of people when I do a webinar. I see some people that know they need what’s being offered, and they want it deep down. But their fear of taking a risk on themselves, and on the products if their trust isn’t 100%…. The risk will stop them from moving forwards, and they stay in a stationary zone where they feel comfortable.

A lot of people are comfortable to spend $20, $30, $40 or one hundred dollars on a product. And they’ll do that over and over again, amassing thousands and thousands of dollars in spend.

But their level of risk tolerance wouldn’t allow them to spend $5,000 or $3,000 or $2,000 in one go, for something that could help them much more significantly than the tons of fifty dollar products they have sitting on their hard drive. Do you know what I mean?

And so I want you to have a look at yourself and think about this. Think about where you feel your level of risk tolerance is. Are you a low risk tolerance person? Therefore you stay in a low threshold comfort zone? Or do you feel you’re a high risk tolerance person, and therefore you don’t allowed the fears of risk to stop you from moving forward?

The True Value of Taking Risks

All Advances And Progression In Life, From My Experience, Comes From Taking Risks
All Advances And Progression In Life, From My Experience, Comes From Taking Risks

Am I talking about being naive and stupid, and making ridiculous decisions because you don’t think anything through? No… But I’ll be honest – I was there, at one stage in my life. That is why I say my high level of risk tolerance has got me into some difficulties.

But what I’m saying is – is that you should realise that all advances and progression in life, generally speaking from my experience, come from taking risks.

Taking a risk;

  • To say, “This is what I want to do.”
  • On actually doing it.
  • On believing in yourself, when others around you may have doubts.
  • To invest in yourself, when you’ve been let down before.
  • To invest in yourself, when you’ve let yourself down before.
  • On yourself, when things have not gone to plan previously.

If you can push through that comfort zone which prevents you doing these things, then you’ll find that you’re actually able to break through and make progress.

I took a risk in moving out of my comfort zone in my home office… Having huge profit margins… To taking on a significant office space for a minimum of five years – but actually a ten-year lease.

Why? Because I went all-in. I took a risk on growing the team. Possibly even before we were financially in a strong enough and clear enough position to grow it as fast as I did. But I know where I wanted to be. And so, what did I do?…

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MOBE FTC Shutdown: Reaction To “My Online Business Education” Shock

MOBE FTC Shutdown: Reaction To “My Online Business Education” Shock

If you’ve been in the make money online / internet marketing space for a few years, you may well remember the online business coaching scheme called “My Online Business Education”, or MOBE for short.

In 2018 MOBE was shut down by the FTC for “falsely claiming that their business education program will enable people to start their own online businesses and earn substantial income”.

At the beginning of the week back then, when this news was breaking, Dean started to share his thoughts on the matter. And there’s a really important lesson still to be learned today from what happened, for both network marketers and affiliate marketers…

“Good morning my friend. Dean Holland here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ on this fine morning. Welcome to today’s episode of The Drive. Had a great weekend. The week is here upon us. A day that I used to dread. But a day that I now love.

There’s nothing better than – well, in my humble opinion – there’s nothing better than running your own business. And we’ve got a bit of a big issue to talk about this morning. But just before we get to that, hope you had a great weekend. I had a busy one myself.

Weekend Highlights: Seafood Restaurant, Charity Boxing Fight, Lionel Richie Concert
Weekend Highlights: Seafood Restaurant, Charity Boxing Fight, Lionel Richie Concert

So Saturday lunchtime, my fiancé Robyn and I went for lunch with my mum and her husband. We went to a nice seafood restaurant and had some amazing food. Later that evening we went to see a charity boxing fight with a friend of ours who was raising money for cancer research.

And then yesterday, Sunday, we actually went to an outdoor open-air Lionel Richie concert. Years ago I remember Robyn saying to me that one of her bucket list things in life was to see Lionel Richie in concert.

She said her mum was a big, big fan when she was growing up, so she listened to a lot of his music. And so I took her this weekend to see Lionel Richie in concert, which was awesome. A really great day – sun was shining – just beautiful!

MOBE FTC News – Huge Shake-Up!

But all while this was going off, I started reading about a huge, huge shake up in the internet marketing space over the weekend. Now I will just put a bit of a disclaimer here at the start.

Right now, everything that I’ve read so far is speculation and assumption. Nobody has an official kind of wording. Although you could say an official post was put out by representatives of the company inside of a private Facebook Group. So you can kind of say that there has been some level of an official stand, without too much more beyond that.

So MOBE… One of the biggest, most sizable companies in the internet marketing space right now… Sadly appears to have been taken down by the FTC.

MOBE's Tech Team Supposedly Stated That The FTC Have Taken Down Their Websites
MOBE’s Tech Team Supposedly Stated That The FTC Have Taken Down Their Websites

Now I don’t know why. Right now we don’t know what’s going on. But all that’s very clear and very obvious is that, at a certain point over the last few days, every single one of MOBE’s websites were taken down and are no longer online.

What we do know is that there has been a post inside of MOBE’s private Facebook Group saying that the tech team have stated that the FTC have taken down their websites, and that they are under investigation by the FTC.

Matt Lloyd And MOBE

Now this is obviously a terrible, terrifying and horrific occurrence, And my thoughts, sincerely… I mean, I don’t know the guy personally, but my thoughts go out to Matt Lloyd and MOBE. Obviously something’s happening, something’s gone wrong.

And I can’t say too much on this. All I will say is that, if you’re in MOBE, and if you’ve been affected by this – obviously if you’re in MOBE, you have been affected by this. What I will say is, “What can you do?”

Well I did spend a little bit of time reading a lot of the comments. There have literally been over a thousand comments in the Group just on this one post alone that I read. And, y’know, I see people talking about praying and hoping, which I understand if you’re religious. And if you want to do that, that’s fantastic.

I've Learned A Lot From MOBE And Taken Inspiration From Matt Lloyd's Achievements
I’ve Learned A Lot From MOBE And Taken Inspiration From Matt Lloyd’s Achievements

But I just want everyone to also be realistic and understand that this potentially could – even if they win this battle – still could potentially be a very, very long process.

I’m only saying that based off of previous things that have happened in the industry that I’ve seen – of companies being taken down. You can be a year or sometimes more under investigation with all this going on.

I followed Matt Lloyd. I’ve seen his stuff for many years. And y’know, I believe that he and his company does great things. I’ve learned a lot over the years from MOBE. And I’ve taken inspiration from his achievements. It’s been nothing short of incredible to see that.

What’s Happening With MOBE And The FTC?

But obviously along the way, something has to have gone wrong somewhere. My personal opinion is that obviously the FTC get involved if there are a considerable number of complaints. You don’t get just one or two complaints come in, and then the FTC launch a huge investigation at a cost of probably a millions of dollars potentially.

There has to have been a lot going on. And rightly or wrongly, this is obviously devastating news for people. And that’s what I want to kind of speak to here…

Whatever you are doing online in your business… Particularly let’s talk about if you are a network marketer or an affiliate marketer, and you’re promoting other people’s products of any kind…

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Recap And How To Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions

How To Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions

In this weekly recap, Dean talks about a way to boost affiliate marketing commissions or increase the sales of any product online. This basically hinges around the customer’s perceptions of value around aspects of the offer that you’re making to them…

“Good day. How are you doing? As you can see, it is the end of the week, which means I’m here in Internet profits HQ. And I want to give you a quick recap of the week behind the scenes here at Internet Profits…

What we’ve been working on, what are the things that we’ve been doing? What have been the main priorities, the progress, the lessons and the learnings, and all kinds of good stuff behind the scenes here?

Two main, big things happened this week, in terms of myself. Last week I was actually away in Greece, and we’ve got plenty of footage over the next week to share with you about that. So I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you guys.

But now that I’ve been back, I’ve been catching up on some stuff…

Something That You Could Probably Benefit From In Your Business As Well
Something That You Could Probably Benefit From In Your Business As Well

Firstly, this week we actually launched a small, intimate VIP coaching group that was specifically only available for people that are already our Certified Partners. So we offered this to a small group of people. And that actually began this week.

New VIP One-On-One Coaching Group

So how it all kicked off was – we held these group sessions, but everybody got 30 minutes one-on-one time with me. And the thing that I did – the structure that I used – is something that you could probably benefit from in your business as well, if you approach things in this way.

In that 30 minutes, first of all I basically got a complete rundown of where they’re at right now, what their plans are, what their ideas are, strategies, results, or whatever. Whatever was going on. A complete deep-dive into where they are in their business.

Then in the remaining time that we had left… So that took maybe like 15 to 20 minutes let’s just say for each person… Then in the 10 minutes that was left, I gave some immediate, actionable advice that they could go and do – and spend the next few days doing – to see the biggest, most significant progress.

There's Just So Many Things To Do, So Many Things To Think About And Focus On
There’s Just So Many Things To Do, So Many Things To Think About And Focus On

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to feel like there are a million and one things to focus on. Like, there’s just so many things to do, so many things to think about and focus on. And because of that, we can become almost paralyzed in not moving forwards. You know what I mean?

It’s kind of like you get stuck feeling busy and acting busy. But actually, if you look at where you’re going – are the key areas of your business are moving forwards? The answer is a lot of the times, “Not really.”

And so that’s the big, big takeaway from that – and was what everybody was seeing and learning from, in that environment. Focus on the one or two things that, if you get done this next week is going to have the biggest impact on your income and your business.

So that was a big thing. Another big area that I’ve been focused on this week, which I’m so excited to get out there is…

We Are Working On A Huge, Huge Webinar System And Campaign

When I say huge, I’m literally talking like – we intend to make 10 plus million dollars over the next 12 months with this campaign.

And so we’re putting a lot of work in behind the scenes. We have recruited the services of an awesome copywriter, who’s going to assist with the the crafting of the campaign, the registration campaign, the replay follow-up campaign, He’s gonna hopefully be starting in the next week or so.

I personally been really optimizing and working on the actual presentation. This is a presentation that we took from the last couple of years. It’s something that’s already generated millions of dollars in sales. And we’ve been improving on it, making it even better.

Unquestionably Probably One Of The Best Webinar Sales People In The Industry
Unquestionably Probably One Of The Best Webinar Sales People In The Industry

That’s why we kind of just shut the doors to any affiliates or joint venture partners with it, and we’ve been working on it.

If you don’t know, I’m also in Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle Mastermind group. So I’ve actually had the great fortune of unquestionably probably one of the best webinar sales people in the industry, which is Russell Brunson, consulting with and reviewing and advising on the presentation itself. The hooks, the offer, and all this kind of good stuff.

And we’re in a position right now where, obviously we’ve got to run this again – this latest version. But it is killer! I don’t believe there are many offers out there that are as strong (and actually deliver the results to those who purchase it) as what we have here. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that.

Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions By Making Your Offer More Valuable

And I think that’s one of big things that I want to just share here as well… If you’re not seeing the results that you’d like in your business. Or if you have an audience already and they’re not buying. Then you need to strengthen your offer. You need to make it more valuable.

You see, whenever anyone’s thinking about buying anything – at least this is how I feel about it, and and how I look at our customers.

Imagine you’ve got a scale, and you’ve got the pivot in the middle. On the left hand side you’ve got the value (product) that you’re offering, then on the right hand side is the value (money) you’re asking them to give you. So imagine you’ve got this pivotable scale – the value you’re offering on the left, the value you’re asking in return on the right.

The Value That You Give Must Outweigh The Value Asked For In Exchange
The Value That You Give Must Outweigh The Value Asked For In Exchange

If people aren’t buying, then often it’s because… If they already have a relationship with you – if you’re building and nurturing your audience, but they’re still not buying… Often it’s because the scale is like this… They feel the value (on the right) that you’re asking them to give you, outweighs the value (on the left) they’ll receive in exchange.

Our job as marketers is to enter a market, make them an offer so good that the scale is heavily tipped down to the left… Where it’s like, up here on the right is the (small) value you’re asking from them. And down here on the left is the perceived (large) value of everything that they’re actually being offered and receiving.

When you tip that scale so much, you have a no-brainer offer on your hands. And one of the best things that anyone can ever do to increase conversions and boost affiliate marketing commissions, is to strengthen their offer.

Way To Boost Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Now what does this mean if you don’t actually control the offer? If you are an affiliate for example? What can you do in that sense when you don’t control the offer? You’re sending traffic to an offer, and you can’t control the actual offer… Obviously assuming that what you’re promoting is a good, solid product. Then what can you do?…

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Adapting To Change In Business: Here’s A Business That Failed To Adapt

Adapting To Change In Business, Example Of A Business That Failed To Adapt

Especially online, the importance of adapting to change in business will always be a key factor of your success or failure over time. Also here’s a well known but shocking example of a business that failed to adapt online…

“Good morning my friend, what is happening? How are you doing? Dean here of course, on the way to Internet Profits HQ on this fine, glorious day.

It is 7:26 in the morning right now, and I’m not gonna lie… You can probably tell by the look on my face. I am exhausted! It has been a long week.

Last week I was actually overseas for a week in Greece, in a small island called Kefalonia. I was actually attending a wedding. And we still haven’t pulled all the footage together, so I’ve got plenty still to show you from this.

But nonetheless, I didn’t access my computer, other than maybe to send a couple of emails and communicate with the team a little bit. But I didn’t DO anything. So I’ve now got tons of stuff that I’m catching up on.

We’re really busy at the moment – busy with setting a lot of stuff up. We’re optimising and testing, and doing a lot of things to do with our funnel, and with setting up automated webinar campaigns. Building lots of different things.

It's Just Been A Bit Of A Pain Adapting To Change In Business Right Now
It’s Just Been A Bit Of A Pain Adapting To Change In Business Right Now

Changes That Have Affected The Internet Marketing Space

And there’s been a few changes that have been happening in the internet marketing space that have caused a few little snags along the way.

For example, the first one that comes to mind is Google recently making changes to to their their Google Chrome browser. Meaning that they have stopped allowing auto-playing videos to auto-play. And y’know, there’s people trying to find workarounds for this I think. There are a few different solutions cropping up, which may or may not be any good.

So it’s just been a bit of a pain. Just obviously adapting to change in business. And a few other changes that are kind of occurring right now…

Facebook have been making changes… For example, they have been getting rid of a few things, such as their Audience Insights tool – which now no longer exists (*). Which is a real shame because it was really helpful.

(*) Note: Facebook Audience Insights is still there of course. But in back 2018 when Dean was recording this content, Facebook removed the ability to analyse custom audiences from customer data or from the Facebook Pixel due to user privacy concerns.

When Online Platforms Make Changes, Our Products About Them Stop Making Sense
When Online Platforms Make Changes, Our Products About Them Stop Making Sense

And y’know, it’s such a pain-in-the-ass when a lot of this kind of stuff changes! It’s not just that you lose it… It’s that a lot of the products that you create – the trainings, tutorials and the advice you give people – centres around some of the stuff that you’ve been using yourself, and are familiar with.

So when this stuff goes, it’s not only a drawback for your own business – in the sense of your usability and the utility of that particular tool or service when things change. But additionally, if you’ve got products about them, then all those products no longer make sense. People try to follow them, and the stuff’s just not there.

Online Platforms, Services And Tools Are Completely Outside Of Your Control

Needless to say, I think this raises an important point… That you have to be – when you’re running a business, particularly in an online space where there are lots of online platforms, services and tools that you use, which are completely outside of your control…

You have to be open and willing to adapting to change in business – you have to be willing to adapt. You have to be willing to make alterations. And be willing to not just moan about it.

You Have To Be Willing To Adapt When You're In Business. You HAVE To, Right?
You Have To Be Willing To Adapt When You’re In Business. You HAVE To, Right?

Y’know, me talking about it now… It’s not, “Ah, my life’s falling apart! Google stopped this. And Facebook have changed that. Now the world’s gonna end!” This is not moaning. It’s like, “Oh, this change is happening right now. That’s a bit crappy for these reasons. So I have to adapt.”

And that’s really the message of the video… You have to be willing and able to adapt, when you’re in business. You HAVE to, right? Because times change. Things change. Particularly I can say here at Internet Profits – sometimes we’ll completely switch. Like, we’ll be doing stuff, and all of a sudden priorities change.

It’s an exciting environment to work in, and operate in. I remember when I used to be in jobs that I hated. You show up every day, and every day is the same. You’re just like a robot. It’s like ‘do this-do that’ robotic, y’know.

Whereas here, although we’ve got certain tasks that are kind of like that. I think that’ll always be the case. But there’s a lot of excitement when we’re thinking of new plans, projects and different things that we’re doing. Different videos, different approaches, different concepts, different products… It’s very exciting to me and the rest of the team as well.

Don't Get Caught In The Past - Adapt With Changes In Online Business Into The Future
Don’t Get Caught In The Past – Adapt With Changes In Online Business Into The Future

But it also brings an element of madness, because you have to be willing to adapt and switch quickly and constantly in the moment – adapting to change in business. The amount of times where we’re like, “Right, we’ve got to stop – we’ve gotta do this.” y’know?

Adapting To Change In Business And An Example Of A Business That Failed To Adapt

So you’ve got to be willing to adapt. Don’t hang on to anything like it’s gonna be there forever. Be willing and able to move fast, adapt fast. Don’t get caught in the past.

Adapt with the changes – adapt into the future. It’s always gonna be this way. The amount of changes that I’ve encountered over the last decade and more, operating with an online business on the internet. It’s phenomenal!

And if you don’t adapt, then you cease to exist. It’s as simple as that.

Here's That Example Of A Business That Failed To Adapt To Change Online
Here’s That Example Of A Business That Failed To Adapt To Change Online

Here’s a popular example of a business that failed to adapt to change online… Look at Blockbuster for example. They now cease to exist. I think I read that Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix a long, long, time ago – and they didn’t!!…

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